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Goldie 05-08-2010 01:40 AM

Anyone still play?
That is all

Kudo 05-08-2010 09:26 PM

maybe when new saga comes out.

lolz at flash?

Shnao 05-08-2010 09:47 PM

I uninstalled and deleted. c: Don't intend on it anytime soon~

Though, that doesn't mean it's a bad gaemu. Just that if you do play, I recommend playing as a Shaman/Elementalist.

Kotarou 05-09-2010 06:01 AM

Not until it goes to a decent company. :x

Rie 05-09-2010 07:31 AM

Not until They update/ Run up does somthing about the server (I dont ever see that happening)

Fineti 05-12-2010 06:36 PM


Originally Posted by Kotarou (Post 1233820)
Not until it goes to a decent company. :x

That's my one condition.

Noperative 05-12-2010 08:55 PM

Quit already. There's nothing to do after 85 since the company is shit. If you want, playing the idECO version is a lot more noob-friendly.

Kotarou 05-13-2010 04:08 PM

What are you talking about, I quit like 5 months ago.


On top of which, I'm not desperate for ECO to the point I need to shift to another server.

Kudo 05-13-2010 11:42 PM

Let me ask, What does anyone still play. Apparently not eco from the looks of it. Any other game with meh rori fix...:3

Rie 05-14-2010 05:56 AM

I just Play LaTale Kudo :x

Andz 05-15-2010 11:50 AM

So hey ho~

How did you guys earn money when you all started?

All items I get sell for like 10g and items for my level are over 15k~ T_T

Rie 05-15-2010 12:01 PM

When i Started the market was still kinda alive, I Just vend stuff , pets i get And do delivery quests. Now that the market is dead (If your playing RunUP's Version) Its kinda hard to survive as a low lvl x_x

Just do Delivery Quests over and over again c:

Andz 05-15-2010 12:18 PM

Yeah, what I've been doing.

Sucks though that you can only do 5 a day. Lameeeee.

Shnao 05-15-2010 04:22 PM

Delivery quests are the best for easy money. o/ You could also kill loads of Chockos and turn their eggs into Mayo and npc them and the feathers. :v I miss playing ECO but it's so lonely on there.

@ Kudo - I'm playing Aika Online now~

Kotarou 05-15-2010 05:50 PM

Also, lol@"Cash Shop" updates next week.


Noperative 05-15-2010 09:37 PM

If I ever play ECO again, I'll be back at the indonesian version since it's still alive (I hope). No rori games for me atm since it's starcraft 2 and then vindictus.

ECO is impossible at early levels without people around.

Reinshiki 05-17-2010 04:44 AM

Hmm, I uninstalled mine and dunno when I'll be getting back on it.

Maybe if the English version goes to a better company which I don't see happening anytime soon.

redcheese 06-08-2010 04:44 AM

I kinda quit Eco like 6 months ago. Run*** has the ability to makes a good game fail so badly ="=. At the moment, i 'm waiting for ******** Eco, which is a private server for Eco. Anyone wants the link can pm so since this forum doesn't seem to allow speaking about it

Actually i think this one when it comes out will do a much better than runup.
Still wish for a day when i can play again in english. Miss it lol.

Shnao 06-08-2010 10:45 AM

You might wanna edit your post and just say to pm you for the link for the pservers. I don't think we're allowed to discuss them openly on the forums. xD

Btw, thanks! I've been wanting a pserver again for this game so bad. +rep

otaku998 06-08-2010 08:30 PM

*cough* Didn't know about it, that these things can't be discussed openly (or i was too lazy to read carefully >>)

Anyway, you guys can also pm me about the link to the pserver that redcheese mentioned above if any interest in playing in it (or helping it grow though i think the link can also be found easily by google) . Like cheese or mostly everyone here i am one of those ragequitted runup server due to obvious reasons so i want to see this english pserver goes smoothly.

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