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BoredomKillz 03-28-2012 09:41 PM

Latest Kr Skill Balance
welp with the recent update in kr elsword they had another skill rebalance. elsword and aisha have been translated from elswordhq


Character: All
Class: All

Skill Name: All Skills
- Modified all skill damage
- Modified some skills' MP recovery
- Modified some skills' MP consumption and cooldown

Skill Name: Active (Skill) Invincibility
- Corrected some errors where skills did not give invincibility (during skill usage)

Skill Name: Improve Skill Quality
-Sheath Knight: Sword Fall
- Aisha Base Class: Fire Road
- Rena Base Class: Rising Falcon
- All Weapon Taker Skills
- Shooting Guardian: Rumble Shot

Character: Elsword
Class: Base

Skill Name: Way of the Sword
- (PVP) Damage increases and decreases are now similar to that of Dungeon mode
- It is now harder to activate this ability, but allows the use of the ability more times (i.e. Bar depletes less)
- Increased the amount of times for possible Super Armor activation

Skill Name: Stoic
- Defense decrease only applies when skill is used.

Skill Name: Parry buff
- Master Level reduced to 3
- MP consumption decreased

Skill Name: Counter Chance
- Master Level reduced to 3
- Applies to Raven too

Skill Name: Assault Slash (noted)
- Number of hits reduced
- Overall physical damage increased

Class: Sheath Knight

Skill Name: Harsh Chaser
- Range decreased

Skill Name: Maelstrom Rage
- Fixed the synchronisation of skill graphic effect and the actual skill effect.

Skill Name: XXX~X
- Increased knockdown rate of combo attacks
- Reduced PVP damage

Class: Sword Knight

Skill Name: Air Slash
- Fixed the weird knockdown effect of awakened air slash

Class: Magic Knight

Skill Name: Exploding Fist
- Way of the Sword attribute for the skill becomes Destructive.

Skill Name: Fireball (>>^XZ)
- Fireball penetration strength +1 (passes through 1 enemy)
- Removed MP recovery from the skill

Class: Rune Slayer

Skill Name: Sword Enchant
- Cooldown and activation time decreased

Skill Name: Runes
- MP consumption modified
- Does not consume MP for XZZ and >>^XZZ runes

Character Name: Aisha

Class: Base

Skill Name: Motion modification
- Modified some motions
- But they will not affect gameplay

Skill Name: XXX
- XXX becomes XXXX

Skill Name: >>^XX
- High Magician's >>^XX modified to base Aisha's attack

Skill Name: Fireball
- All Fireballs increase penetration by 1
- Modified knockdown value, MP consumption and MP recovery amount

Skill Name: Fire Road
- Range Increased

Skill Name: Circle Flame
- Reduced the damage of the skill when it just appears
- When the fireballs begin to rotate, damage increases with rotation angle

Skill Name: Lightning Bolt
- Improved feeling of hit (Makes it feel more convincing that you hit)

Skill Name: Lightning Bolt (Noted)
- Stun duration increased

Class Name: High Magician

Skill Name: XXvX
- Allows the use of additional X, giving rise to combo: XXvXX

Skill Name: Meditation
- Modified to allow running while meditating
- Also allows meditation when conducting normal actions
- But Meditation will reduce all movement speed
- Cooldown of the skill will only happen after the skill is stopped

Skill Name: Meditation (noted)
- Modified the increase in movement speed such that it becomes normal.

Class: Dark Mage

Skill Name: XX<X
- Knockdown value decreased

Skill Name: Shadow of Death
- Increased defense-ignore percentage

Class: Battle Mage

Skill Name: ZZZZ
- Motion Speed Slightly increased

Skill Name: Magic spheres
- Damage Increased

Skill Name: Speed Accelerator
- Removed Jump/Movement speed increase penalty

in Dungeons.

Skill Name: Heavy Press
- Increase increase the range for the 1st and second hits

Skill Name: Guillotine Press
- Removed MP recovery from hitting targets mid-air
i went to the kr site and shoved the others in to google translate and from what i can understand of the engrish most of it is pretty much nerfs lol but there are some nice ones

id wait for them to translate the rest but if what i read was right siege got another nerf (qqqqq) and nature force got a buff? (cause it totally needed it.....)

heres a link to the page
ؽ ҵ

maxpayne 03-29-2012 06:38 AM

Why the fuq nerf the gain in getting bars for WoTS???

My RS pwns shit with it :py07:

Oh well cheers for more spamming of skills while it is active :py62:

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