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10-11-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Default Scout Stat setup...

One question I have before I ask, does maxing out job level before advancing add anything additional after you've advanced beyond extra skill points spent on that job? Also, is there a limit to stats? And what is the level cap?

Otherwise...for my scout i think that only str, dex, and agi are important correct? Assuming so...and assuming stats max at 99...stat setups im looking at for base stats are...

lvl 30
STR 24
DEX 24
AGI 26

lvl 50
STR 42
DEX 30
AGI 57

lvl 70
STR 58
DEX 37
AGI 79

lvl 99
STR 94
DEX 54
AGI 98

Lots of assumptions are made on my part so :/
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