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03-18-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Default Battle Eir

Emphasis on the battle part k, as you can see ;D
Quite frankly, the only good heals for actual healing are LoH and rBeads, in my mind. So... time to pack up as much dps as possible! xD

Before anyone says "wth why max moon fog instead of pieces", its CD gets lowered to 25 in the future. This makes it Eir's strongest dps skill by far, considering its AOE. 4 hits of 320~360+Str Enhancement, along with 25% slow, every 25 seconds, kicks ass for an Eir skill.

I didn't max Moon Pieces because by the looks of the skill builder, the heavy boost we got to Moon Pieces damage gets removed (aww). So, Eir's other skills are still, in general, better dps. Seriously, Moon Pieces fails completely against a mob of monsters, and isn't that great against non-knockbackables. Even Holy Spirit is better considering against those. It gets x3 hits instead of x4, on even tiny targets, for slightly better dmg then moon pieces each hit;plus, its a linear AOE, so that rocks.

/end babbling

[edit] LOL forgot to post the build *inserts*

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mangoman will become famous soon enoughmangoman will become famous soon enough
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Mind if I ask a question? You seem to be in love with healer DPS, and I am too. Yet people think it's erroneous to get bravery. For me, I love doing an extra 200 damage when I space spam, or just go to town on Rigel or Lir. It's such an unpopular skill though. Why did you skip out on it; is melee just not viable?

Oh, and why did you decide to max RB pieces? Just curious for a build of my own.
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03-22-2009   #3 (permalink)
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Eirs melee is weak; thats why many skip it.
I guess moon pieces isnt the UBERdps dealer it once was eh?

Oh and try to max SoH too, cause light wont catch everyone in the middle of battle with only 30 range. Plus sunlight is a better fake res.
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03-22-2009   #4 (permalink)
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he mentioned that he only wanted Light of Healing and RB Beads... maxing Sunlight won't make him a battle healer

anyways, here's what I suggest:

Option 1:
-2 Moon Fog
-1 Holy Spirit
-1 HP Increase

+4 Moon Bind

Option 2:
-2 Moon Fog
-1 Holy Spirit

+1 Prayer of Healing
+2 Light Shield

Last edited by Pathos; 03-22-2009 at 05:25 PM.


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