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04-24-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Default <---- Build

FS'ie builds I dunno if its good for myth because i sux at this games :[
maxed hs
EDIT: ughhh I dunno how2save and show `-`;
edit; okies figured out :3

or or
maxed peices

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Anything that launches things in stages is good for myth. Moon Pieces isn't one of them. Holy Spirit and Tears are your best friends (next to jog) in myth.

I would go with the first build if you're going to myth. Although I would suggest taking out 4 points from HP Increase and dumping them into Light Shield...yes I know the reagent cost is up there, but it can be a light saver (especially if you have myth mobs stun-locking you all the time).
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But not a snitch.
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You can consider max fog as an option when the c/d get reduce to 25 sec later on as what godbot has mentioned.


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