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BoredomKillz 10-17-2011 05:30 PM

Grab ‘Em Halloween Treats!
October 17, 2011

Special Halloween Horror
Event Period: 10/19/2011 – 11/02/2011

Various spooks and creatures of the night gather in a special Halloween Dungeon. Why would you want to enter? We figured it’s probably because of the awesome loot. You can’t just enter though; you need a special item to get in. And of course, no Halloween is complete without some pumpkin heads! Check the board for quests to earn some special pumpkins.

Night of the Undead Phoru!!!

Event Period: 10/19/2011 – 11/02/2011

Power up and defeat the Undead Phoru! These living dead are all over the place, and you’ll need a certain Halloween treat in order to knock ‘em down easily. Whether it’s because of supernatural energy or an extra-large dose of sugar, it’s best to be sure. Gather some of these sweets before accepting the quest to beat the Phoru zombies.

Halloween Party!
Event Period: 10/22/2011 and 10/29/2011 at Specified Hours

Someone from inside the Halloween Dungeon leaked some important info (we’re not saying who)—the monsters guarding the doors will all go on a break at specific hours on October 22nd and 29th. We’re spooked by this dungeon alright, but still pretty excited to gatecrash it—wanna tag along? Watch this space for more info.

Cobo VIP List
Event Period: 10/19/2011 – 11/02/2011

In anticipation of the Halloween festivities, Cobo puts adventurers right on the VIP list. Receive a free Cobo VIP Ticket when you first login with your character, and make the journey to the Halloween Dungeon a bit easier.

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