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maxpayne 02-02-2012 07:16 AM

Lantern Festival and Valentine Event !!!!
Lantern Festival !!!
Feb 2 ~ Feb 16

- Buy the "Wishing Orb" from Ariel and open it to get your "Wish List"

- "Wish List" varies from;

-- 請給我強化符咒 ("I wish for Upgrade Scrolls")
-- 請給我挫冰機 ("I wish for Ice Burners")
-- 請給我神聖守護石 ("I wish for Cash Upgrade Stone")
-- 請給我祝福的復原卷軸 ("I wish for Recovery Scroll")
-- 請給我普卡努斯之鎚 ("I wish for Cash Hammer Upgrade")
-- 請給我噗魯腳印 ("I wish for Seals")
-- 無內容的紙條 ("I wish for ....")
-- Resurrection Stone 1 piece
-- Unknown El Crystal 1 piece
-- Stamina Potion 1 piece
-- Job Costume (15 days)

- After you received your favored "Wish List" proceed to buy a "Wishing Lantern" at the cash shop worth 6G each.

- Once you have a "Wishing Lantern" right click the "Wish List" you prefer and it will reward you one of the following:

-- 請給我強化符咒 ("I wish for Upgrade Scrolls")
--- Upgrade Scroll Lv. 5 ~ 9

-- 請給我挫冰機 ("I wish for Ice Burners")
--- Ice Burner(Arc Devil, Arc Angel, Evil Tracer, Salvatore Denip or Grace Fairy/Incubus)

-- 請給我神聖守護石 ("I wish for Cash Upgrade Stone")
--- Cash Upgrade Stone Lv. 2 ~ 5

-- 請給我祝福的復原卷軸 ("I wish for Recovery Scroll")
--- Recovery Scroll Lv. 2 ~ 5

-- 請給我普卡努斯之鎚 ("I wish for Cash Hammer Upgrade")
--- hammer Upgrade Lv. 2 ~ 5

-- 請給我噗魯腳印 ("I Wish for Seals")
--- Yellow, Purple or White(Gray) Seal

* Limit on buying "Wishing Lantern" daily are as follows:
- 6G package = 20 times
- 30G package = 10 times
- 60G package = 5 times
Valentine Event !!!
Feb 2 ~ Feb 16

- While inside dungeons, monsters will randomly drop 可可亞 and 糖果 (ingredients for making chocolate)

- Ariel has 2 tasks in which you will be making some chocolates:

-- Collect 1 of each ingredient and buy a "Cookie Tray" from Helen to get a "Fine Chocolate" or "Burnt Chocolate"
-- Collect 14 pieces of "Fine Chocolate" and buy a "Chocolate Box" to get a "Valentines Treat Box"

- Opening a "Valentines Treat Box" lets you receive 14 "Valentines Chocolate" which gives out 50% Hp and Mp recovery (food)

- [Daily Quest] Each day you will be assigned to do a task to a respsective NPC ......

-- [Initial] Talk to Helen then select whether you want to take a quest from Ariel or Glaive.

--- Glaive or Ariel quests
---- Give them 3 "Fine Chocolate" to get a "Valentines Gift Box"

-- [Special] If you manage to do an assigned task on a specific NPC for 7 times, you'll be rewarded with a "Ariel/Glaive Appreciation Box" at 2/14.

- Inside "Valentines Gift Box":

-- Random 1 day "Valentine Accessory"
-- 15% EXP tag (1 day)
-- Full HP & MP Potion 1 piece
-- Resurrection Stone 1 or 3 pieces
-- "Fine Chocolate"
-- "Chocolate Box"

- Inside "Ariel/Glaive Appreciation Box":

-- "Valentine Weapon" (30 days)
-- Full HP & MP Potion 14 pieces
*Valentine Weapon

- All Chung 2nd Job Cash Changer are now @ 29G (until event lasts)

- Log in for 60 minutes during 1300 ~ 1700 on February 4, 5, 11 and 12 to get a "Skill Reset Pill"

Cash Shop Updates:
- Yellow Dragon pet is now available at shop with promo packages until Feb 16
- "Wishing Lantern" is available
- Year of the Dragon Costumes still available until Feb 23
- Special Weapon extension (permanent) at cash shop is still available

BoredomKillz 02-02-2012 12:22 PM

just wondering, but how good (or bad) are the savings with the wishing lantern? are they worth it? o3o

maxpayne 02-02-2012 01:25 PM

Good since.......
- you get 1G discount on getting Yellow, Gray and Purple(2G discount) Seal
- makes costs on upgrading equipment fairly lesser since you gamble for the Lv. 9 Scroll and Lv. 5 Recovery Scroll (costs 45G)
- makes redux on some burners viable for their price
- while your getting your favored "Wish List" you get to stock up on Resurrection Stone (9G per 10 pieces; 6m ED per piece) and Stamina Potion (non-accessible item for every event; first time to get through ED in this event)

Bad since.....
- costs a hell lot of ED to get what you want (2.5m for 100 pieces but i only got 5 Upgrade Wish Lists, luck perhaps?) on the "Wishing Orb" just to send it in the "Wishing Lantern"
- it's by chance so depends on your "luck"
- will cost you a hell lot of money :py56:
- this is yet another "business strategy" in order for the people to buy more GASH to get what they want .......

Honestly, the only good thing here is the Upgrade Scrolls and Redux on burners but like i said it's HIGHLY COSTLY since all are by CHANCE.

suzaku0zero0 02-04-2012 07:36 PM

How do I use the skill reset pill?
I r & l click it and it did nothing

Does it take out all or 1 sp from a skill? What does it do?

suzaku0zero0 02-04-2012 07:40 PM

How do I use the skill reset pill?
I r & l click it and it did nothing

Does it take out all or 1 sp from a skill? What does it do?

In Helen's quest, u need to give ariel 3 chocolates
What do u need to give glavis.

BoredomKillz 02-04-2012 07:44 PM

/totally thought i replied
thanks for the info max /o/ sounds good if youre lucky enough to get what you want. reminds me of NAs fortune event but better lol


if its the pill and not the drink (one looks like a pill the other looks like a bottle) then its only one point back and not full point back.
to use the pill open your skill menu and click the right button at the top (its in the same part that says your class name, remaining SP, and SP used). when you click it the "+" sign on skill icons should turn in to a "-" sign. just click the "-" and itll take out a point

if that was confusing i can add a picture or something xD

suzaku0zero0 02-04-2012 08:03 PM

Ty n w got pills (red White)

suzaku0zero0 02-05-2012 07:17 AM

what is a Cash Upgrade Stone and a Cash Hammer Upgrade?

maxpayne 02-06-2012 05:46 PM


Originally Posted by suzaku0zero0 (Post 1675669)
what is a Cash Upgrade Stone and a Cash Hammer Upgrade?

Kindly refer to this Different Cash Upgrade Stones

maxpayne 02-09-2012 05:58 AM
Raven Anger Pre - Release Event
Feb 9 ~ Feb 16

- Log in for 30 minutes to get "The Rage" title (7 days)

- Talk to Camilla to get event quest which tasks you to clear a dungeon (with EXP) with the the equipped 16 times to receive "Anger Box" and "Anger Ring"

* "Anger Box" contains Dual Element Stones
* no limit per account

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