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08-30-2011   #1 (permalink)
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Default Raven’s 2nd Job Change and Back-to-School Events

Step Aside for the Blade Master and Reckless Fist!
Event Period: 08/31/2011 – 09/06/2011
Event Type: Experience Boost and Mail Event (Once a day)

We’re pulling out all the stops for Raven users under level 35 to make sure you get your 2nd Job Change as soon as possible. During the event period, you’ll receive 50% bonus experience whenever you complete a dungeon. Don’t worry about using up all your stamina, because once you do, you’ll receive a cube containing 1 Stamina Potion, 1 Vigor Potion, and 1 Resurrection Stone. Just enough stuff to keep you going.
  • Raven users under level 35 that log into the game will receive 50% bonus experience when completing dungeons.
  • Raven users who use all their stamina will receive a cube containing the following items:
    • 1 Stamina Potion
    • 1 Vigor potion
    • 1 Resurrection Stone (deleted during next maintenance)

Skill Tree Re-AMP! (Raven)
Event Period: 08/31/2011 – 09/06/2011
Event Type: Event Quest (Once)

Here’s a little encouragement to get you to work on your Raven’s 2nd Job Change. As soon as you finish the last of the 2nd Job Change Quests, you’ll receive a ‘Coupon for El Revitalization Drink (7 Days)’, which will make the quest ‘I want to revamp my skills… (Raven)’ available. Complete this quest to get the El Revitalization Drink—use it to reset your skills and free up skill points to try any of Raven’s amazing new skills.
  • The player will receive a ‘Coupon for El Revitalization Drink (7 Days)’ once they complete the last of the 2nd Job Change Quests (5/5).
  • The coupon will trigger the quest and they can accept it from Ariel or the Board.
  • Once the quest has been accepted, the player will have to clear dungeons 10 times (less than 20 level difference).
  • Once cleared, users will receive an El Revitalization Drink (7 Days).
  • Using the El Revitalization Drink will reset the player’s skills and return all invested skill points.
  • The item must be used within 7 days. (It will be deleted during the next maintenance.)

Cash Option: Players who purchase Raven’s 2nd Job Change cash item will automatically complete this quest and receive the 2nd Job Promotion Cube in their mailbox. Those who take this option will get the reward (El Revitalization Drink) from ‘I want to revamp my skills…’ Quest instantly and they won’t need to perform the quest.

No More Cutting Class, Mong!
Event Period: 08/31/2011 – 09/20/2011
Event Type: Event Quest, Time Event (0 min, once)

The Mong we’ve come to know typically likes apples and bombs. But school? Not so much. Join the School Patrol and catch Mong cutting class. Appearing in various dungeons, this Mong’s one well-travelled slacker. First, log-in to receive the ‘School Patrol’ title in your Mailbox. Equip the title then activate the series of quests through Ariel or the Board. Go on as many dungeon runs and defeat Mong as many times as each quest requires for some A+ rewards.
  • Player will receive the title “School Patrol” (15 days) in their mailbox when they first log in with a character (one per character).
  • Players can activate the quests from Ariel or the Board.
  • Players will need to find and defeat Mong who will appear in various dungeons.

Cash Option: ‘Student Patrol’s Wooden Stick’ and ‘Disciplined Mong’ accessories may be crafted to a permanent item with a ‘New Semester’s Ticket’ from the item mall. The option to craft to permanent will last until September 20th. The two accessories will have a set effect when worn together (3% HP increase, Awakening charging speed +3%).

~ Epitomize - Level 41 Lord Knight ~ Kiyomu - Level 39 Elemental Master ~ Tsurai - Level 40 Wind Sneaker ~
~ Sublimity - Level 37 Blade Master ~ Erisviell - Level ?? Code Exotic ~
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08-31-2011   #2 (permalink)
Deadpool approves!
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Manual patch pl0x?

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