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exiled98 11-08-2013 03:30 PM

(BM) HHS questions & comparison for 1 flash and Sonic Slash
I main PVE for my BM so i have question regarding about raven's skills

HSS = Hyper Sonic Stab

Basically is this skill stronger in awakening ? or without it ? how do i maximize the dmg potential for both conditions ? because i heard that the lower number of things ur slashing plain HSS is better while awakening is for multiple preferable more than 3 , since i am playing in Taiwan server with the skill revamp is this skill worth it or should i respec to get bloody accel instead ?

1 Flash and Sonic Slash

I know these 2 are the utility skills my idea is that if i pick 1 flash i get an easier time crossing over boss's skills and catching the range mob behind from doing ranged crap on me , i heard people says Sonic Slash does over all more dmg than 1 Flash with it's 14 slashes so is it worth it over the utility cross up ?

hueyple 11-11-2013 06:17 PM

Well HSS will always do more damage in awakening. The way it works though is the more monsters you hit with it, the more damage it'll do
I'm not sure about single targets since i would never use it against any mob less than 4-5 monsters

BUT with the skill tree revamp I would choose Bloody Accel anyday
its a must have for PvE for the HP
HSS will be forever missed~

As for one flash and sonic slash...
I would personally take sonic slash for pve
its true that one flash is a great skill to get behind a monster/boss
but you can do that easily now with the black hole combo since it can be cancelled, plus there is always V stepping
Honestly, i wouldn't mind tanking a few hits from the stoic of sonic slash anyways

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