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Conspire 04-09-2012 05:00 PM

Conspire's Sexy All-Purpose Elsword Q&A Thread
The prettiest magical girl is here, in the name of love and purity!

So, recently a certain someone hired me (mm, game cards, gonna make my BtM look prettier) to start answering questions here on ggFTW in the hopes of making the forums more active again, given its roots for a lot of players in NA Elsword.

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Conspire - I currently main a Battle Magician on the KR Server, Risque, and I'm famous for my Elemental Master, 쿠로코Shirai.

In addition to four years of experience playing the game, I'm very well connected in the KR community. I'm part of the Top Korean PvP guild 추격자 in Gaia by invitation, and I'm frequently considered by Koreans in the PvP sphere to be the "best foreign player"; my 쿠로코Shirai was the first person on Gaia to hit A Rank, and was consistently ranked in the top five until several months ago.

As a result, you can consider me very knowledgeable on the game and its mechanics, and very up to date on what's going on and up and coming in KR Elsword. Unlike Elsword HQ, I get my source information directly from Koreans (I've got about half a dozen of them who translate from me), some of which are well connected with insider sources and provide me with the latest rumors as to what's going on in KR, which turn out 99% of the time to be true. I also talk frequently with the top ranked players of every class; if you have a question that I can't personally answer, I'll defer it to them, so you can be sure that your question comes from the cream of the crop.

So, long story short: feel free to ask me absolutely any questions you have on the game.

That being said, don't ask retarded questions, and I'll be nice.


Genji 04-09-2012 05:07 PM

How bad of an investment was this..?

Conspire 04-09-2012 05:08 PM

I am so pretty!

-flips hair-


maxpayne 04-09-2012 10:03 PM

If i go to Korea, where can a foreigner like me buy a Nexon card or any card that can load Elsword KR? (like through an over the counter purchase in 7-11)

Conspire 04-10-2012 12:26 AM

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by your question of a "card that can load", because none of the KR Nexon games to my knowledge are pay-to-play; you need a KSSN to get an account (plus a phone number verification if you're using an adult KSSN), but other than that, it's completely free.

Unless you mean cash cards. In that case, they're available in almost literally every single convenience store you can find in Korea, because MMO gaming is just such a hit there. My personal favourite is CultureLand. However, you can save yourself a visit and just buy them from online retailers such as CN-USA.


Genji 04-10-2012 05:05 AM

So how exactly was Code Nemesis affected by the recent re-balance patch?
And Code Empress?

Conspire 04-10-2012 12:32 PM

Code Nemesis was significantly buffed in the recent patch:
- Hornet's Sting was made significantly stronger, going to 517%/1013% from 532%/532%.
- Iron Scraps was made way stronger, too, dealing 200% damage per hit now, and 230% in awakening.
- Explosion Impact is only 175 MP now.
- Queen's Throne is only 250 MP now.
- Junk Break was buffed from 274%/169% to 322%/140%.
- Atomic Blaster no longer pushes
- Enhanced Nasod Weapons make your attacks 75% stronger when they proc now.
- Spear Burst deals 800% now (400% for each hit).

Meanwhile, Code Empress has gotten mixed results:
- Oberon Guard no longer bounces, but pushes back. It makes it more friendly for the average player, but doesn't make a significant difference for the pros.
- Space Wrench was buffed by about 50% or so.
- Heaven's Fist was nerfed by about 1000%, but its MP cost is now only 250 MP.
- Sonic Wave has gone from 340% to 407% Physical Damage.
- Genocide Ripper was nerfed from 417% (185% in awakening) to only 397% (146% in awakening)
- Spitfire is buffed to 600%, and its range was slightly improved.
- Electronic Field was buffed from 128%/591% (112%/895% in awakening) to 190%/276% (276%/422%). This brings it into about 2000%, which is surprising for a 100 MP, but still requires awakening for any effectiveness at all.
- The animation delay after Assault Spear was removed, allowing Eve to combo easier afterwards.

And some notable overall Eve changes:
- MEB was slightly nerfed to only 300%/500%, but it now hits multiple targets better due to the stronger second hit.
- Generate Black Hole was buffed to 2909% unawakened, and a stunning 179%/715% in awakening, bringing it into almost Final Strike territory, except it's mana-breakable.
- Cloaking now makes you fully invisible, but no longer has the MP regeneration capabilities with the note - it now saps up MP as you're in it. Duration is improved to a max of 9 seconds, though.

Overall, Code Nemesis really benefited from this patch; she now significantly outstrips Code Empress in both PvP and dungeons. Previously, her benefit was that she was more versatile in her gameplay, and that she had better buffing capabilities, but now Nemesis' damage abilities far outstrip that of Code Empress in both realms, making her the far superior choice. Her buffs are so significant - especially to Hornet's Sting and Iron Scraps, her primary two PvP damage dealers, as well as the shared Generate Black Hole - that a lot of CNs in KR are using this opportunity to get SS Rank. Paired with her buffs and her Metal Dust Aura being a free delay-escaper in team matches, she's become one of the stronger players in PvP.

Empress is now fairly weak, with her primary damage skills nerfed. Generate Black Hole now outstrips both of them, and Electra and Nemesis have access to those skills too. While Electronic Field was a nice buff, it still requires awakening to be effective, and is by no way on par with skills like Hell Stone, not overpowering her to the least. Empress still retains her active-based play, but one has to question how effective that is now considering that CN has entered the territory with Spear Burst being very viable now - and Spear Burst also being a KD Resetter.

tl;dr: Make a CN, not a CEm if you're concerned about long-term viability.


Genji 04-10-2012 04:20 PM

Was code electra affected at all?

Conspire 04-10-2012 09:44 PM

Thousand Stars was given a timer; it now has a 60 second duration, but you get 1.25 MP back for each star you don't use.

Also, Giga Stream was nerfed.


Attendant 04-15-2012 12:14 PM

Hello Conspire, I've a lot of questions to ask you in regards to EMs in general.

EM for me currently feels like a gimped version of VP in pvp, is there anything really practical besides MM and auras?

How would you build a pvp EM?

What 4 skill notes would be optimal for pvp EMs?

Is stacking resistance worth it in pvp? What skill damage would it reduce?

Do you live in Korea?

Nexon vs KC, which host server lags more?

Where would EM place in the current KR pvp tier list? A general tier list is fine too.

What current pvp gear do EMs use in the new level cap?

How should I gear my pvp EM?

Would the new Statue rebalance make the skill worth it?

Why did you quit EM for BM?

Lilica 04-15-2012 11:10 PM

I'm pretty new to the game, so I'm wondering, what stats should I be looking for when socketing equipment for PvE for Code Nemesis? I've pretty much been going with Attack Speed, Crit, and Evasion.

HatebreedDan 04-16-2012 04:35 AM

I think I've seen videos of yours on YT PvPing with VP so I guess you have some experience with her as well as EM and BtM. I need to know a few things about her...

This is my skill build for VP in HK (incomplete in-game):
Skill Simulator DM/VP

Now for the questions:

- Gust Storm or Meteor Call for end-game? (PvE)
- Is leveling Binding Circle past level 1 worth it? (Both PvP and PvE)
- Is there any other buff worth getting besides Magic Accel/Adrenaline? (Both PvP and PvE)

And just out of curiosity, after the balance patch, which Raven path is best suited for PvP? I've heard that RF got nerfed, but I'm not sure since I don't play KR.

Thanks in advance.

Resha31773 04-16-2012 05:18 AM


Originally Posted by HatebreedDan (Post 1706117)
I think I've seen videos of yours on YT PvPing with VP so I guess you have some experience with her as well as EM and BtM. I need to know a few things about her...

This is my skill build for VP in HK (incomplete in-game):
Skill Simulator DM/VP

Now for the questions:

- Gust Storm or Meteor Call for end-game? (PvE)
- Is leveling Binding Circle past level 1 worth it? (Both PvP and PvE)
- Is there any other buff worth getting besides Magic Accel/Adrenaline? (Both PvP and PvE)

And just out of curiosity, after the balance patch, which Raven path is best suited for PvP? I've heard that RF got nerfed, but I'm not sure since I don't play KR.

Thanks in advance.

I'd take off basic physical defense/strength training and take both gust screw/storm. Upgrading your gear gives more def and atk than those 2 passives so it's not worth spending 10 skill points.

Conspire 04-16-2012 05:00 PM


EM is actually one of the strongest combo characters in game, even surpassing VP with the basics, next to WS and LK. Unlike WS, however, she has a much easier time catching her opponents, and she can exert a huge amount of pressure with the threat of Magic Missile. Learn to combo with her, and you'll do well.

I personally bring the following skills and skill notes:
Magic Accelerator, Teleport, Meditation, Mana Shield
Flame Circle, Time Stop, Magic Missile, Chain Burst

Skill notes:
Mana Shield, Teleport, Meditation, Magic Missile, Flame Circle.

Flame circle is optional if you only have 4 slots for skill notes. Once the updated version of Lightning Bolt comes out, you can replace Chain Burst with Lighting Bolt - noted is amazing for EM.

Stacking resistance is crucial in PvP, if you mean elemental resistance. It does not reduce skill damage, only elemental proc chances and duration/effect of status effects.

I live in Canada.

KC versus KR Nexon, KC lags way more. No way any NA game can compare to KR.

There's no such thing as a tier list, and I refuse to provide one.

They use whatever gear they like, so long as it's level 60 and unique quality.

I have no idea how you play, so don't ask me to tell me how you should play.

Statue is still worthless.

And I just like the magical girl theme.


Focus on getting 20% attack speed first, then at least 18% run and jump, and then the rest into Crit. Evasion is not really worth it unless you're in a server with the old dual-stat gems and get it alongside with crit.

VP needs neither Gust Storm nor Meteor Call, but if I were to say, I would pick Gust Storm over Meteor Call. Your skill tree is great as it is, don't make any changes.

Get Magic Accelerator just to fill up points and for some rare scenarios; VP doesn't need Adrenaline, nor is it recommended for her as she's a skill-chain user, not a one-shot skiller. Generally, VP isn't a buffer.

If you're constantly fighting laggers in PvP, Binding Circle level 5 can be a god-send for getting combos in - especially against teleport-triggery EMs.

Both BM and RF are incredible in PvP; this Heroes tournament had all four top teams include a Raven and a LK in it. However, if I were to say, RF over BM. Also, both Ravens were significantly buffed, not nerfed in the balance patch. Something a lot of people have been raging over.

Attendant 04-18-2012 04:14 PM

Thanks for the reply so far. I've a couple more to ask though.

How should I socket my gear/how do koreans socket pvp gear?

As silly as it sounds, how would a EM with nothing but movespeed gear/sockets work out?

For 50 cap, Mechanized, Dragonic, or a mix of both for pvp? Also, can the 50 sets be refunded once 60 ones come out?

Would the coins I earn right now from daily secrets in the 50 cap also be used to craft 60 unique sets?

I currently have binding circle at only 1, is it still workable?

I've heard lots of mixed things about cyclone, what's your take on it?

Thanks again.

Conspire 04-19-2012 09:37 AM

Get 20% ASPD, 18% Run/Jump, 10-20% of each Additional Attack and Damage Reduction (Only if you plan on PvPing), plus 20% Accuracy (again, only for PvP), then rest for Crit.

Get Mechanized. The level 50 sets CAN be refunded, but it's not recommended because the set effects for level 50 apply to PvP, and not the level 60, and thus are far superior despite their lowered stats. If you're an EM, more power to you, it boosts your defense aura accelerator power by 6%. You'll want armor set plus visor, not the weapon.

The coins you earn can be used to craft level 60 Unique sets, but you'll still need Belder coins, so no point in really collecting them since you'll still have to spam secrets like mad to make a new set.

Binding Circle at level 1 is still workable, but level 5 is obviously better for its purpose, which is catching in lag for Aisha.

Let me tell you a story. I was 3v3ing with my PvP team two days ago, and we met a EM with Cyclone. Said EM tried to Cyclone me, but ruined the catch, hitting no one. I purposely jumped in for free MP. Then did the VP that was playing with me. Then my ShK teammate jumped in. tl;dr: it sucks.

Attendant 04-21-2012 12:23 PM

I loled at the cyclone story.

Thoughts on the nasod goggles? Going 5/5 mech with visor means sacrificing it, and I'm wondering if the mana view is a huge difference.

How exactly does socketing and +enhancement relate?

What ice burner sets/ accessories do most pvpers/ems use?

Ring of willpower or ring of flexibility?

HatebreedDan 04-22-2012 10:47 PM

Is ShK really that far apart from the other Elsword job changes in terms of end-game content? I've heard that some LK mains in KR converted to ShK after a few days of its release.

maxpayne 04-23-2012 02:38 AM

Had an urge to answer this :py35:

Originally Posted by HatebreedDan (Post 1709045)
Is ShK really that far apart from the other Elsword job changes in terms of end-game content?

By far it is the most fastest el job to gain/use WoTS system without using any of its actives or special to gain a bar, in terms of end-game terms dungeon wise; it is relatively easy for beginners to Elsword to use ShK to its full potential while LK/RS need some time to master it but as it boils down to the near end ShK cant seem to break that OP-ness of what advanced/pro players want to achieve from their character of choice......

- Tactful application of it's skills to "proper" situation/s makes most of its skills shine out along with WoTS at hand as well but mind the newbs they will get some hard time concentrating at throwing skills in the proper time in order to blend in with their team mates or just mindlessly clear the area with irritating flying critters

- Your state of the art "spam yo skills at sight" type of character, both pro and newbies would like this guy due to the fact that he can sustain damage whenever or wherever you fall in place with

- Mixed dude with hook, semi-wind ward, semi-arma blade, semi-black space attached to Elsword. Fun guy to try if you have experience with LK/RS since most of his skills are attuned in "getting the enemy in place whenever you want too" (less thinking)


Originally Posted by HatebreedDan (Post 1709045)
I've heard that some LK mains in KR converted to ShK after a few days of its release.

it was because of the "hook hype" and the endless shitty XX spam with tehy released the derp so most went out to try the guy as well as the job converter since it has no limit as to how many times you change your job. Some converted back to LK when they heard ShK XX~XX combo has increased knockdown values at PvP :py55: (via March 28 remake on KR)

Conspire 04-24-2012 09:48 AM

Oops, I forgot about this thing, teehee.


Mecha Googles can be helpful, but you eventually learn to do without them. Besides, it's more the accuracy boost than the MP-vision anyway.

The greater your enchantment level, the higher your odds of getting better sockets are. So enchant first, then socket.

And dunno, most people in KR don't care that much about stats, so whatever they feel looks good. To be honest, stats don't play that huge of a role in PvP, although stat budgeting is important.

200 MP Ring for EM.


He was originally fairly overpowered with his skills, but they nerfed him back down to weak; in other words, he was an "easy-mode" class. To be honest, LK was, is, and still is the more OP class... assuming you know how to use it.

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