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04-04-2009   #1 (permalink)
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neoarc is on a distinguished road
Default Eir RB stage build

Lunia Skill Calculator(JP)
criticism pls and dunno about the last few points.
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IGN: Auria
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Level: Rebirth noob <3
Guild: Fusion

I'd suggest:

Putting 1 SP into Self Heal to use with Holy Spirit, it makes it easier to use.
3 more SP into JoG for level 4 power boost.
Replacing Rebirth PoS with normal PoS depending on your preference (Maxed normal PoS gives more mana, or you could always try both)
If you insist on having concentrate I'd only put in 1 point. There are plenty of sets which effects do around the same thing, otherwise.. Its not important enough to raise higher than level 1 imo.
I'd also consider trying to max Mana Increase and lower Mana Recovery if needed (for more SP) depending on if you plan to use mana recovery set effects.

This is how the build would look, no free SP.
Lunia Skill Calculator(JP)
black diamond

Auria : Eir
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04-04-2009   #3 (permalink)
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neoarc is on a distinguished road

Lunia Skill Calculator(JP)
changed to this? 1 more skill point?
04-04-2009   #4 (permalink)
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imported_Citrine will become famous soon enoughimported_Citrine will become famous soon enough

Lunia Skill Calculator(JP)

take out mana recovery completely.Theres really no use for it when your heal amount is raised significantly now. Assuming you have the FSG/EC set or the AWD set your still getting pretty decent amount of int with them. Not to mention you have the free mana recovery from the set effects.

If your going to dedicate 11 points into R.PoS you might as well get the regular PoS. More mana in the long run.

Light shield is an either or skill, max is nice, though you only need 6 seconds to really get out of anything these days. But its their as an option, either lvl 2 or max is my suggestion.

Concentration is meh, Max PoS alone is infinite mana. Infinite mana+ heal set effect+ Int Bonus is enough for you to manage mana on its own.

JoG should be increased to 4 at most for the increased dmg; however when rebirth JoG gets patched in i assume the old JoG might be obsolete, though i have no idea on how significant the dmg is compared to the old one.

Uncapped Holy Spirit ( level 9 ) is another good dmg/mob control skill. Another good addition to your hard knock down skills in myth that can flinch mobs.

Life Extension 1: 2 words Fake Resu
I put 1 point into regular beads for fake res purposes. I bet your asking why 1 point? Its simple enough to utilize every heal skill you have for fake res purposes.

Its well known that regular beads can be retarded but its for those "what if" situations where you dont have any heal skills off cool down. Basically throw beads to the downed character and when you see it hover over him/her,either run on top of him or throw up Moon Barrier right on top of him. The Moon Barrier trick works essential in situations such as Myth or if you dont have any access to reach the character the Moon barrier can bypass through those extra sprites that are in your way. This can also work with rebirth beads as well, the only problem is you have a less grace period to run after the person to fake res. Keep in mind if you have good party members who understand this concept, the Moon Barrier Method isnt necessary unless a player has aggro on xx amount of monsters on top of him.

anyway, this is just my suggestion.

Originally Posted by Gota
cit is badass as always :P

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Lunar is a glorious beacon of lightLunar is a glorious beacon of lightLunar is a glorious beacon of lightLunar is a glorious beacon of lightLunar is a glorious beacon of lightLunar is a glorious beacon of light

rb jog.. is 300dmg already... at lvl 1 which is at lvl 50 u can guess how it increases


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