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PompousKristina 04-18-2011 06:03 PM

High Mage/Elemental Master Aisha Build
What's the recommended skill build for Aisha when she takes the High Mage path?:py32:

maxpayne 04-18-2011 06:38 PM

Just get the three buffs to max lvl and teleport passive at max too

Note: offensive spells at aisha basic job is kinda not worth it at higher levels

Cubia 04-27-2011 08:35 AM

oh do max out lightning Bolt and Blizzard tho as this 2 is the most commonly use spell :X for high mage

StarfruitStorm 11-24-2011 03:43 PM

Ah, but you see......
Aisha has good skills!

This is my build as level 40.

I believe some explaining is in order...

The extra chain fireball level is filler.

all passives are a necessity

Gust screw is for gust storm, which, while it has tricky aiming, is very good in PvP.

Mana shield......duh.

Meditation.....another duh.

Magic Adrenaline.....I have two sets, one more offensive, one more defensive. This is for offensive set.
level 4 for level 40 since you are somewhat limited.

Infinite Energy is a given, it's 100 more MP.

Blizzard shower is for bosses, of course.

Elements.....another good passive.

and Cyclone is my primary damage skill, for both PvE and PvP

this build is if you have A slot, which Is why I didn't waste my time with several party buffs.


A: Flame Circle
S: Cyclone
D: Mana Shield
C: Meditation


A: Flame Circle
S: Teleport
D: Cyclone
C: Meditation

I don't have noted tele or Mana Shield
I don't spam
I'm B-C rank.

StarfruitStorm 03-15-2012 08:09 PM

Skill Simulator HM/EM

I find the 25 physical defense not needed since EM doesn't truly need physical attacks that much.
Since I have a B Slot, I get all three buffs, A slot only should get no buffs.

Gust Screw/Storm because it is good against bosses before Meteor shower, and the only direct attack 300 MP skill EM has.

Mana shield...duh.

Magic def/attack passive...duh.


Fireball passive is an immediate get, come back for Intermediate Magic training later or skip MM.

MM is an annoyingly good skill (With the note (I dont MM spam)) for chasing down low hp opponents or runners in general.

No, I don't get blizzard shower.

Encouraging aura is great, making your level 5 buffs last a whopping 55 seconds, and magic adrenaline for 20. However...but 2 points in this at first, putting the others in Flame Circle.

Flame Circle is very important for meditation fighters.
It helps you start a combo, get suprise attacks in, stop others from starting a combo...very versatile skill, the note is recommended.

Infinite mana... That 100 extra mana is very good.

Blaze Step. The only skill nowadays that can pull off a OSKO on someone of matching level. If you trap the opponent in a corner, that is.

Cyclone is your PvP and mob gathering skill. Love it.

Elements friendly can be combined with cyclone spam for a nice boost.

Magic Adrenaline is wonderful, making your damage insane for 20 seconds.

Meteor shower > Blizzard shower for me. It makes burn DoT. Good for bosses and stoic ones especially.

This is B slot only, but here's A slot:

A: Cyclone
S: Mana shield
D: Flame Circle
C: Meditation

Now for the real sets.

Offensive full:
A1: Flame Circle
S1: Teleport
D1: Mana shield
C1: Meditation
A2: Cyclone
S2: Magic accelerator
D2: Magic Missile/Magic Adrenaline
C2: Blaze Step/Magic Adrenaline

Defensive/ supporter (PvP version):
A1: Flame Circle
S1: Defense accelerator
D1: Mana Shield
C1: Meditation
A2: Cyclone
S2: Statue of Glory (in a PvP set you'd sub Shower for this. Its actually a good defensive skill.)
D2: Power accelerator
C2: Magic accelerator

Defensive/Support (PvE set)
A1:Flame Circle
S1:Defense accelerator
D1:Mana shield
A2:Meteor Shower
D2:Power accelerator
C2:Magic accelerator

Meditation PvP fighter (constant meditation on)
A1: Flame Circle
S1: Teleport
C1: Meditation
A2: Cyclone
S2: Mana Shield
D2: Magic missile
C2: Magic Adrenaline/Defense Accelerator

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