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Zinc210 04-15-2010 12:27 PM

Need some attack opinions
Okee dokee, so Far I have most of the (what I think are) good stage Eir attacks maxed: Holy Spirit, Pieces, Fog, Tears, both JoGs. Later on, I'm maxing DMB, but i want to decide on which attack skill to get next on subsequent Rebirths.

My options:

Moonlight Chain: This was originally my next choice, but it requires 11 points (I always have it at 1 for utility) to reach full damage and isn't very useful for air comboing mobs at great heights. Out of the attacks I'm considering, it has the highest total damage, but its useful pretty much only for bosses and big enemies.

Full Moon Bullet: I maxed this earlier and played around with it, and it's not bad. Since it can actually fly upwards at an angle, I can hit mobs at great heights, usually scoring 2-3 hits, and get some nice air combo damage with maxed modifiers. Cooldown is long though...

Dodge: This one is... eh. The only reason I'm considering it is because it has a 15 second cooldown and it's instant cast, but other than that the damage is very little. I'm not sure if the added height would do anything for me in myth other than allow me to travel under enemies to escape mobs (which would be good in CoC).

Sacred Wave: I thought about this one because it takes so few points to max it... I'm considering it because it has very nice height range in comparison to Eir's other skills, and it requires very little time to get it off. It also has slightly more power than Full Moon Bullet while sharing its cooldown.

Opinions pl0x!

Allea 04-15-2010 12:55 PM

Funny thing is that I didn't take Fog yet, and I took max Sacred wave instead is because fog doesn't do much to air comboable mobs. (Not like it could anyways unless it was a boss or a non-comboable mob) D: The max Sacred wave isn't that bad, the damage is decent compared to Eir's other attacking skills in myth, but I kinda regret picking this over moon fog.

I would generally say no to Full Moon Bullet because it's kinda unreliable in terms of the direction when it comes to pushing mobs, and I heard from few people telling me that dodge should be the last skill to max in attack. Because dodge is fire elemental, eir's wouldn't benefit as much if you maxed specializations that may come to glunia sometime in the future. I have level 1 dodge for cancels and escape tool I guess.

I never really liked chain for some odd reason, so to answer your question on poll, I'd say max sacred wave.

Zinc210 04-15-2010 01:19 PM

In light of the new specializations, I'm starting to be more inclined towards sacred wave since I'll probably go for Light(Shining)... also the fact that the only decent +2 dye that can go on CS pants is Sacred Wave, it seems it has more going for it. Oh, wasn't there something about not being able to dash cancel it at higher levels?

As for dodge, I have 1 in it, too, as an escape. They probably should have changed that to Light element as well...

GreenGod 04-15-2010 04:17 PM

Just my opinion on the damage skills without considering JOGs:

- Moon piece: I never tried it after the air combo myth patch, but I think their vertical reach is low and only hits 4 times in a combo, unlike the 8+ on ground.
- FMB: best vertical reach, but low damage, considering it will only hit 2 or 3 times at a wall.
- Tears: ok height, good damage. I just don't like it, so I don't have much to say here.
- Chain: good damage on ground, not so good in air as its reach is pretty low and gets only half the hits.
- Fog: good damage, good area, but won't hit in air.
- Wave: second best vertical reach, almost like a FMB going upwards. Will hit 3 times in most cases, doing more than FMB at walls. As of lvl 7, its still dash-cancelable.
- Dodge: this is a pvp/emergency skill, bad reach, low damage.
- HS: very low damage against non-comboable / wall, not much against comboables either, but helps push. Low reach.

Vertical reach:
FMB > Wave > Tears > Pieces / Chain / Dodge / HS > Fog

Damage on ground (single target, all hits):
Chain > Tears / Piece > Fog > HS > FMB > Wave > Dodge

Damage against airborne target at wall:
Tears / Chain > Wave > Piece > FMB > Dodge > HS > Fog

I tested the vertical reach of most skills (not pieces nor dodge) before rbing, so that's the most accurate info up there. The damage values and perception of usefulness are biased by my play style. I prefer Chain instead of Tears, for example.
On another note, I had max HS a long time ago, but I don't see it useful damage-wise outside of a combo. Its more of a utility skill IMO. Also, I have no idea on how will the skills be packed later with the elemental increase passive. That could change the question to which element to choose, instead of individual skills.

If you're not intending to change any of your other skills, I would recommend Chain or Wave.

For the record, I am maxing Chain, Fog and Wave from those listed.

Zinc210 04-15-2010 06:28 PM

Lots of useful info, thanks! One thing though, Max Sacred has higher base damage than FMB, and unless I've been doing it wrong (highly possible), I've only been able to hit 3 times at most even at lvls 2+ :O, so I'd think wave would be more damage?

As for Holy Spirit's usefulness, I think it's mainly the cool down and the ability to hit most large things 5 times that makes it appealing. Plus, it's flexible. I tend to cast Holy spirit, and immediately follow it up with another spell when against non-comboable enemies and bosses.

GreenGod 04-15-2010 08:01 PM

I could do 4 hits with a lvl 1 FMB at point blank in PF. That's why I consider 4 hit FMB in dmg on ground. At wall it only hits 2 or 3 times, that's why sacred wave wins there. It has the same issue as HS, as in using it closer to the enemy yields more hits.

And about FMB vs Wave, that was my dilemma before my last rb. I chose wave because of range and damage at walls, but FMB would be better if you lack some pushing skills, ie no HS or holy shout (SSSSS is too slow sometimes)

HS stuff:
I see that if you cancel it with another skill you could say it did some damage using 0.2s or so. If you can always spam skills to cancel it (HS → Pieces) I suppose it could do. But as I use it to combo Chain at walls, it only hits twice, that's why I don't see it as useful damage-wise.

Random fact: a 5 hit HS does slightly more damage than a 4 hit FMB, but with less MP and cd.

Zinc210 04-16-2010 06:00 AM

Hmmm, I see. I count only 3 hits when used against the Gods/Large enemies. I'm never point blank because I often just get it off whenever I can. I'll need to pay closer attention and see if I can achieve 4.

As far as combos, quite frankly, my combo ability leaves a lot to be desired... or not since most of the time, other people do a much better job at it and get it done a lot sooner (that's not saying I don't try my best though!). When I look at hits, I tend to focus only on damage against large enemies and bosses, since those are the types of enemies almost all of Eir's attacks have an affinity for.

Another Random Fact: HS can hit 6 times on Foriel... He's fat :O

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