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Rie 11-03-2009 12:28 PM

Ok guys, Whats up with this now?

I know were all done with the other Issue Concerning the , Accidental Same ring name but, IM SURE THIS ISNT ACCIDENTAL. Seriously this idiot is getting out of hand now.

Oh look at the party name too. "Loli BRAGADE" >_>;

Oh He especially switched to Meido Brigade's Emblem just to annoy me~ What a great guy.
We all know how much of a Jack ass this guy is and his Reputation in the game and if he keeps running around people might mistake him as one of our members ~_~;

Shnao 11-03-2009 01:30 PM

lol I remember K1 told me that hjones hates our advertising and ring already. After Hei and his ring Chronos got him emblem copied, I wouldn't be surprised to see hjones do it to us.

Eventually this is gonna be old news b/c if he keeps doing this people are gonna know it's him and his trolling will = *poof*.

Lien 11-03-2009 02:26 PM

I kinda pity these poor, pathetic trolls. :ho:

Kudo 11-03-2009 03:32 PM

hoh. look it is hjones. maydoh brahgaido huh. hjones is just jealous im sure. :3 well this explains why hjones deleted me off friends._.

Kotarou 11-03-2009 03:52 PM

Shh - here's what we're going to do.

It's the most important lesson I learned from last day's fiasco.

Don't say anything to him, don't slip him snide remarks, just walk past him like the lowlife he is, and eventually the novelty will wear off.

Hei 11-03-2009 05:08 PM

hjones is not a very nice person. He stole my guild logo which took me over a week to photoshop, then claimed it was he who made it originally. His slanderous ways should be tolerated no more -- he once called me an idiot. ECO is meant to be a game in which all emotionally unstable anime loving Filipinos can enjoy; however, hjones has proved time and time again that he does not wish to be our friends. It is because of these extreme conditions I personally believe hjones should be banned from ECO.

P.S. He must be really bored of ECO >.>

Kotarou 11-03-2009 05:22 PM

Well... from my experience, I have but one piece of advice for you - ignore the troll. If you keep feeding him your distress, he'll just go HA HA and keep doing it.

If you just ignore him, he'll notice no one cares anymore.

ArturiaPendragon 11-03-2009 07:45 PM

What the... First Chronos, and now the emblem? I first found that guild with Xaikus (Chronos Guild member 8D, Hei, I'm sure you know him well.) at LT and... uhh, their members are kind of...


[11/01/09 17:15:33] [Xaikus] [<Censored>]
[11/01/09 17:15:40] [Xaikus] [Why do you have our guild logo?]
[11/01/09 17:15:58] [<Censored>] [why do you have our guild logo]
[11/01/09 17:16:07] [NagisaFurukawa] [... lol?]
[11/01/09 17:16:09] [NagisaFurukawa] [XD...]
[11/01/09 17:16:09] [Xaikus] [Ok whatever....]
[11/01/09 17:16:19] [NagisaFurukawa] [Well..]
[11/01/09 17:16:21] [NagisaFurukawa] [Umm]
[11/01/09 17:16:23] [<Censored>] [- -"]
[11/01/09 17:16:25] [NagisaFurukawa] [That... went well O_o]
... Yeah.

Kota is right. HJones is known to be quite a jerk. Barking at them won't solve a thing, I'm glad you guys known that, but however when they truly start impersonating and claiming it's their ring while doing anything bad, then you could say that is the time to jump on them. =_=; Let him do that all he wants for now, although guild impersonation can end up with a ban already... in RO anyway. 8'D (Especially the guild emblem)

Parfait 11-03-2009 08:31 PM

the loli~ ring was surprising but copying the emblem this time seems lame..
but that chat log is so funny lol XDD

really bored people i guess.. lol

Kotarou 11-03-2009 09:46 PM

Naw, the loli ring thing was a misunderstanding. This, on the other hand, is blatant LOL, I TROLL COPY U.

Silver Rook 11-04-2009 12:12 AM

Lol, note that it's a party name.

Anyway, our logo took like... 5 minutes to come up with? Kudos to him for copying it then.

Could have used something more original, like red... Or green/ yellow... Hmmm...

Just ignore him.

I couldn't even be bothered about his bullshit.

Right, forgot to mention this, I have 16 other different emblems to use, other than the original meido brigade emblem.

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