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03-02-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Smile Rebirthed Support Build

Would this make a good build for staging after rebirth? I left out skills like level 1 FMB and holy spirit because I hardly ever use them
ルニア戦記 ス*ルシミュレータ
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03-05-2009   #2 (permalink)
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Your build is pretty much fine except I would suggest replacing maxed rebirth POS with maxed normal POS as you have maxed heals anyway, making the SH after rPOS pretty much useless. This way you can get an extra 3 skills points.

If you're not too bothered about reagents you could also go for level 1 Life Extension to use as a fake res. You could always try Holy Spirit + Self Heal too just to knock some monsters back in case you get cornered.
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03-05-2009   #3 (permalink)
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Rebirth PoS is much more sufficient in stages compared to normal PoS because you can actually cancel it. You're also getting a lot more MP too, compared to normal PoS.
03-07-2009   #4 (permalink)
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I like the RB PoS because you get higher level PoS at a lower level! :3

I would suggest taking that 2nd point out of MP increase just because you have nowhere to put that point into.

+1 Holy Spirit

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03-09-2009   #5 (permalink)
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imported_Citrine will become famous soon enoughimported_Citrine will become famous soon enough

ルニア戦記 ス*ルシミュレータ

-1 Mana increase
-4 Mana Reocvery
-4 Hp Increase

+1 Holy Spirit
+1 Self Heal
+1 FMB
+1 Dodge
+5 PoS

Took out the point in mana increase for self heal, took 4 points away from mana recovery simply because almost every healer has a Ancient White Dragon/Elf Hero/Elf Chord/Snowgirl Sets. So it stacks on top of your original Mana Recovery rate with the set effects.No to mention Elf hero and White dragon equips are insanely cheap in this retarded economy.

Hp increase in stages isnt as efficient anymore, simply because most and almost everything in most high lvled stages one hit KO's or does ludicrous dmg.

Added Self heal for canceling purposes, Holy spirit for Mob Control and another flinch skill for myth, same reason with FMB. Dodge isnt necessary but it can be another canceling skill/Flinch skill in myth if a monster ever gets to close to you.

Regular PoS imo is still better than R.PoS, thats just my opinion. But just cause one skill is better than the other doesnt necessarily mean you should just dump it. I added the last 5 points into regular PoS simply for the factor of getting canceled using Rebirth PoS/incase you need more Mana.

None the less the build you had is perfect for staging, but you just needed more knock down skills that can help you later on in myth.

Originally Posted by Gota
cit is badass as always :P
03-10-2009   #6 (permalink)
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-1 Self Heal cause most spells can already be dash canceled so it is quite useless.

EDIT: nm seems like you have alot of attack skills.

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