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12-23-2010   #1 (permalink)
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Endgame has a spectacular aura aboutEndgame has a spectacular aura about
Default Chung information

-Surprisingly, he is 13.
-He apparently knows Aisha, and has a conversation with her in his intro.
-His color is blue, his awakening aura is white.
-He moves slowly. I think his running jumps make him move fast enough for the platforming segments though. >>^X also gives him a slight boost in distance.
-Likewise, his attacks are also slow. They hit harder though, so with the infinite combos, he should kill an enemy in around the same time it takes Elsword to do so.
-His shots do not use MP, they use a new mechanic. You store up shots, you start a stage with 3, you can store up to 6. You get more by standing still (Like Aisha and Rena's MP regeneration.), XX, or ZZVZ. His starter active Reload apparently charges up two if you put points in the passive for it.
-If you charge up all three awakening orbs, he will get his helmet, and you will have unlimited shots for the duration. His artwork shown at the end of the stage will be him with his helmet on as well.
-ZZZX and XXZX will unload all of his shots he has stored.
-If you press down while he's airborne, he'll pound the ground when landing. Hits pretty hard. Knocks enemies up, but his attack speed is too slow to hit them again afterwards.
-His outlines turn blue during some attacks. (Like Super Armor gives you red outlines.) If you get hit during this period, you'll block the attack. You can then counterattack with Z or X.
-You can cancel out the invincibility attacks by pressing the arrow key of the opposite direction he's facing. This allows for combos like ZZZ<>ZZZ<>ZZZ...

-100 MP physical, Brutal Swing: He swings twice.
-200 MP magical, Scare Chase (Requires 1 shot.): Hornet Sting 2.0. He shoots a missle and it explodes for AoE damage, like Hornet Sting. But this missle is a homing missle.
-200 MP physical (not really), Lunatic Blow (Requires at least one shot to use.): For each shot you have stored, he will slam in front of him and fire. Last shot hits harder than the rest.
100 MP magical skill, Detonation (requires 1 shot): Chung rams with the cannon, then shoots for each shot stored. Last shot hits harder than the rest.
-300 MP physical, Gigantian Impact: Chung jumps into the air, then slams into it a bit farther from where he was standing. The area he hits does massive damage. (2394% at level 1!) He also creates a shockwave that will likely hit everything Chung himself hits, and the nearby area.

.....In other words, it's a smaller Heaven's Fist.
-300 MP magical, Acedemia: He shoots a bunch of missles into the air, they land and clear everything out. Basically Gungnir, but without that oh so annoying incredibly long freeze.
-40 MP, Targeted Shot: Basically, Chung aims at the nearest enemy and fires. Enemy is sent flying. I suspect this will be useful against those damned Wyverns.

Here's a screenshot to show the basic idea:

(Bold indicates that Chung gets his invincibility during that attack. Italic indicates that the attack will reload. Asterik indicates that the attack fires a shot, and is useless without shots.)

ZZZX* (Unloads all shots stored.)
XXZX* (Unloads all shots stored.)
^X (Knocks down.)
>>Z (Knocks in the air.)
>>X* (Slips behind the target and fires, just like with Rena and Aisha.)

Useful combos:

ZZZ>>^Z (The timing is kind of screwy for this, as there's a significant delay. Doesn't work as smoothly as it does for Elsword, Raven, and Eve.)
ZZVZ>>^Z (I strongly reccomend this one.)
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12-23-2010   #2 (permalink)
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maxpayne is just really nicemaxpayne is just really nicemaxpayne is just really nicemaxpayne is just really nice
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The charge counters reminds me of gunslinger in GC
His skills are actually nice kinda hits hard when the skill hits
His awakening mode looks cool; makes me wonder that KOG will make a purchasable item that revamps awakening mode.

More likely ASPD kinda doesnt suit him that much since he swings hard

I'm taking my time getting him in KR just not to spoil it when it comes here in HK

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12-25-2010   #3 (permalink)
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nice, to bad its going to take ages for him to come to GER Elsword T_T, when he does, gonna be my main 100% XD and yeah, it is shocking that he is 13 o.o i guess they arnt allowed to make a character younger then that XD


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