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12-15-2011   #1 (permalink)
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Default 5X Release Events - 2011/12/15

I'm gonna do this quick >.>

- 5X has been officially released with revamp on 2x, 3x and 4x as well SD equips !!!

*So far, 2x, 3x and 4x normal tickets can't be crafted right now; but it is confirmed to be one of the boss drops.....
- 2X = included in boss drop in Elder dungeons
- 3X = included in boss drop in Besma dungeons
- 4X = included in boss drop in Altera dungeons

- Video recording feature is also available now in HK version.

Dec. 15 ~ Dec. 29
5X Release Events

30 minute timer for ....
- Level 50 and above = 秘境班德入場券箱

Inside 秘境班德入場券箱 ...

*5X Normal and Hell ticket

- General = 5 pieces of "event dungeon" pass

"event dungeon"

*More likely an easy version of 2X, 3X and 4X depending on what area you made the even map.
* "event dungeon" is available outside town 2, 3 and 4.

*All event quests and trades are accessible via Ariel

- Talk to Ariel to get 30 day 秘境班德稱號 (title)

-> 10% Crit (+1000)
-> 10% Dodge (+1000)
-> 2% chance to gain MP on hit

- For level 50 and above, collect 25 "Mixed Alchemy Potion" in 5X to receive 幻像秘密箱

Inside 幻像秘密箱 ...

- For the rest, clear "event dungeon" 3 times to receive 秘密之石 & choose one between the three SD drops from 2x, 3x and 4x

Trade 秘密之石 & 煉金密藥 (Alchemy Liquid) to Ariel to get the following:
- 秘密之石 x1 + 煉金密藥 x1 + 1,000 ED = 1 piece Full Recover Potion
- 秘密之石 x7 + 煉金密藥 x7 + 1,000 ED = 石偶娃娃 15 days
- 秘密之石 x10 + 煉金密藥 x10 + 1,000 ED = 石偶娃娃 30 days
- 秘密之石 x13 + 煉金密藥 x13 + 1,000 ED = 石偶娃娃 (permanent)
- 石偶娃娃 (permanent) + 2 El Blessings = 進階石偶娃娃 (permanent)

石偶娃娃 & 進階石偶娃娃

-> P.atk and M.atk +10
-> 1% awake charge

-> P.atk and M.atk +20
-> P.def and M.def +10
-> 2% crit
-> 1% aspd
-> 2% awake charge

* El Blessings [ 艾爾的祝福 ] can be purchased at the cash shop for 8 G each (blue stone thingy found at the last tab of cash shop)

squibby EVOLVES to form 3!!! - 9/10/2010
squibby EVOLVES to form 4!!! - 11/9/2011

Last edited by maxpayne; 12-15-2011 at 11:25 PM. Reason: SD tickets
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