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Default Sheath Knight Unleashed !!!

The Knight who wields Pandora's Blade !!!!
April 29 to May 3

- If you have logged in last week and got the "Pandora's Box" (black box), log in during:
-- April 28 & April 29 at 1500 ~ 1800 for 2 hours to get the key.

*one per account only

- Elsword characters can now obtain their "Red weapon accessory" (15days) when they log in; successfully transforming to Sheath Knight can make this permanent through talking to Ariel.

- Sheath knights can be granted access to "Full Reset Potion" by getting the quest through Ariel which task you to "Clear three dungeons"

- Newly created accounts during the event can gain "Pandora's Box" & Pandora's Key" once their character reaches level 10.

- Prizes inside "Pandora's Box" are:
-- Upgrade Scroll Lv. 7
-- Upgrade Scroll Lv. 8
-- Upgrade Scroll Lv. 9

- Talk to Camilla and get daily event quest which tasks you to "Defeat Lowe(??) in dungeons" in order to obtain 羅悟的痕跡

-- Trade 6 羅悟的痕跡 and 6 Alchemy Water to obtain 騎士團的儀式之劍

-- Trade 羅悟的痕跡 and Alchemy Water to obtain 羅悟的背包
--- Prizes inside 羅悟的背包:
---- All Level Weapon Upgrade Stones 5 pieces
---- All Level Armor Upgrade Stones 15 pieces
---- Resurrection Stone 10 pieces
---- Resurrection Stone 5 pieces
---- Full Recover Potion 5 pieces
---- Full Recover Potion 2 pieces
---- Ruby 5 pieces
---- Stamina Potion

- Team up with either an Aisha or an Elsword in your raid during the event period to get the following mods:
-- Aisha = 25% drop rate
-- Elsword = 25% EXP rate

squibby EVOLVES to form 3!!! - 9/10/2010
squibby EVOLVES to form 4!!! - 11/9/2011

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