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Kowiz 05-03-2011 11:35 AM

General Tips & Tricks
Post your tips & tricks. :py01:
Doesn't have to be related to game mechanics.

High Jumping with Aisha (maybe others, but nobody cares about them :py43:). (>>^< or <<^>)
GIF with normal jump + high jump:

mikecxz 05-03-2011 11:47 AM

pretty sure it works with elsword to.

for elsword, xxz^vxz resets the KD counter while allowing you to continue combo. i think, seems to work for me. timing after the first z is VERY strict though.

Zuro 05-03-2011 12:44 PM

If your potion bottle goes wrong and gives you a big head do a dash jump with x at the peak to make it onto platforms. Elsword and Aisha of course.

maxpayne 05-03-2011 09:10 PM

1) >>^< super jump works for all except eve and perhaps rena
2) doing ^v or < during a combo cancels a frame --> mkes comboing a hell easier (not applicable in NA as of now or maybe its just me)
3) when boss monsters does a interruptible attack sequence, you can evade it by doing applying awake or doing a lengthy sequenced skill like a Gungnir or Seven Burst to give a few
4) Play at your preferred pace or style that you will surely have FUN
5) When doing party, always ALWAYS help in extending combo streak while focusing on one enemy and "stun lock" if necessary (example: fire fist's first hit)
6) When doing party, DONT EVAH last skill(last hit) the boss so that the MYTH "Last hitting the boss lets you have boss drop" comes true IT AINT TRUE, the faster you take dwn the enemy everyone benefits (EXP wise)
7) When trying to be leeched, dont just stand at the back saying "I lag" when at the end you LH the boss with a 300MP skill this is a big no no, even with a low atk pwr TRY TO HELP(just dont KD enemy) it makes the leecher have some COMPANY that youre helping out(unless stated otherwise by the leecher)
8) When partying, try to "just frame" your skills when casting it, it helps lessen lag when you all focus skill at the boss
9) When at high levels, try to purchase 50MP & 100MP it helps spam skills a lot faster
10) Elsword tips
11.1) Sword Knight --> zzz>>^xx is a very strong combo even if others say that "Your so lame doing that combo ****"
11.2) SK --> >>zzz makes you evade attackers by moving at their backs, very good
11.3) SK --> Armor Break really helps a lot, makes use of it
11.4) Lord Knight --> zzz>z for the lazy yet helpful combo :P
11.5) Rune Slayer tier combo--> zzz + FireFist + xzz + zzz + Splash Explosion
11.6) RS combo 2 --> zzz + FF + xzz + Critical Blade + >>zzx + "just frame" Luna Blade

ill post Raven tips at a later time

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