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maxpayne 03-07-2011 11:22 PM

Getting Raven and Eve
Ever wondered why you cant create the other two characters on right most edge of the character selection?? Basically, you haven't unlocked them yet....

There are 3 Ways to unlock these special characters:
1) Through event...
2) Through cash 25~35 G (depends on server)
3) Through the traditional grinding your ass quest :py32:

How to get Raven
->Starts at level 32

Mission Proper :
Go to village chief in Altera to start his quest....

1st Quest: Finish 4-1 (★★★)

2nd Quest: Defeat Raven in 4-1 (★) 5 times

3rd Quest: Get 3,5,5 quest items from certain monsters in any Altera Dungeon Map
* 4-2 and 4-3 mobs seem to drop the quest items needed for this

4th Quest: Finish 4-5 (★★★) mode

5th Quest: Defeat Nasod King in 4-6 in any mode and get a Perfect Core
Reward: Raven Card

How to get Eve
-> Her missions is divided into 4 which can be acquired through a certain level...

Eve Quest 1/3
-> attaining level 19 and talking through 2nd Village (Elder) Alchemist:
Defeat Wally 8th version in 2-5(★★) and get an Engine Core

Eve Quest 2/3
-> attaining level 25 and talking through 3rd Village (Besma) Alchemist:
Defeat 30 Cart Pushing Nasods in 3-5 (★★)

Eve Quest 3/3
-> attaining level 36 and talking through 3rd Village (Besma) Alchemist:
Collect 8 quest drops from Shield Nasods in 4-5(★★★)

Eve Card Reward Quest
-> attaining level 39 and talking through 4th Village (Altera) Alchemist:
Defeat Nasod King in 4-6(★★★) to get the quest item
Reward: Eve Card

Evoker 12-05-2011 11:26 AM

LOL I though you could only unlock Eve from using Cash, oh well thanks anyway.

Marzai 12-05-2011 11:35 AM


Please pay attention to the dates of the posts and determine wisely if your thoughts are needed here or not. Thank you.

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