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xerocodemix 02-18-2012 10:09 PM

taiwan elsword registration(perm)
here i'll show u all how to make a permanent taiwan elsword account(u must first have taiwan beanfun in order to ply taiwan elsword this is the guide to how to register taiwan beanfun)

first thing first go to taiwan beanfun(

when u reached the website press the icon(circled)

after u pressed it u will reach the registration site
1.input ur e-mail(i suggest u use hotmail/gmail using yahoo wnt work unless u use yahoo taiwan)
3.this ur account name(u can put the same thing as ur username)
5.confirm password
6.dnt need me to tell u wat is that need to ask.....if u really dnt knw its gender =-=

the rest u just input the code and tick all of the box and taa daa u finish the registration for taiwan beanfun(taiwan elsword) will be showed how to register in the next post :py62:

xerocodemix 02-18-2012 11:32 PM

ok this is the steps to creating taiwan elsword =)

IMPORTANT NOTE:dnt forget to download taiwan elsword if u dnt have it then u cnt start the game

first login(press the orange button right below)

enter ur username,password and the code

after that press it(the circled words) if u wan to know wat it means the word means online games

after that find elsword and put ur mouse at it then something wif a green button will appear beside it and press it

something like this will pop out press the circled button

ok heres the final step enter ur account name(u can copy ur username if u like) after u input username ur account will appear on the list then press it after that everything is ez after that

NOTE:u need taiwan elsword account and u need to start the game throughout beanfun nt through elsword(when u start the game and u appear at the login page then u did something wrong example:using yahoo e-mail)
__________________________________________________ _______________________

Now EVERYTHING is done u can now enjoy permanent account taiwan elsword im srry if its nt really detail explained

xerocodemix 02-26-2012 04:54 AM

for ppl whu kept trolling how anoying to lv up in elsword well fear nt taiwan elsword has many players and that gives u the advantage of using pt exp boost giving u more exp than usual XD

aakicee 04-22-2015 01:20 AM

thank you this was helpful...

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