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03-29-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Smile Battle Eir Build

Hey, last time I played Lunia was with gng, so things changed quite a bit. I want to be a battle Eir, solo as much as I can (I know i'll have to party but as much as I can).

This is the build I've chosen so far, please comment I really do appreciate the feedback.

My Battle Build

I haven't chosen any bless skills, because I'm not familiar last time I played the reagents were a pain to get. If any are useful in the future please recommend.

Is my level for PoS fine? as well as Holy Spirit?

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03-31-2009   #2 (permalink)
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Are you stage or pvp, or both?

If your stage, you dont need deadly magic blow or concentrate. You also must factor in rebirth and level 99.
I would get rb beads and pieces IF you are rb. Your PoS is fine, but i would max it.
Tears is more of a pvp skill, since not all enemys are knocked up by tears.

If your pvp, consider leveling dodge to 8 for combo starts
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03-31-2009   #3 (permalink)
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^ it's Battle Eir, which means PvP build...

Get 1 Moonlight Chain for combos, and fyi level 65 is easily attainable now, so plan a build for level 69 and 75. Level 8 Dodge is hax in PvP, especially when you mastered its timing. I'd recommend a minimum level 7 for dodge so you can connect AA >> ASS >> ASS >> ASS ...etc

Get level 3 Light Shield, it lasts long enough to protect yourself from nado and plenty of other skills. Get level ? sleep-- not quite sure about what the best level is, but maxing it would maximize the reagents you use per cast (not to mention the opponent sleeps for a slightly longer period).
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03-31-2009   #4 (permalink)
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Well, there's a Stage tag... so I dunno if you want to PvP or not. This is assuming you're a hybrid:

Lunia Skill Calculator(JP) [pre-rebirth]

Lunia Skill Calculator(JP) [rebirth] - stage.
04-01-2009   #5 (permalink)
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Ew. I had a larger post typed up and vB's session control ated it

Oh well, stuff2note:
1. @ other people: Battle build implies a DPS (as opposed to heal) focused stage build, NOT a PvP build, although the two types do have a significant level of overlap.
2. Consider planning out builds to higher levels, say 75 or 80, since 65 is pretty much a joke to get nowadays.
3. Consider using the newer skill simulator, which someone linked to earlier.

As for the build, consider the following:
1. Dropping FMB - It's nearly useless endgame now.
2. Dropping some passives - You need the points elsewhere, and the high stats on most equipment nowadays kinda kills the utility in having passives.
3. Maxing PoS and dropping mp regen - the 800 hp cost does hurt, but properly used with a fair vit set, max pos pretty much erases the need for mp regen, freeing up the points for other things.
4. Getting Light shield - I can't count the number of times this skill has saved me.
5. High level moon fog - cd will eventually go down to 25 seconds. That added to its already massive aoe makes for some serious damage that imo is definitely worth considering.
04-04-2009   #6 (permalink)
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Thanks for the input guys. I wanted to start out with a mainly staging character before I started getting into pvp. It's actually hard for me to pvp since I seem to get random lags in some rooms vs others.


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