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maxpayne 02-23-2012 05:48 AM

Surprises inside the Gold Capsule !!!!
Gold Capsule Extravaganza !!!
Feb 23 ~ Mar 15

- Buy a "Gold Gachapon Machine" via Ariel for 300,000 ED each.

-- Open the "Gold Gachapon Machine" to either get one of the following:

--- "Golden Gachapon"
--- "Normal Gachapon"

- Opening a "Normal Gachapon" would yield any one of the following:

--- Magic Stone
--- Advance Magic Stone
--- Specific Status Stone

- To open the "Golden Gachapon" , you must buy 黃金膠囊卡 at the shop worth 8G each and can yield one of the following:

--- Serpent Weapon (per character)
--- All Seal types
--- Megaphones
--- Market Extender (7days)
--- Resurrection Stone x 10
--- Skill Reset Pill
--- Skill Reset Potion

* 黃金膠囊卡 maximum of 10 can be bought daily
* Serpent Weapon (Elsword)

- Log in during the weekend for 100 minutes to get 黃金膠囊卡

- Attendance event still on-going :py63:

ferro 02-24-2012 01:35 AM

gold capsule can also drop 祝福之證(1日), Lucky Exp Badge (+30% exp, 1day)?
黃金膠囊卡 only appears for one character per account per weekend day (so they say...)

maxpayne 03-01-2012 05:53 AM
Eye of Prodigy released once more !!!!

- Log in to get your 30 day EoP title.

- Finish daily event quests and collect drops in order to get some sweet freebies.
EoP: Abyss Mode

- Bonus dungeon in EoP wherein you'll fight two Ran's in a dark room but you will get compensated for your bravery !!!!!

edit: events last until march 29

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