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Default [HK] 03/17 Notice

Activities for this week:
> Introduction of "Endless Journey of William".
> New mall costume: "Sports Wear"
> New mall accessory: "Fantasy Gear" comes in Clover, Heart, Spades and Diamonds (can be bought permanently)
> Promo for "Sports Wear" Set (permanent) available for 149 coins until 03/24 only.
> Wedding costume removed!!!

03/17 ~ 03/31
Timer during weekend
- Saturday gives El Crystal from 1300 to 1900
- Sunday gives Blessed Water from 1300 to 1900

Crafting both this ingredients via Ariel will give you an El Blessing.

Two free el blessings will be given out for the duration of event.

Endless Journey of William!!!
-Got to Ariel to receive first quest(daily quest) that requires you to:
> Kill 5 "Punk Puru" ~ rat face again D:
> Clear 5 dungeons that rewards EXP.

"Punk Puru" appears randomly in a map area almost every time when you go into a dungeon.

After completing this daily quest, you will receive a symbol of victory(statue thingy) which can be used to fulfill the second quest from Ariel.

-Trade in the symbol of victory to receive the following item:
> 1 Symbol = 50 day duration shoe avatar box
> 1 Symbol = 50 day duration glove avatar box
> 2 Symbols = 50 day duration lower armor avatar box
> 2 Symbols = 50 day duration upper armor avatar box
> 2 Symbols = 50 day duration hairstyle avatar box
> 4 Symbols = 50 day duration weapon avatar box

You cant go directly into getting the weapon avatar box; it's a step by step quest like get shoe quest then after completing it you get glove quest etc etc etc

Note: Boxes doesnt naturally give a specific avatar set but a random avatar set from the shop.

-You can make your choice part to a permanent one by crafting the corresponding box part together with one El Blessing via Ariel.

-BTW, realized that i didn't post the "Lucky Clover" collection quest since we've got no chance on winning it but oh well.....

"Lucky Clover"
As you kill a "Punk Puru" there is a chance that a clover will drop, collect as many as you can and the top 10 players who collected said item will be given 100 Unknown Elstones

Discuss here

squibby EVOLVES to form 3!!! - 9/10/2010
squibby EVOLVES to form 4!!! - 11/9/2011

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