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maxpayne 11-13-2012 03:24 AM

[KR] Field Update !!!!
So pretty much everything has been changed at Elsword KR server, from town revamp, dungeon party search function as well as designating your own commands in your keyboard. There are many things to point out here but I’m just gonna summarize what I analyzed in-game and give you guys the best possible explanation; so let’s start with this one first ………

New features to take note:
UI changes:
- Repositioning as well as changing of basic UI functions includes:
--- Character bar necessities (health, awake, etc) window changed
--- Character stat information window has been added with new displays and functions
--- Map display window repositioned
--- World Map display changed
--- Skill slots moved to the middle button
--- Quick Slots border changed
--- B slot slightly redefined, can now use QWER to use skills allotted at B skill slot (can still use space bar to activate swap)
--- ED and AP amount display has been moved inside the inventory window

Towns and Dungeons feature:
- Revamped structure of towns
- Health and recovery at towns and “outposts”
- Outskirts of town has been categorized into “outposts” and fields” (explained below)
- “Fields” spawn regular monsters making AFK characters on outskirts slightly get their arses on the move.
--- Awakening gauge/form is now stored/saved when you exit the fields or made a dungeon run as well as logging back in from the game
--- Can now go/form a party whilst in town
--- Can now access all dungeon in whichever town you are at (Example: Raiding 2-x while in Hamel can be done now)

-Forming a party can be done in two ways: either manually inviting people into your party or by pressing the “auto party” button in the dungeon window.
- Soloing a dungeon??? Just press the button below “auto party” and boom SOLO SOLO SOLO
- Dungeons strictly has implemented minimum level entry
- To proceed to the next map/town, you only need to achieve a certain level range to enter
- All warp ticket has been given out permanently via talking to Ariel (you need to pay up a certain amount of ED to transport in between outposts or towns; Example: Hamel to Elder costs 38k ED)

- Outskirts of a town has been divided into two categories: “outpost” and “fields”.
--- Outpost
- Same old (Glaive, Helena and Board) but included regeneration properties as well as your handy dandy mailbox
--- Fields
- Basically it became like your good old MMO fields, spawned monsters EVERYWHERE; making AFK leveling legalized >.>
- 2 outfields per town

Feita -> Field 1 -> Outpost -> Field 2 -> Velder

PvP Changes:
- Interface has been changed
- Displays level of your team mates and opponents are

Monster and Special Dungeons Revamp
- Henrir map display changed
- Addition of extra monsters in fields (zombie glitters now spawn in Feita field 2)
- SD map minimum level entry is now level 50
- Mini boss and Boss monsters drop health relics to replenish lost HP (Boss monsters give out relics equally to all players)
- Monster drops are now in favor of one’s character (if a Raven character runs a dungeon, instead of an all character drop like Altera Gloves[Eve] you’ll bound to receive a Altera Gloves[Raven])
--- ED and other drops should be manually picked up by each player
--- System now makes an equal chance of players to get usual drops (4 man party drop boost still exists)
---- Hybrid of the equal loot system and “greedy” loot system

Miscellaneous changes:
- Buff and Debuff icons will now appear as well as blink if they are going to fade
- Dunno if it was noticeable or not but monster defense has been tweaked to compensate “noob” player style as well revisions to some monster debuffs (increased dmg and additional side effects)
- Going through portals now includes a loading bar on top of your characters head
- Having a 4 man party will now grant complete FEVER
- Fever activation is now constant throughout dungeon run (every 3rd section of 6-7 very hard triggers fever)
- Can now freely change button placements
- Confirmation notice appears when system has found necessary members in “auto party”
- A 3 second notice is given before going in pvp or dungeon
- No more going to quest window just to confirm quest clear, just press this guy then boom its OVER !!!

- Stat display has been divided into two: pve stats and pvp stats

That about covers everything i guess, feel free to discuss and add more :py07:

Original discussion: Field Update revamp - ElswordHQ

Veloze 11-13-2012 10:27 PM

So very sexy.

BoredomKillz 11-14-2012 10:49 AM

i really do like the field update. the fields are so pretty *_* but those warp thingys are perm?! i had no idea lol NA needs that ASAP qq cant wait to be able to play fields without the massive lag that i get in kr xD

only thing im not looking forward to is the stupid ppl in NA that constantly say "OMG TURNING INTO MAPLESTORY!!" = 3=

Kogoro 11-17-2012 03:11 PM

Oh my.
Time to download Elsword KR again!

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