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Kotarou 07-13-2009 08:07 PM

Vates + Druid Guide by Kotarou

Version 1.2

VATES GUIDE -by- Kotarou
kotarou -at-
(c) Kotarou 2009
Emil Chronicle Online is (c) Gungho, Published by Gravity and licensed to Runup games. I am not affiliated to these parties.


CONTENTS (ctrl+f)
1.0 About Vates
2.0 Changing Job to Vates
3.0 Vates Skills of Note
4.0 Skill Build

1.0 About Vates
The first thing you should know about playing a Vates is that YOU ARE NOT THE SPELLCASTING ATTACKER. You are the healer, period. You do NOTHING but heal (90% of the time), unless maybe if you happen to have a second Vates in the party.

My Vates guide will focus on being a Vates Tanker. This simply means that your stat build will be:


Vit - This increases HP and DEF. You can't heal people when you're dead. You can't tank with low Vit.

Mag - Make your Heal stronger, and bumps up MP. More MP = More casting. Mag also increases damage done by Turn Undead and Holy Globe which is really useful at higher levels.

Dex - Not really that important, this bumps spellcasting time.

My recommendation is like a ratio of 3 VIT: 4 MAG: 1 DEX.

2.0 Changing Job to Vates

When you arrive at Acropolis, head over to one of the buildings at the side on the bridge (INSIDE THE CITY), and join one of the factions (N, S, E, W). You'll gain access to Uptown. Go there, and head for the Light Church on the East side of Uptown. Speak to the NPC inside, say you want to be a Vates, and the NPC will tell you to go see Sailor in Downtown. Head NORTH out of the portal, make a U turn and go down to Downtown, then head towards the northeast corner - Sailor is there. Talk to her (all the options, I think), then go back up to the Church. Take off ALL YOUR EQUIPMENT (yes, strip naked.) and answer the questions correctly, and voila, you're a Vates. Talk to the NPC again to get your free hat.

3.0 Vates Skills (Names are subject to change)


Heal - Lv. 1 - MUST GET!
Heals. Get it. Don't ask questions.

Increase Maximum MP - Lv. 3 - Your choice.
Increases your Max MP to a maximum of 15% of your Base. Useful, because you're adding both Vit and Mag at the same time, which hampers your Mag growth compared to pure spellcasters.

Increase MP Regeneration - Lv. 5 - MUST GET!

The last thing you need is your MP to run out, especially during Possession. Get it.

Holy Bolt - Lv. 6 - Your choice.
A basic attacking spell of a Vates. Get it to level 1, at least. So that you CAN kill something. I left this at level one.

Awakening - Lv. 8 - Maybe.
Removes the Sleep status. I did not get this.

Mace Mastery
- Lv. 9 - No.
Increases damage when using Maces... but you'll be too busy running and healing, so ignore.

Cure Poison
- Lv. 10 - Recommended.
Poison is an annoying status effect - it can drain up to 60% of your HP before it wears off. This skill is INCREDIBLY important in the North, as there are Little Demons that can cast Poison on you. With this skill, their attacks are practically useless.

Cure Stun - Lv. 12 - No.
Not many things can stun - and you can't heal yourself with this when you're stunned - and you can heal your stunned Possessed. Not really necessary.

Demon Knowledge (PASSIVE) - Lv. 12 - Get it if you want rares.
Does NOT increase drop rate, but ENABLES special drops to drop from Undead. Without this skill, these "special drops" will NOT drop.

Increase Petrification Resistance
- Lv. 14 - No.

About the same reason as "Cure Stun".

Cure Mute - Lv. 15 - No.
Can't unsilence yourself. Pointless.

Increase Poison Resistance
- Lv. 16 - Maybe.

If you have Remove Poison, just ignore this...

Cure Petrification - Lv. 17 - No.
Same reason as "Cure Stun".

Cure Confuse - Lv. 18 - No.
Confuse won't affect your healing.

Increase Stun Resistance
- Lv. 20 - Maybe.
Increases your resistance to stun. Might be useful.

Increase Weapon Durability
- Lv. 21 - Maybe.

You're not going to be meleeing a lot. Ignore.

Increase Slow Resistance - Lv. 21 - No.
Don't need it.

Increase Mute Resistance
- Lv. 22 - Maybe.

I've yet to run into anything that Silences, so no comment.

Increase Confuse Resistance - Lv. 24 - Maybe.
Same as above.

Remove Slow - Lv. 28 - Leaning Yes.
May be useful in higher level dungeons.

Resurrection - Lv. 30 - MUST GET!

The skill that replaces 500g-a-pop Res Pots. You're a Vates. Get it. Now.

Holy Shield - Lv. 32 - Yes.
Increases Light resistance.

Increase Freeze Resistance - Lv. 34 - Maybe.

Same as "Remove Stun".

Holy Weapon - Lv. 35 - Maybe.
I've yet to test this out.

Unfreeze - Lv. 37 - No.
Same as "Remove Stun".

Holy Judgment (Turn Undead) - Lv. 40 - YES!
Deals a bucketload of damage to Undead.

Holy Globe - Lv. 50 - YES!

Vates's Ultimate. Launches an orb at the target square, and pushes back targets in its path (straight line).

4.0 Skill Build

Heal - Lv.5
Max MP - Lv. 5
Max MP Recovery - Lv. 5
Holy Bolt - Lv. 1
Cure Poison - Lv. 1
Resurrection - Lv.??
Turn Undead - Lv. 5
Holy Globe - Lv. 5

Editing in progress

Kotarou 07-13-2009 08:16 PM

2nd Job Advancement
5.0 About Druid
Druid is the 2nd job advancement of Vates. When you change job to Druid, you gain access to a myriad of even more powerful spells, such as blessing types, mass healing, and powerful undead killing.

6.0 Druid Skills

Iron Stomach - Lv. 1 - No.
This increases the amount healed by edible items... you don't really need this.

Seal - Lv. 1 - No.
This stops enemy PHYSICAL skills. You don't need this.

Light Contract - Lv. 3

Undead Analysis - Lv. 5 - Maybe.
If you got Demon Knowledge, go for it. Take note this is an ACTIVE skill.

Blinding Light - Lv. 7 - No.
Apparently decreases everyone's HIT rate in the vicinity, but I could not see any difference in my use.
Forget it.

Increase Undead Property Damage - Lv. 8 - NO.
Only works for physical damage. Forget this.

Summon Holy Light - Lv. 10
If you frequently train in an area where monsters are light elemental/use light elemental spells on you, get this, and watch the damage dealt to you drop to 0. Take note this applies to you as well, heh.

Vates Speech - Lv. 13
Reduces target MDEF of Undead. Not necessary.

Warmth - Lv. 15

Light Whirl - Lv. 18

Goddess Blessing - Lv. 20
Remove all abnormal statuses. Get.

Clairvoyance - Lv. 23

Holy Feather - Lv. 25

Magic Seal - Lv. 25

Vital Rousing - Lv. 28

Heavenly Blessing - Lv. 30

Vates Spirit - Lv. 30

Mental Rousing - Lv. 33

Posession Acceleration - Lv. 35

Celestial Light - Lv. 40

Dispel - Lv. 40

Inspiration - Lv. 45

Increase All Resistance - Lv. 47


K1 07-13-2009 09:10 PM

I think Holy Weapons increases attack by 10% at max level.

Junior 07-13-2009 10:25 PM

I love the little comments under the spell names, makes it entertaining. *-*


Holy Bullet - Lv. 50 - YES!
Vates's Ultimate. Zaps everything in it's path. Everything.
Zap... as in lightning? LIGHTNING!?

Kotarou 07-14-2009 12:20 AM

I don't know. I'm only JOB 25~


Houseki 07-14-2009 12:29 AM

nice guide

but wait a minute is dex affect casting time?

Tea 07-14-2009 12:35 AM

yes dex affects casting speed

Houseki 07-14-2009 12:36 AM

ahh i see

thats why my casting time sucks
cuz i have low dex lol reminds me from mage in RO

Junior 07-14-2009 01:54 AM


Originally Posted by Kotarou (Post 896769)
I don't know. I'm only JOB 25~


bububut I see you doing lightning SO EARLY! WUTS IT!? :py11:

Tea 07-14-2009 02:30 AM

its Holy Bolt. or holy orb as its written in this guide.

Kotarou 07-14-2009 02:48 AM

That lightning is a Shaman possessing me and firing bolts left and right, lol.

Junior 07-14-2009 11:26 AM

oooooh that explains it! that possessing thing sure comes in handy eh?
I tried it with a buddy warrior it was lulz. Too bad melee cant do much possessing.

Kewl guidy

Kotarou 07-15-2009 02:47 AM

Updating this with a Druid advancement. I'll continue later after dinner.

K1 07-15-2009 03:14 AM

Oh by the way if you job at 50 you will keep all your basic job bonus stats.

Houseki 07-15-2009 03:30 AM

whats is the requirements for 2nd job?

job 30 right?

Tea 07-15-2009 04:11 AM

You can't use 1st job skill points on 2nd job skills... so you must use all your skill points on 1st job skills.. no reason to hold back unless you are waiting for something.

Stun Resistance spell is another alternative.. cure stun is kinda lame since stun doesnt last that long.. but reducing the chance is better i would say. You can die if you're mobbed. x___x

Junior 07-15-2009 12:59 PM

this will bring back those days where people leveled to job 50 and cried everyday until they could actually change and dont suck xD haha.. good times on RO.

Are you going to touch the Bard advancement too Kota? or just Druid :0
That druid is false advertisement, Where are the animal shapeshifting!?

Good joob, keep at it~

cHemil 09-06-2009 02:23 AM

Nice guide kotarou..
do u have any guide for shaman/elementalist??
hehehe,,kinda not found nice quide for shaman..

Kotarou 09-06-2009 04:53 AM

I'm sorry, I don't play them, so I can't make them, lol.

@Druid/Bard - OBT.

Kotarou 09-29-2009 01:52 AM

*double posts*

Corrected mistakes in the Vates guide, updated Undead Knowledge and Holy Orb.

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