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Shnao 02-14-2010 08:25 PM

Guide to Valentine's Day Event
:-D Yay. Post questions if you're too dumb to understand confused. I haven't tested to see if you can only do these once per account so you can try if you want. You need 10 Fame or higher to do these quests.

[1] Choko Keiko Event

Recipe for *Chocolate Cake:
  • Chocolate x1
  • Giant Barley Flour x1
  • Egg x1
  • Butter x1
*Results may vary. -shot- You will end up with either Love, Miracle, or Crushed Chocolate Cake. You can make the cake @ the NPC or from a player with lvl 5 Cooking.

For Female Players:
Give the Cake to either Emil, Titus, or Berial (It depends on your race). You can give them more than one, too.

For Male Players:
Give the Cake to either Masha, Tita, or Lurie (Same thing applies as the above stated).

There's no reward for this at the moment, there'll be something to do with it on the White Day event.

[2] Café Madonna's Lover Event
  1. Talk to Café Madonna @ Downtown eastern side.
  2. She'll give you a Love Chocolate Cake (Kinda defeats the point of making one now lol but oh well, just give it to one of the NPC's stated above based on your character). Talk to her again to hear the history of Valentine's Day event.
  3. Talk to the NPC Senile Old Man in Downtown.
  4. Talk to the NPC Digger in Acronia Eastern Plains.
  5. Talk to the NPC Niccolo Acronia Southern Plains.
  6. Talk to Café Madonna again.
  7. Talk to Niccolo again.
  8. Talk to Digger again.
  9. Talk to Tom and North Gate Guard in Acronia Northern Plains and Mr. Luchs in Snov Fork.
  10. Talk to Digger again.
  11. Talk to Niccolo again.
  12. Finally, go talk to Café Madonna again and you will get to choose your reward~

[3] Stupid Cupid Event
  1. Talk to the dog NPC Potato in Downtown, you will be shot by an arrow from the NPC Cupid and get teleported to the Valentine Church.
  2. [4] Letter in Custody Event:
    When you are in the Valentine Church, talk to the NPC Girl Wishing for Love, choose to help and you will get the item Letter in Custody (Event). Talk to her twice for Valentine's Day Love Fireworks. Save this item as it will be needed in the White Day event!
  3. Gtfo Valentine Church and talk to Cupid again. You will get 2 options, choosing either will be the same result, you will be given Anti-Love Spell by Cupid.
  4. Go to Uptown and talk to a dog NPC named Noz, you'll fall in love with him. wat.
  5. Talk to Cupid again, you will be given an Empty Bottle and you have to incorporate love into it. You get it from one of the three Fangirls who are in Uptown. Afterwards go back to Cupid and then you'll go back in the Valentine Church.
  6. Talk to Girl Wishing for Love again then walk out and talk to Cupid again twice to choose your reward.

Noperative 02-14-2010 08:30 PM

Shouldn't it be Lurie instead of Elina?

And the chocolate cake event IS meant fot a follow-up event on White's Day, no maybes.

I was going to post the guide in the next hour if you didn't o/

Shnao 02-14-2010 08:33 PM

Fix'd. lol They made some errors in the guide, didn't notice that one.

Reinshiki 02-15-2010 06:28 AM

You know.

I like my current tail better.

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