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maxpayne 03-07-2011 08:45 PM

Yellow and Purple Stamps
Based from my 01/12/2010 thread which is here

Based from what i saw.....
Yellow and Purple Stamps Comparison and Differences.......

1. Both are bought in the cash shop
2. They are stamps :py01:
3. Used for sealing boss drops :py12:
4. Cannot be traded to other players
5. Can be gifted to other players

1. The color of each stamp :py01:
2. Prices differ from each other; Purple stamps costs 8 coins each while Yellow stamps costs 7 coins each(based on HK cash shop currency)
3. Purple and Yellow stamps differ in sealing of items that cannot be traded to other players like accessories and special weapons a.k.a "boss drops" or the so called "avatar" sets

Explaining through screenies :py56:
Yellow stamps are used for sealing items for avatars
This is a yellow stamp and the one that i encircled on the bottom means that it is used for avatar sets(dunno what i encircled on top of it exactly means, more help on this :3)

More likely if used it on avatars it will look like this:

Purple stamps are used for sealing boss drops this includes special weapons and accessories
This is a purple stamp and the one that i encircled at the bottom means that it is used for boss drops(more clarification on the encircled on top)

You can use the purple stamps to items such as this:
or this

based from the final picture:
red circle: boss drop
black circle: can only be sealed for a maximum of 3 times
orange circle: cannot be traded

quoted from reinshiki's post:

Originally Posted by Reinshiki (Post 1289922)
The yellow stamp is for sealing any equipments with a yellow name.
And the purple on for purple named items.

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