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Eve 06-17-2009 07:31 PM

List of Boss Drops
Currently searching for item icons, not greyed out nor highlighted preffered.
Also searching for item stats at +0 upgrades. Anything in red needs either confirmation or screenshots.

What are Boss Drops?

Boss drops, as obvious as it is, are drops that drop from specific bosses. Some of us get pretty lucky, and find these highly seeked untradables within a single digit number of runs. On the other hand, some of us are pretty unlucky and farm the same dungeon for over a week before actually finding it.

You can tell an item's rarity by their name colour.
White: General (I call them Commons)
Yellow: Rare (I call them Uncommons)
Pink: Elite (I call them Rares)
Beige: Unique
Did I decide these names? No, they are those words under every item's name in brackets.

Here are some tips on farming these accessories and special equipment:
-Set up a party of three or more. When you have three or more party members, drop rates are doubled.
-Adjust your loot settings to "Finders Keepers" and pick up all the drops when the boss dies. Make sure you have your party's permission first!
-Keep the normal "Random Distribution" but kindly request your party to leave before picking up the drops, if you see what you want.
-This one is just a myth, but supposedly higher difficulties give you a higher chance to find what you're looking for.

Characteristics of a Boss Drop:
Boss drops are always untradable. (You can tell if an item is untradable if you see red letters underneath the item's stats and price.)
You can make them tradable ONCE by buying that purple footprint stamp from the Cash Shop for 1.9k won NX each. You can only ever use 5 stamps on one item.
They are always of Elite rarity, unless stated that they have a Unique rarity.
Every dungeon has one of these special drops, some more than others.
There are some special boss drops that can be worn by all characters (*Common Class), or have a specific version with different attack/defense for each character (**X Class).
Difficulty of the dungeon almost never matters unless stated.
-?-?a. Any difficulty/Top path.
-?-?b. Hard difficulty or higher/Bottom path.
-?-?c. Very Hard difficulty/Bottom path.


P.Atk = Physical Attack
M.Atk = Magic Attack
P.Def = Physicial Attack
M.Def = Magic Attack
P/M. = Physical & Magical

%HP = Max HP (Max 50%)
%Crit = Critical Rate
%AtkSpd = Attack Speed (Max 20%)
%Avd = Dodge Rate (Max 20%)
%Accu = Accuracy (Max 20%)
%RunSpd = Running Speed (Max 20%)
%JumpSpd = Jumping Speed (Max 20%)

Resi = Elemental Resistance
Acc = Accessory


1-1. *William's Leather Strap [Lv6 Common Top: P/M.Def+66, 2%Avd, 1%AtkSpd]
1-2. Bandit's Necklace [Necklace: P/M.Def+10, 1%Crit]
1-3. Monkey Tail [BottomAcc: P/M.Atk+8, 4%RunSpd]
1-4. Kira Kira Wand [Lv10 Aisha Weapon: P.Atk+800, M.Atk+1095, 2%Crit, 1%AtkSpd]
**Giant Pporu Weapons [Lv12 X Weapon: P.Atk+X, M.Atk+X, 2%Crit, 1%AtkSpd]
1-5c. Steel Fangs [MouthAcc: P/M.Def+10, 1%HP]

1-X. Does Not Drop Anything


2-1. Ent's Nabutgaji [Lv14 Rena Weapon: P.Atk+1062, M.Atk+1161, 2%Crit, 1%AtkSpd]
2-2. Bat Muffler [TopAcc: P/M.Atk+15, P/M.Def+10]
2-3. Bandit's Cutlass [Lv18 Elsword Weapon: P.Atk+1469, M.Atk+1199, 2%Crit, 1%AtkSpd]
2-4. Bandit's Magic Necklace [Necklace: 2%Crit]
2-5. *William's Lorica Plate [Lv20 Common Top: P.Def+??, M.Def+??, 2%HP, 1%Crit]
2-6. Wally 8th's Ring [Ring: M.Atk+30, M.Def+20]

**Wally 7th's Glove [Lv30 Unique X Glove: P.Atk+X, M.Atk+X, P.Def+X, M.Atk+X]

Eve 06-17-2009 07:31 PM


3-1a. Warrior Blade [Lv22 Raven Weapon: P.Atk+1566, M.Atk+1384, 3%Crit, 3%AtkSpd]
3-1c. Scorpion's Guard [BottomAcc: P/M.Atk+15, 1%Crit]
3-2. Berawookeu's Mustache [MouthAcc: P.Def+10, M.Def+20] Wizard's Skull Wand [Lv24 Aisha Weapon: P.Atk+1403, M.Atk+1909, 3%Crit, 3%AtkSpd] Berawookeu's Treasure [Lv26 Eve Weapon: P.Atk+1577, M.Atk+1951, 3%Crit, 3%AtkSpd]
3-3. Dark Kitdeun's Hairpin [HeadAcc: P/M.Atk+20, 1%Crit]
3-4. Dragon Bow [Lv28 Rena Weapon: P.Atk+1718, M.Atk+1851, 3%Crit, 3%AtkSpd]

3-5. Giant Drill [Lv28 Elsword Weapon: P.Atk+1983, M.Atk+1630, 3%Crit, 3%AtkSpd]
3-6. Wally 8th Mk2's Power Axis [Lv30 Aisha Weapon: P.Atk+1678, M.Atk+2284, 1%Crit, 2%AtkSpd, 3%RunSpd, 3%JumpSpd]
3-7. Blade Hand [Lv30 Raven Weapon: P.Atk+2004, M.Atk+1771, 1%Crit, 2%AtkSpd, 3%RunSpd, 3%JumpSpd]

**Dragonic Weapons [Lv38 Unique X Class Weapon: P.Atk+X, M.Atk+X, 3%Crit, 2%AtkSpd, 2% Flame Hit]

Eve 06-17-2009 07:32 PM


X-1. Dullahan's Head [TopAcc: P/M.Atk+5, P/M.Def+30, 2%HP]
X-2. Golem's Shoulderguard [ArmAcc: P/M.Atk+10, P/M.Def+10, 1%AtkSpd]
X-3a. Seal of Chain -Ring Finger- [Ring: P.Atk-20, M.Atk+60, P.Def-10, M.Def+10, Dark Resi+20]
X-4a. Overlord's Crown [EyeAcc: P/M.Atk+10, 1%Crit, 2%HP]
X-5. Testament [Lv42 Elsword Weapon: P.Atk+2844, M.Atk+2338, 3%Crit]
X-6. Barud's Mark [MouthAcc: P/M.Def+5, RunSpd+2%, JumpSpd+2%] Barud's Tail [BottomAcc: P.Atk+20, M.Atk+25, P.Def+10, 1%Crit] Barud's Blade [Lv44 Raven Weapon: P.Atk+2882, M.Atk+2546, 1%Crit, 1%AtkSpd]

X-3c & X-6c. Dyuteo's Gangryeongsul Staff [Lv40 Aisha Weapon: P.Atk+2202, M.Atk+3044, 2%Crit]
X-4b & X-6b. Proxy's Bow [Lv40 Rena Weapon: P.Atk+2365, M.Atk+2547, 3%AtkSpd, 3%RunSpd, 3%JumpSpd]
X-5b & X-6. Iron Head [Lv42 Eve Weapon: P.Atk+2546, M.Atk+3150]


4-1. Scar Tattoo [EyeAcc: P/M.Atk+7, P/M.Def+5, 1%Avd]
4-2. Refined Nasod Drill [Lv34 Elsword Weapon: P.Atk+????, M.Atk+????, 1%Crit, 2%AtkSpd, 3%RunSpd, 3%JumpSpd]
4-3. Alterasia's Eye [Lv36 Rena Weapon: P.Atk+2116, M.Atk+2279, 1%Crit, 2%AtkSpd, 3%RunSpd, 3%JumpSpd]
4-4. Fire Pendant [Necklace: Fire Resi+40] Ice Pendant [Necklace: Ice Resi+40]
4-5. Crow Rider Gloves [Lv40 Common Glove: P.Def+170, M.Def+169, 2%AtkSpd, 4%Accu]
4-6. Mono Eyes [Lv42 Eve Weapon: P.Atk+2353, M.Atk+2910, 1%Crit, 2%AtkSpd, 3%RunSpd, 3%JumpSpd] King Nasod's Energy Core [TopAcc: P/M.Atk+30, P/M.Def+10, 1%AtkSpd, 1%HP]

**Alterasia's Unique Weapons [Lv46 Unique X Weapon: P.Atk+X, M.Atk+X, 1%Crit, 4%AtkSpd, 2% Poison Cloud]

Eve 06-17-2009 07:32 PM


5-1. Uno Hound Bracer [ArmAcc: P/M.Def+35, 1%Crit]
5-2. Back Knife [TopAcc: P/M.Atk+33, 1%AtkSpd] Dark Elf's Tear [Necklace: M.Atk+30, 1%Avd]

If you ever find any new drops not listed yet, think you've found an error in the guide, or simply want to contribute missing/better images/stats, please do leave a reply! ^ ^

BIG thanks to the following people and their contributions: (In order of appearance, lol)
Are Burgwin

And last but not least, special thanks to Artemicion for originally starting this guide. Thanks for reading~ ^ ^


Eve 06-17-2009 07:33 PM

saved post

Godless 06-17-2009 10:11 PM

this is gonna be useful thanks :)

Houseki 06-17-2009 10:40 PM

so the maximum is 20%?

i didnt know that :>

merru 06-17-2009 11:08 PM

i only have the +3 & +4 picture ..'s +4 ..sorry eve

the 3-5's bow

Eve 06-17-2009 11:20 PM

Ah, thank you for that merru. ^ ^

I had remembered I have it on another character, and was just about to check the stats lol. But you saved me the trouble. c:

Nue 06-17-2009 11:33 PM

Huh, I had the stats of that bow in that post, but it seems to have disappeared. Oh well, here it is again:

Eve 06-17-2009 11:40 PM

Thanks for the stats, with +0 too Drone. Your screenshot was also very clear and easy to read, but I have no idea what the second word meant haha. ^ ^;

Spudd 06-18-2009 02:05 PM

Awesome guide, you seem to have put a lot of work into it. It looks really useful. :py48:

Suyasi 09-02-2009 12:39 PM

Eve, if you still update this.. the boss of X-6 drops this weapon for Raven

Eve 09-08-2009 02:00 PM

I apologize for not updating this.

I've actually been in the hospital for the past two months, it might be a week or two more (hopefully) before I can go home. I'll update everything I've missed out on once I've returned. Once again, sorry!


Thank you much for your addition, Suyasi. c:

AzureEdge 11-16-2009 05:17 AM

A Dragon Tail Drops at X-5 i dont have it so i cant tell u the stats :lol:

Pandamaare 11-17-2009 10:18 AM

That tail comes from 3x-6.
A untradeable elsword weapon drops at 4-5.

Eve 12-28-2009 08:51 PM

I finally bothered to update the guide. Sorry I procrastinated so long. ; ;

Anyway, here you go, everything is up to date.

Arukard 12-30-2009 12:09 PM

miso il get you the refined nasod drill stats :D just let me put game on.

will edit this post.

CupidAngelx3 01-02-2010 06:38 AM

this,from peyita 3x-3c...opps already got posted it up..sorry>< didn't saw it

Siegheart 04-22-2010 01:42 AM

Berawookeu's Treasure [Lv26 Eve Weapon: P.Atk+1577, M.Atk+1951, 3%Crit, 3%AtkSpd] got on 3-4 very hard mode from mini boss

hmmm and Weapon for Elsword from X-5 have difrent stats on HK server

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