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Talking Eve Build

Guys any suggestion build for Code Architecture....

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here's my build for my CA/CEm スキルシミュ【CA/CEm・CEp】

explanation :
-illusion stinger is must have, you just need to know the distance so that it will land perfectly
-i prefer dimension link guardian than black hole because of it's range, you will find it useful in some bosses (ex. bone dragon)
-oberon will help you in times of trouble, so you better get oberon guard ASAP 30MP for a very nice damage
-queen's pride for additional 100MP (400MP total)

here's what makes it different to others :
-you need mega electron ball, other's get the passive for MEB for more range and will see that this skill is very helpful, for 30 MP the burst damage is wicked..when you add skill note, the charge time will be from 3 sec to 1.5 sec..for me, i'm getting tired of this because you need to press and hold the skill button for you to charge it (i don't have skill note) that's why i won't get the passives for the MEB
-heaven's fist and genecide ripper dilemma
-for others, they only pick one and they prefer HF ofcourse because of it's characteristics : one hit, high damage, stuns, range, you will see that it's perfect for bosses
-for me, i personally get genocide ripper because of it's DAMAGE, there are some bosses that you need to slice as many as you can to die and that is what the GR is for

basically my build is good if you have a B slot
so if you don't have a B slot, you can take out the sonic wave and GR then put the points in the MEB passives


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