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Default Expanded Inventory and Shared Storage feature

Expanded Inventory and Shared Storage

Expanded Inventory

-> All Inventory spaces has been maxed out from the original 4 rows to 7.

-> The "Avatar" tab has also been extended for up to three pages.

-> Beside the "Equipment Breakdown" button, there is the "Sort" feature ( Do i have to explain this? )

Shared Storage

-> Available on 11/10 due to some bugs.

-> Can be acquired by purchasing 露莉爾信用保證書 at the cash shop for 39 G.

- Features:

-> All Characters in one account can access each others storage.

-> For items that needs seals just to be traded, you'll need none if you want to send it within your account.

--> Do take note that the usual "seal lock number trade" still applies here

- How to use this feature?

-> Once you have bought 露莉爾信用保證書, simply select the name of the character's storage you want to access with.

-> Then, instantly you'll get to see the storage you seek with

*All items can be traded expect for those that have: 0 seal locks, duration items, and "soul bound" items.

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