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Eslesa 06-11-2009 08:27 PM

Some Questions
Got some questions about Elsword, including one that seems kinda stupid.

1. What is this thing used for?

2. Where do you get these crystal things? (It's the highlighted one)

3. How many towns are there? 4? 5? Or more?

4. Any tips on how to beat the boss/dungeon in the image below with a Combat Ranger and a Dark Mage? Yeah, I know I'm a bit underleveled, but I'd like to know some tips when me and the CR are strong enough to go again and not end up kamikazeing. And don't say to just level, I know that much.

5. I probably guessed the answer to this but how long do the job change clothes last? A week? I'd like to figure out so I can go get new clothes for my Exotic before they expire.

6. How do you sell things in the marketplace? Just wondering, in case I find some good item, or something. Need a permit or something?

7. Finally, the stupid one. How do you sit in-game? Like, not while in a dungeon or anything y'know. I saw my friend's character sitting, but I didn't get a chance to ask him and he hasn't been on since then, so I'm just curious.

Those are my questions, can anyone answer them for me, please? I haven't played long enough to know most things yet. Thanks, if you do answer. I searched some of the threads but didn't really find the answers.

Oh, and in your personal opinion, is Combat Ranger better or Sniping Ranger? Haven't started even the Ranger quest yet, but I'm curious what you guys think. It'll help me choose.

Thingy 06-11-2009 08:42 PM

1) Ice thing, you need an Ice Burner to use them. Ice Burners can only be bought in the Cash Shop (aka use real money), and in return it gives you one random item. It can range from several elemental stones to fashion equipment.

2) Everytime you use an Ice Burner with an Ice thing, it gives you one item, and one Ice fragment. These fragments are used for those boxes, or if you collect 100, for the Ice medal. They are worth around 200k-250k in the markets.

3) 4 towns

4) I've never tried those classes before, but the general tip for killing this boss is to first kill one, then reduce the second to have little HP. Then kill off the third one, and run quickly back to the second one to finish it off. This means that it won't have time to go into berserk form.

5) I think it's 10 days.

6) In the inventory menu, theres a button on the bottom right, which a picture of a house. Click on it to open up a shop. By default, you can only sell 3, but if you get a shop upgrade from the Cash Shop, you can sell up to 9.

7) Hover over to the chat log bit, and click on the ? button. A little menu with several options will appear above it, click on the most bottom one (should be white text). This brings up a list of emoticons to use. The top most emoticon is to sit. The second one is to stand up.

Eslesa 06-11-2009 08:55 PM

2. So I can't get those otherwise without using real cash or buying them?

4. That helps, once we can actually even kill one. I hope someone else can give a few tips relating to the classes, but thanks. On another note, which bosses berserk, town 3 and up?

6. I thought that was for an actual house. . .

Thanks for answering, that definitely helped me a bit.

Thingy 06-11-2009 09:07 PM

2) Pretty much, however Ice Burners only appear during certain event periods. Right now you can't buy them from the cash shop, so expect prices to increase in the market for them (ice fragments). Also it's not really worth it to get the boxes, since you can find them later (and quite easily), or buy them cheaper from the market.

4) Theres a difference between berserk and awaken. Only the boss that we discussed can go into "berserk" form, where it opens its mouth, gains more hp and generally is more annoying. This happens when the other two parts die.

Bosses can awaken much like you can with CTRL. Pretty much all bosses can do this I think, where it suddenly counters your attack and deals 1 damage to you, knocking you down. The boss turns red, and gains Super Armour for a short period of time (cannot flinch or be knocked down), and deals more damage.

6) :0

Houseki 06-12-2009 04:08 AM

and also how much is the ice burners
in nx cash(korean)

Eve 06-12-2009 04:39 AM

1 Ice Burner for 900NX, 10 for 9000NX, and sometimes they sell special packs during big events that give you extra for the same price. (13 for 9000NX I think)

About Combat Rangers and Dark Mages in Underground Garden, normally any skill/combo that does not move you forwards and can hit the boss's head is a good choice. Most classes jump repeatedly on the platform and whack the head, and when have MP use a skill that hits the area directly in front of them.

Although I don't play her much, when I use my Dark Mage on that map, I bring Hell Stone, Lightning Bolt, the Magic Attack Skill Buff, and Mana Shield. Beware that buffs scare them into spewing poison, and so does standing and charging MP. They really hates mages. And to charge MP, you can just spam Z on the stem since it acts like a wall. You can replace whichever skills you don't have/like, but that's the skill set I suggest to bring.

As for Combat Rangers, I deleted mine way before the map was released. But your first job attack skills would probably work better in this case. If you have Arrow Tornado, bring it. It's one of the skills that works best on these three. I think you can just jump on the platform and dive kick for charging MP. The other three skill slots are for you to choose, to handle the mobs before even getting to the boss...

Eslesa 06-14-2009 11:25 AM


I have a couplemore questions.

In the bottom left, there's these slots for potions and stuff you can bring to the dungeons, right? How do you open the other three slots? Is it with cash?

Also, is there any armor that has a long dress/skirt like the CE's? My friend was wearing one on his CE, so I was wondering if there was armor that was something like CE's.

Nue 06-14-2009 11:33 AM

Getting a little pervy are we.. :py55:

Anyway, the only skirt I can think of(other than the code exotic job set o.o) that would match that would be the archangel one, unless your friend had access to some cash. Don't expect to be able to get one whenever you want though, as each piece, no matter what character tends to range at the ~60mil mark and up.

As for that other question.. I'm pretty sure you can't at the moment, but iunno.

Eslesa 06-14-2009 11:43 AM

Nah, I just like that dress. It's sexy. :py63:

So just that one, though? I did recall him saying he bought a set, so. . . I guess he bought that (with ED I mean, he never mentioned using actual cash). But if that's the case. . . I better start saving up. :py22:

Eve 06-14-2009 05:17 PM

The only long dresses for Eve would be avatar clothings, just like Exotic's job avatar set. You could easily buy some NX Cash to get one, or like Drone mentioned you could save up ED and try to find the Arch Angel set. Depending on which piece and character they range from 7mil to 25mil. Hair is another story, ranging from 30mil to 110mil. (Eve's being highest in demand, stay on the higher segment of the price range)

The Arch Angel set is old and limited edition now. They've gotten cheaper, but it's almost near impossible to find every piece (namely, hair) in the market nowadays. I spent 200mil to complete the set. :py32:

As for the other three potion slots, you need cash to have access to them. The cash item for that is not released yet, however.

Zashi 06-14-2009 11:24 PM

Yeah, it took me 250~ mil to complete my Archangel Eve set too :o But I'm glad I did.

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