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03-20-2009   #21 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by ZeroKunoichi
What is there really to test? You can do the numbers and put them into a calculator and get the results.
I don't understand what you are trying to prove at all here.
Almost 2 tabs don't do any damage on a healer.
I just wish that my skills could do more dmg...
Looking forward to test the new fog.
O pls, you are better then that, dont make up fake counter arguments.
''I wish that my skills could do more dmg '' as in not tickling a mob.More low- low/ average dps rather then this laughable dps.

Things do seem to get better in the next patch, so it seems.
M a e R o s e

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03-21-2009   #22 (permalink)
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mangoman will become famous soon enoughmangoman will become famous soon enough
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Heh, yeah I can relate. Being an Eir requires a very....selfless personality. The kind of person who can look at a good piece of art or architecture, or just any good thing in general, and like it as much as if they had built/done/made it themselves. Because (and I don't know how much people get hurt in the endgame, so take this with a grain of salt) in a way, Eir could be considered one of the highest DPS classes of all. All the DPS classes say, "I shoot bullets!". Eir says, "I make guns!".

Hopefully you'll end up liking the damage others do as if you'd done it yourself. Just my nerdy, well-wishes for you. We could use a few more Eirs in the game, and it's not too fun when they get discouraged.
I have to kill fast and bullets too slow!
03-21-2009   #23 (permalink)
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Jak6590 is an unknown quantity at this point
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Next patch could take a bit.
As for now, think of it this way:
You go no-heal on your party = they die. what good is their dps now?
Basically, dps dont matter. Staying alive in the blaze of battle is.
Firekiller87-lvl 76 2xRB Eir

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03-21-2009   #24 (permalink)
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If you're alive and you can't kill the boss because your party's DPS is too weak, then that's gg. Both matter, and knowing the balance between the two is important. You have to be able to cover for your character's weakness, and for Eir, maxing a bunch of attack skills will definitely help with her DPS.
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03-21-2009   #25 (permalink)
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lol mae, the same dilemma I had when I was a healer...
later on mobs will get bigger and bigger, so drop pieces and chain
and max fog for uber aoe dmg and low cd after the cd patch
then tears and HS. If you really want dmg that bad max HS, because if you don't consider the mp cost HS does twice/three times tear's dmg for 25 seconds.

Think about of mae, dfist has 35 sec cd and does 1.2k, HS has 10 sec cd and does 900-1k dmg

you do more damage than you think ~.^
plus you heal :P
03-21-2009   #26 (permalink)
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ZeroKunoichi will become famous soon enough

Originally Posted by MaeRose
O pls, you are better then that, dont make up fake counter arguments.
It's only fake because you know what I mean.
They should really change the title in the future patches for Eir then.
Face it Lunia is dead get a reality check please.

Last edited by ZeroKunoichi; 03-21-2009 at 07:45 PM.


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