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Lightbulb Eir's Ultimate Guide to PvP: Official Library III. Version 1.2 (6/17/08) - Eerie Eir

Introduction and Purpose

Hello, fellow MyMMOGamers and MyLunians alike, and welcome to what is modestly named as Eir's Ultimate Guide to PvP! Well, actually it's a simple little guide, but it should serve as fairly helpful.

It's also updated every couple of days, so it should serve as an up-to-date resource for every occasion. x]

Furthermore, it goes through constant revision and editing by me so that you can understand each and every word to the best of your and my abilities.

The guide is also finally in its official state on June 11, 2008.

Current Version: Official Library III. Version 1.2 - Eerie Eir (as of 6/17/08)


Before I start off this guide, it is important to realize that there is a person behind the mask of every Eir out there, a human being with real feelings. Respect Eirs, for they strive to keep you alive, and realize that they have cooldowns, limits, and restricted skills/builds/mana pools and such just like the rest of us.

Don't bash an Eir's dignity for that which your stupidity should be taking the blame. Every Eir must begin and end each day with a hopeful smile and faith in a brighter day, as we all do. Respect the working women.

For Eirs, do not deride that dignity by being a narcissistic imbecile in return. You'll find joy not in doing what you like to do but liking what you have to do. Don't cry (or frown or express sadness in some other way) when matches are over or when you lose; smile because they happened. And no matter how great an obstacle may be, if you keep working to overcome it, you eventually will.


If you hit and run, you will lose 60% of the time.

If you are skilled at melee, you will lose 30% of the time.

If you like to spam Moonlight Piece, you will lose 50% of the time.

If you never try, you will lose 100% of the time.

The first three are random statistics, of course, but the last is completely true. Always try, no matter what. I don't care if you don't feel like trying, I don't care if you're lagging--try, try, and try again! Remember: big shots are only little shots who keep shooting. So no matter how hopeless it seems, work hard, and the sun will surely come out.

Like a stained glass window, you will obviously shine when it is out, but when darkness sets in, if you are truly beatific, a light will shine from within your heart (or shining armor, whatever comes first).

Fundamental Tips

Eir has two main functions. She can fend off monsters and nurture her party to optimal health. However, to do that, she needs to keep her health and mana pools healthy.

Tip 1

VIT is the safest stat you can invest in. It increases your survival rate dramatically and can be converted into mana if required.

As a Battle/PvP Eir, you will be constantly fighting and healing in the middle of battle. Fighting will sap health and mana; healing will sap mana (and health, possibly, with the addition of Price of Sacrifice).

Tip 2

Price of Sacrifice and Light of Healing will extend your capabilities in the midst of intense battles. While low on mana but high on health, utilize Price and use Light right after. Vice-versa for the opposite situation, with an extra Light, possibly.

There are many more to list, but these are just a few (that will constantly be updated) for you to keep in mind. Develop these basic skills and master them; then, you'll be fending off even the most difficult players in no time flat.

Two PvP Servers: Which to Choose?

If you go into War Mode, you'll notice that there are two PvP servers, Balance and Free. (There are a whole lot of lines after them; why the heck are they even there? It's simply a waste of space. O.O)

Balance Server

Also "The Balanced Server"; recommended for: people who like longer, challenging fights; lower levels, 1x-2x; those who prefer fights that are fair, where levels don't matter for the most part.

Description: Basically, the lower your level, the more strength you are given, to be fair and make up for the lack of skills and actual power. This is good for lower levels, of course. I've noticed that for about every 10 levels, you are weakened, so make use of those x9 levels. Prepare for even single-digit levels to give you a run for your money.

Free Server

Also "The Unbalanced Server Where Levels Matter"; recommended for: people who like short, quick, easy fights; higher levels, 3x-6x; those who prefer unbalanced fights based on your level and skills and would rather not face "newbs" (1x-2x, or whatever their definition of a "newb" is).

Description: This is basically a battle of high levels. You can go here just for the quick fights, but you won't get to have much fun unless you're extremely gifted, have nice equips, are high level, etc. if you're going against higher level people, since they'll just wipe you out if you don't have all that fancy stuff. Still, it's a nice, quick method of leveling up in Fame and Stage Levels. This is also for you lazy, high-level people to drain the esteem of lower levels by wiping the floor with them easily.

A Sample PvP/Battle Build

Yeah, this isn't exactly PURE PvP (I will make some comments below on how to modify it if you wish to be purely PvP and modifications in general), but most people will find it fun to stage every once in a while with a mix of PvPing.

These builds should, hopefully, prove effective and efficient for simple stages like 1-4 and convoluted raids like the Siren Raid while allowing ample capabilities for PvP.

Some of these builds also assume a few things, so you may want to check out and modify these builds to fit your needs.


Heal: 1
Light of Healing: 10
Beads of Healing: 0
Sunlight of Healing: 1
Prayer of Healing: 0
Antidote: 1
Emergency Heal: 1
Resurrection: 1


Moonlight Piece: 10
Full Moon Bullet: 2
Moon Barrier: 3
Moonlight Chain: 0
Moon Bind: 4
Moon Fog: 1
Judgment of God: 1


Holy Shout: 1
Dodge: 1
Light of Purification: 1
Price of Sacrifice: 7
Tears of Goddess: 9
Holy Spirit: 8
Sacred Wave: 1


Blessed Defense: 0
Blessed Bravery: 0
Life Extension: 0
Sleep: 0
Light Shield: 0


Mana Recovery: 8
Concentrate: 0
Mana Increase: 4
Deadly Magic Blow: 0
Health Increase: 4

Suggestions for Modifications

Well, there are probably plenty of things you'd want to modify to fit your playing style, right? If you're going PvP, people usually don't (mostly, actually) appreciate heal. In that case, you can throw out Light, Sunlight, Emergency Heal, and Resurrection (Heal is for canceling) and add some points to Sleep to do a Sleep-Bind combo.

You can always throw in some points in blesses like Bravery or Shield or Extension to get you going, too, PvP or stage. I don't know why, but some Eirs actually put a point into Blessed Defense, which is extremely weird, but I suppose it could be used to fake someone out or even as a decent (freaky) low-level buff. Contrarily, it's widely accepted that Defense is completely obsolete in comparison to other stats.

Also, in PvP, Sacrifice isn't exactly a necessity, so it's probably best to leave it at a lower level, since it sucks up a lot of health, and people don't appreciate healing much at all if you're going to try to assuage that with Light of Healing or related heals.

Additionally, Dodge can do very nicely at a higher level, and just one point on Chain won't hurt you; Chain and Dodge serve various other purposes, too. (See my Random Skill Analysis section for more information.) And some points into Concentrate, Mana Increase, and Deadly Magic Blow from leftovers will help as well. But these are just suggestions.

Secondary Modified Build


Heal: 1
Light of Healing: 10
Beads of Healing: 0
Sunlight of Healing: 1
Prayer of Healing: 0
Antidote: 1
Emergency Heal: 1
Resurrection: 1


Moonlight Piece: 10
Full Moon Bullet: 2
Moon Barrier: 3
Moonlight Chain: 1
Moon Bind: 4
Moon Fog: 1
Judgment of God: 1


Holy Shout: 1
Dodge: 1
Light of Purification: 1
Price of Sacrifice: 7
Tears of Goddess: 9
Holy Spirit: 8
Sacred Wave: 1


Blessed Defense: 0
Blessed Bravery: 0
Life Extension: 0
Sleep: 0
Light Shield: 0


Mana Recovery: 8
Concentrate: 1
Mana Increase: 2
Deadly Magic Blow: 0
Health Increase: 4

Analysis: There are some minor changes in this build. Recently, Moonlight Chain has been found to be quite useful in PvP with one point in it. It inflicts decent damage if you time it just right. Moreover, since you'll be casting plenty of spells, Concentrate's low percentage will still help you out with halving mana cost quite a bit.

Tertiary Build


Heal: 1
Light of Healing: 7
Beads of Healing: 0
Sunlight of Healing: 1
Prayer of Healing: 0
Antidote: 1
Emergency Heal: 1
Resurrection: 0


Moonlight Piece: 10
Full Moon Bullet: 2
Moon Barrier: 3
Moonlight Chain: 1
Moon Bind: 4
Moon Fog: 1
Judgment of God: 1


Holy Shout: 1
Dodge: 9
Light of Purification: 1
Price of Sacrifice: 6
Tears of Goddess: 9
Holy Spirit: 8
Sacred Wave: 1


Blessed Defense: 0
Blessed Bravery: 0
Life Extension: 0
Sleep: 0
Light Shield: 0


Mana Recovery: 8
Concentrate: 0
Mana Increase: 0
Deadly Magic Blow: 0
Health Increase: 4

Analysis: This is actually the build I chose for myself on my currently active Eir, Solemn. It is highly battle and PvP-oriented, so it sacrifices many of the healing and support skills you may have come to know and love. Of course, this build also entails a great deal of determination and skill, as, because you are missing out on some vital healing skills and not maxing many useful skills, you will have to be extremely cautious. This also means that you have to choose the stat you follow very carefully.

Odor's Strength Path: The Road to Power

If you're going to pump your points into so many attacking and battle skills, strength is a prime stat to focus on so that skills that are already strong will strengthen even more and melee skills will be beefed up. (This is the path I chose. ) However, your mana pool will be rather minimal, and you may sometimes find it difficult to survive with your health levels. You could very well be a Dainn who can heal (and even better), and your soloing capabilities will skyrocket, but you could also be a nerfed-up Eir. Take caution. Fortuitously, strength bumps up your minimum and maximum damage by one point each every three points, so that's a pretty sweet damage boost and even sweeter at low levels...especially in Balance. HINT, HINT: Low-level Odors, report to the Balance server in PvP.

Here are some facts about strength you may need to know:

- Strength is often a main stat for Battle/PvP Healers.
- Strength increases both your melee and skill damage.
- For every 3 points of strength, both your minimum and maximum damage are bumped up by one point.
- For every 33 points of strength, your skill damage increases by approximately 1%.

Stella's Dexterity Path: The Trail to Freedom

Very unique decision here. Dexterity entails higher maximum damage with every six points, and that isn't considered very useful, so many leave this stat alone. But it can become very useful when it stacks up. For every thirty points, you earn a 1% damage drop, meaning all types of damage are reduced by 1%. Plus, Dexterity bumps up your dodge and moving capability, also for every thirty points. Ever notice how Siegs and Tias move far faster than Eirs and Dainns? Eir and Dainn have naturally low dexterity. It's a unique path, indeed, but it could be rewarding.

Here are some facts about dexterity you may need to know:

- Dexterity has never been chosen by an Eir as a main stat.
- Dexterity betters movement, reduces damage taken, and increases damage dished out.
- For every 6 points of dexterity, your maximum damage increases by one point.
- For every 30 points of dexterity, your Dodge (movement capabilities, I believe) increases by one point, and all damage you take is reduced by 1% more.

Somnium's Vitality Path: The Track to Life

Somnium, the goddess of survival, is on your side when it comes to vitality. Vitality is the safest stat to invest in throughout the course of any build. It'll help you survive more successfully, and with this build, you're going to need that survivability--a lot. Plus, with Price of Sacrifice, vitality essentially serves as a double stat--vitality and intelligence (and in some aspects, strength and dexterity as well). This is also the most common stat. Will this aspect clash with who you want to be? Who knows?

Here are some facts about vitality you may need to know:

- Vitality is the most popular choice of main stat for Healers.
- Vitality increases your health.
- For every point into vitality, health is increased by 5 (levels 1x and below), 6 (levels 2x-5x), or 7 (levels 6x) points.

Paradius's Intelligence Path: The Route to Wisdom

Intelligence is required for a far higher mana pool. Since you're going to be using so many skills, you're going to need a lot of mana, so it makes sense to have more intelligence, right? Plus, with Light of Healing and all that good stuff, intelligence also serves as a double stat for vitality and intelligence. With this path, though, you aren't going to be relying on melee so much as you are going to be spamming skills. But hey, go for it!

Here are some facts about intelligence you may need to know:

- Intelligence is the second-most popular choice of a main stat for Healers.
- Intelligence increases your mana pool.
- For every point into intelligence, your mana is increased by 5 (levels 1x and below), 6 (levels 2x-5x), or 7 (levels 6x) points.

Advice for the Power-Hungry

So you've chosen the path of strength, and you want more power. Now what? How are you to lead your damage-driven life?


The obvious choice for equipment here is Odor's set. But that's pretty expensive, so unless you're heavily funded or geared toward making money, it'll chomp on your gold. Odor's set, though, can easily bestow a damage range that reaches beyond 100 maximum damage past level 40.

Again, most of us aren't fortunate enough to have so much gold to spare, so we have to rely on boss and genocide quests' (the quests that require you to kill huge amounts of a certain monster) equipment. Generally, genocide equipment isn't really worth it until you get into episode 3 (except for the wands), but you can do them for the beatific experience (usually around 50% per quest).

Some of the stages you should watch out for are 1-3H/L (nice wand), 4-1H/L (nice equipment in general), episode bosses (the equipment contributes a decent sum of strength overall), 4-2H/L (decent wand), and 2-6H/L (sweet wand).

Handling Stages

With your gorgeous amounts of strength, you'll be able to AASAAAAA most monsters and kill them with that combo. SSSSS is slow, but it should serve as a decent no-mana mob controller (SSSSA is a nice stunner for mobs). Your strength will also slightly amplify the power of your spells, so use that to your advantage when dealing with monsters.

As for stage and episode bosses, these are a bit trickier. Long-range is best for fighting these, because all have some special attack that will almost always knock you out (if you're at the "recommended" level for the stage), and if you fight close-range, you'll be hit by these far too often. Only use melee when it's convenient; otherwise, tactically make use of your offensive and defensive spell arsenals.

Handling PvP

If you have it, summon a Moon Barrier immediately to ward off any swift incoming attacks (especially helpful if you're battling a wizard). Moonlight Piece is a nice way to start off the match, because three outcomes are likely: 1. Your opponent is pummeled by all eight hits, halving his or her health. 2. Your opponent dodges it completely, but in effect, he or she has distanced himself or herself from you, giving you ample time to prepare and study his or her techniques. 3. Your opponent attempts to avoid Piece but takes a partial beating. This not only distances the opponent but also gives you a head start, as you've damaged him or her a bit.

Whatever the outcome, you should have at the very minimum a small amount of time to sneak out and begin pounding your opponent with melee and spell combos. In Balanced, heading straight into the fray is no big deal, but if you're PvPing in Free, because you have little vitality, doing so tactically is a better idea.

Advice for the Dexterous

So you've chosen the most unique path of all, the dexterous path. Lost? Here are some tips on what to do.


It is extremely easy to gather up enormous stores of dexterity. Virtually 80% of all equipment will bestow a decent amount of dexterity, but the obvious choice here is Stella's set.

However, because Stella's set is a bit pricy with little reward, I would suggest that you go with genocide quests' equipment, as they usually contribute large amounts of dexterity, especially with the dress and skirt.

Furthermore, few stage and episode bosses seem to drop equipment that is worth mentioning here, since all give about the same amount of dexterity. Go with 1-1H/L if you're looking for some good dexterity, though.

Handling Stages

Because dexterity is considered the least helpful of all stats, you'll need help with myriad stages, especially those with episode bosses. Thankfully, your dodging ability and defense against all attacks will far surpass others', so it's a bit easier to clear stages.

Unfortunately, dexterity is poor in its damage contribution and pales in comparison to strength. This means that you will have to make strategic use of your skill arsenal; otherwise, you will not last long at all.

Handling PvP

I'm sorry to say this, but PvP will be outstandingly difficult for you unless you have a wide variety of offensive, defensive, and supportive spells. Prepare for constant healing, sacrifices, and skill comboing.

Now, I stress that you must combo with your skills. You have minimal health, mana, damage, etc. so you have to make use of the few resources you have and chain them into one extreme rush. Otherwise, you'll be fighting for a lost cause. Also, refer to the strength advice for useful information on Moonlight Piece

Advice for the Vigorous

You have chosen the most popular path, a route that allows you to endure nearly every attack and have a considerable amount of health remaining. So how exactly do the vigorous become and remain so successful?


Somnium's set is great. If you want to excel in vitality, you'll need some pieces from this set from the sixth and seventh degrees. (The extra dexterity is really unnecessary, however; it should have been intelligence as a secondary stat on these pieces.)

However, you must strive to be a copper-pincher, as there are new opportunities to purchase deific vital equipments all the time, so go for the genocide quests' equipment to literally save hundreds of gold.

Furthermore, it would seem that many stages and bosses give equipment that is imbued with huge amounts of vitality. Even if it takes you hours, even days, farm 2-1H/L until you get the dress, giving an awesome amount of vitality. Farm 2-10H/L for some beautiful gloves. The Ogre Lordes have a nice wand in store for you, and so do the Violent Jungle Gorillas, so comb those stages as well. Miracle Wands are best for vitality.

Handling Stages

Because you have so much vitality, your survival rate in a stage is huge, but the time during which you solo is a stage is pretty...bad, as I've noticed. You can easily stay in the midst of the fray to heal others, so you can make a great tank and supporter.

You'll need to rely on your skills if you want to feel even remotely useful as an attacker. Better skills include Tears of Goddess, Moon Fog, and Sacred Wave.

Handling PvP

In Balanced, your vitality won't make much of a difference, so PvP against others your level in Free; they'll be irked by your heaps of health.

But even with your vigor, don't think that you'll be able to survive, especially matched up with a tough opponent such as a backstabbing Tia, a spell-crazy Dainn, or a transforming Lime. It won't turn out well if you don't make good use of your resources. A nice thing to do would be to use Moon Barrier whenever you can, especially against Dainns.

Advice for the Intellectual

So you're into that book of Eir's, eh? Well, that book may serve you well, but do you know what to do with it?


Paradius is a real goddess when it comes to intelligence. She is not only intellectual but also vigorous and raises your health dramatically as well. However, for those who can't afford to be in her presence...

...There's genocide quests' equipment! But that's not really recommended, because intelligence is never really a main focus in any genocide set.

There are a few stages and bosses you should keep an eye out for when it comes to the intellectual equipment. First off is Snow Girl, because she has a skirt that has some knock-your-pants-off intelligence. The Moon Wizard's Hairband must have some type of smart injection, becuase that's great for more smarts as well, leading to more mana, of course. Spiritual items from Rare Boxes are great, too.

Handling Stages

Skills, skills, skills! There's a reason you have so much intelligence and mana, and that's to cast spells! You have enough to make excruciating combos and go on spam frenzies, so do so generously.

Maxing Mana Increase is a must. You need to have decent healing abilities, but focus on maxing offensive spells if you want to subsist through stages. If you use your Moon and Sacred spells correctly, you'll see success on your screen every time.

Handling PvP

An intellectual Eir with a PvP build is the biggest monster one can ever meet in PvP. The natures of her skills are already deadly enough, but with the amount of intelligence you have, you can deliver a constant stream of them, which makes you all the more deadly.

Utilize a combination of Sleep and Moon Bind to your advantage consistently and frequently. During that period of incapacitation, Piece will blow the opponent away. Your extreme mana pool will make you a monster if you decide to use this tactic.


There are some other items shown on your character info card, which I call "contributors". These are just like the condiments on your hamburger, a nice addition but usually not required. (However, some of these "contributors" are there because of the main stats, so play close attention to that fact."


Damage can be attained through strength, dexterity, or damage itself. It determines your physical melee damage.


Defense is...well, defense. It reduces damage ever so slightly and is only semi-noticeable in huge amounts. It's pretty much useless, though...

Damage Drop

Don't think this means the damage you deal is being dropped. For every 30 points of dexterity, this number goes up by one. If you have 3 points, for example, then all damage dealt to you is reduced by 3%.


Health can be gained by [HP] bonuses. Vitality determines virtually your entire health pool. More health is more survivability, so this is helpful.


Mana can be gained by [Mana] bonuses. Intelligence determines virtually your entire mana pool. More mana is always a great addition but not necessary. Of course, you'll need a decent amount to keep up with all your spells.


This is the quality of resisting the six elements. You can resist more if you have PvP equipment on or if you have something like a Ten Millenia Ice Jade Magic Wand on. Like defense, this is only slightly noticeable in large amounts.

The six elements are:

Fire - More protection against fire-based physical and magical attacks.

Frost - More protection against ice-based physical and magical attacks.

Earth - More protection against earth-based physical and magical attacks.

Light - More protection against shining (light)-based physical and magical attacks.

Curse - More protection against curse-based physical and magical attacks.

Wind - More protection against wind-based physical and magical attacks.

Random Skill Analysis

This is a fun little section you can tune into weekly to see what skill I'm focusing on analyzing that week. The recommended allocation is in bold.

5/29/08: Dodge

My Rating: 8/10...Suggested Allocation(s): 1/9, 4/9, 6/9, 9/9

Dodge is often used in PvP and stage to escape, knock things down to clear through a mob, and deal decent damage. At one point, it is great for cancels and quick escapes. To outlast things like Play Dead, have 4 points. For extra height and far better usage, such as better movement after using it and much longer lasting time, higher height, and greater damage, have 6 points. Max is just plain powerful and almighty, and it's great in PvP.

6/5/08: Moonlight Chain

My Rating: 4/10...Suggested Allocation(s): 0/9, 1/9

Moonlight Chain is a superb offensive skill for trickery and combos in PvP. (In stage, though, it's pretty much useless.) However, it's not very reliable for tons of damage due to its short range. It's essentially untrustworthy for any real practical utilization, but one point in it is enough for it to serve its purpose in PvP. However, do note that, while it is a great combo move in some cases, it leaves you vulnerable if it is used incorrectly. The nice thing about only one point into it, too, is you get all of its intended effect with a far shorter reuse than if you put more points into it. So let me reiterate what I've just stated: Moonlight Chain is worth one point if you're going to PvP often (which I'm assuming you are, if you're reading this guide) due to it's mind effects and comboing capabilities. Otherwise, leave it alone.

6/9/08: Heal

My Rating: 8/10...Suggested Allocation(s): 1/7, 7/7

Self-Heal is great for canceling out of those skills such as Holy Spirit or Moon Bind, especially at points when you're saying to yourself, "What the heck did I just do?" It helps you to get out of a sticky situation quickly with but 1 point into it and a minimal MP usage of 39. It can be used to save yourself when you have low MP at 0 health and as a quick topper for when you have health just short of a full bar. If you max it, which I have never seen anyone do, it's a decent soloing move, but it's pretty much worse than Light of Healing in every aspect aside from the fact that it's more MP effective.

6/11/08: Mana Increase

My Rating: 6/10...Suggested Allocation(s): 0-8/8

You seriously must be saying, "WOW, what a crappy allocation description." Well, depending on how MP-effective you want to be and how many points you have left over in your builds, you may or may not want to dump a lot or any points into this. More is always good, but as Miseri so eloquently said, "Nothing really bad will ever happen to you if you run low on MP." (or something to that effect)

Loose PvP Etiquette

For Eirs, there are basically two loose etiquette aspects to follow. "Loose" is the key word here, so take into consideration that these restrictions can be lifted in various cases and used in your strategy. You've been warned.

Don't heal.

Don't be a runner.

Of course, under certain conditions, restrictions will be lifted. In some team PvP, both teams will have a healer, and so healing may be acceptable. As for running, if your opponent is running, then giving them a taste of their own medicine might not be so bad. (But I would suggest hunting them down like an animal and spamming SSA. x])

There are some other frequent etiquette aspects, but these two are the ones I come across most often, and there are also many other cases in which these restrictions will be broken, but your mileage may vary.

Furthermore, according to some comments I've received, healing and running are simply two tactics that many higher-level players use. Just check with the Lead first, to see if the tactics are tolerable.

And do not confuse running with dodging. You're obviously not going to stand in front of Dainn's boulders to be hit, of course; you're going to step aside.

Recommended Equipment

Depending on the type of PvPer you are, you will choose different stats to follow. Some choose VIT/INT because they prefer PvP where they can heal, in teams with equal numbers of healers (although sometimes healing still isn't allowed), or just because VIT and INT are so darn useful. Some choose STR (like me x]), the power cravers who just love to see how surprised their opponents are upon being struck by a string of powerful melee combos.

If you're going VIT, take the Somnium equips if you have money. INT should go with Paradius. VIT/INT, just take the tactician PvP equipment. STR/VIT, go for the fighter PvP equipment. And finally, STR, go for Odor. Not many usually go for DEX, but...hey...take Stella's side if you wish.

Anyway, the stuff is pretty expensive, so I wouldn't recommend going past +6 on fortifying unless you have polks to spare or really good luck. x]

If you're a bit on the indigent side, you may choose to stage a bit for boss equips. However, the most well-rounded equipment that will get you the most bang for your gold is the Tactician and Fighter equipment. If you have more gold to spare, go for the High Class equipment. Necromencer equipment is great for Curse Resistance (no beddy-bye for you [no effect from Sleep], but those you oppose with Necro equipment will be difficult if you utilize Sleep often).

Raid equipment seems to be the most popular. CF (Cobolt Friendship) and Land Guardian, Siren and Giraffe, all of these raid equipments give superior stats and are great novelty items.

The Way of Eir

There's a world of combos and skills for you to go by out there, but here are some staples as well as unorthodox combos and skills. Choose what you need to mold with your playing style, and benefit from them.


A: Basic attack. Easy enough, right? Might be used to just disorientate someone while you run away.

AA: Two swings. Getting advanced, eh?

AAA: Three swings. Still nothing special. At this point, you may be interrupted by fast attackers such as Tias and Siegs, though.

AAAA: Your full melee combo with knockdown. This isn't really useful, since it's difficult to pull off, but it can be very rewarding. As a back attack, though, this is superb, so STAPLE for melee fighters. USE IT.

Space Bar: Few are stupid enough to fall for a down attack. Don't even get near a knocked down opponent, or they'll knock you down with a spin attack. However, with a well-timed combination of Holy Spirit, Tears, and quick reflexes, you may be able to pull a few off to dish out some needed extra damage. Unfortunately, this is extremely risky and may lead to your eventual death, so I highly suggest not using Space Bar at all unless you're skilled enough to handle it.

Spin attack: This is when you press A [twice] as you get up. It does a quick spinning motion that deals approximately 2-3 times as much damage as a regular melee attack with knockdown. STAPLE. USE IT.

S: Pentagon Light combos begin with S. Less than 5 S's by themselves are useless, so you'll need an SSSSS combo or SSA, SSSA, or SSSSA (as SA doesn't do anything) to actually hit someone with Pentagon Light.

SSSSS: The full extent of Pentagon Light. This takes far too long to use (seriously, no one's ever going to actually get hit by it), and its damage is horrid. It's basically an exacerbated version of Holy Spirit, except it moves slightly faster. However, its damage is far lower and it's comboing ability is nerfed.

SSA: This will probably be used mostly for tracking, knocking down opponents at 0 or slightly above 0 health, preparing opponents for massacring combos and skill spamming, etc. However you choose to use it, it's really useful. STAPLE. USE IT.

SSSA: Ew. Just no. I don't know why the creators even have this, but it's basically a nerfed version of SSA, except it requires more effort. The range is shorter, the tracking ability is weaker, and the damage remains the same. Nasty.


That was my old interpretation, but based on some newly collected data, SSSA actually gives you more height, which can be useful in buying you time for other things or just elongating your combos! STAPLE. USE IT.

SSSSA: You might use this, but probably not. It's a short-range purplish bead that somewhat tracks the opponent but at a slow pace. It's for stunning purposes, but it's pretty difficult to land. But, if you can use it effectively, it can serve as an early Moon Bind in some aspects. STAPLE. USE IT.

AS: Two quick knockdown and knock-up blows. Very useful. STAPLE. USE IT.

AAS: Two blows and a final one that knocks the opponent down. VERY useful for finishing off opponents or just for comboing. It's practically the melee version of SSA, in my opinion. STAPLE. USE IT.

AAAS: Three regular blows and a knockback blow. Pretty useful, but it can be interrupted. Still, it's preferable to some other options. STAPLE. USE IT.

Dash AS: A quick dash and two knockback blows, purplish. Extremely useful as a sort of infinite juggling combo, if your opponent isn't so quick with the reflexes. STAPLE. USE IT.

*There are other combos with dashes like Dash AS, but they're not nearly as useful and aren't worth being listed, as they are essentially their regular counterparts, just with a dash. Dash AS is the exception.*

Combos...they are so fun, especially when you have a variety of skills. Go ahead, at about level 1x, with all your newly acquired battle healer skills, and you'll see what I mean. You'll find yourself in the Practice Field for hours at a time.


Full Moon Bullet is more useful for combos at level 1 with a shorter range, so keep that in mind. (But it isn't really that great for comboing at any level. O.O) Dodge actually behaves differently at different levels, so check the Random Skill Analysis section for more details.


SSA* + Holy Spirit + Tears of Goddess = OUCH! SSA, the tracking skill, will knock them up into the air. From there, Holy Spirit knocks them back a loads of times, and, before Holy Spirit ends, Tears will wrap it up with some deadly strikes. xP This, I must warn you, is hard to time if you haven't been practicing. An unskilled person might cancel his or her Holy Spirit and accidentally cancel Tears in the process when he or she realizes what he or she has done and run back suddenly. Even worse, is allowing the Tears to keep dropping and the opponent to keep dodging to look for an open shot. Careful!

SSA* + Holy Spirit + Moonlight Piece = WHOA! SSA, the tracking skill, will again knock them up into the air. From there, Holy Spirit, once again, knocks them back several times, and before its end, a cushion of Moon Pieces will destructively levitate the opponent for up to 8 hits before his or her descent. An alternate method to this would be to wait until the opponent stands up or uses his or her Spin Attack to do this, but this might actually be more or less ineffective due to the high rate of backfire. First of all, Siegs can Play Dead, and you would've wasted quite a pretty penny of mana. And most people are smart enough to run away from you right when they stand up, so expect little or no impact. Plus, if they just stand up, there's a slight period of invulnerability, and your attack will make you vulnerable instead. All bad situations. But time it correctly, and it will probably murder the opponent with a nice eight hits, totaling sometimes for over 1600 damage, depending on the strength of your Pieces individually.

SSA* + AAAAA = ...An Eir melee combo? Well, actually, even longer ones are coming about very often nowadays, but this is just a sample. Very useful, though, as it does a quick chain of deadly melee air strikes. This can also be used midway just for some decent damage and the main purpose of buying time.

SSA* + Holy Spirit + Full Moon Bullet = CLASH! As SSA knocks the opponents into the air, Holy Spirit will take them painfully away. That's when a cushy Bullet comes in to skyrocket them away. Two mob skills combine here for a painful full-on experience. They both have powerful damage and knockback and knockdown skills. All that combined...your opponent's in for a nightmare.

Holy Shout + Moonlight Piece = YOU CAN'T CATCH ME! If people are chasing you, it can be hectic. Push them back quickly with Shout, and, just as it seems you're within their grasp, hit them with a Piece. Upon being shocked by Shout, they probably won't bounce back that quickly and might even run away, but...I'm sure you can pull it off.

SSA* + Holy Spirit + Tears of Goddess + Dash-and-Dodge = OW! While they're being knocked back by Holy Spirit, massacre them with Tears, then rush up with a Dash-and-Dodge. They won't know what hit them. Again, the same risks as the previous combo without the Dash-and-Dodge, but adding that tactic in only increases the margin for error, as you might Dodge on a person still lying down, and the bomb will explode before he or she stands up. That leaves you quite helpless.

*Can be replaced with AS, AAS, or SSSA at your own risk (in accordance to your slip-ups, perhaps, or your own personal preferences).


Make sure that your timing is just right. Go to the Practice Field and practice, practice, practice as much as you can. You will notice that if timing is off, damage can be reduced by up to 50%. Your combos may even backfire, and skills might end up canceling each other, causing a reduction of up to 80%! (Don't worry, I've checked. ) So time your attacks carefully so that they don't go to waste.

Damage Decay

What is damage decay? Damage decay is characterized by your noticeably decreasing damage as you air combo opponents. In-game, it is vaguely stated that air combos are less effective against other players.

To avoid being victimized too much, you should modify some of my sample combos and put the strongest skills first so that you get the most bang for your mana points. This can be done by placing some of your main damage skills, such as Moonlight Piece or Tears of Goddess, at the front of your combos. Sometimes, it is easier to combo with the weaker skills in front, though.

Basic Strategies

Before I begin, realize that every class can be difficult if a skilled person is controlling it and vice-versa.

Eir vs. Sieg

Sieg can be difficult if you don't know what to do, but if you're a nice dodger, it's a piece of cake.

Balance: Sieg is an extreme combo-er, and his best skill is probably stunning you and then using Destruction Fist followed by a Windmill. That is major damage, so use Dodge, Pieces, and FMB frequently to get him away from you while dealing decent damage. AASAAAAA is a superb combo here.

Free: Sieg is likely going to run around and stun/Destruction Fist you all the time. If you get hit, you're probably dead. Avoid that at all costs. Dodge is your best friend here. Otherwise, fight as you usually do, and refer to the sample combos above.

Eir vs. Dainn

Dainn's pretty much a run-around, weaker combos, and skill spam bonanza. He can be extremely difficult due to his wide array of abilities.

Balance: Dainn's constant barrage of skills are going to pummel you if you are too slow in your reflexes to dodge. Jump out of the way of his boulders, avoid getting frozen, slay the ice dragon, and destroy him with Moon skills before he can lay a finger on you.

Free: Dainn is very dangerous with his Fire Bombs here. Get hit by both, and you're essentially obsolete. Be wary of all of his skills, memorize his attack/cooldown pattern, and stomp him!

Eir vs. Eir

If you both heal, it's going to be one of the longest, most grueling matches of your Lunian career. If not, it's still going to be a skill spamming party or a close combat thriller. Be careful. SSA is a necessity here.

Balance: Don't forget that whatever you can do, your opponent can, too. Unless you want to die a quick and painful death, time your attacks cautiously; otherwise, your opponent will rise, spin, and knock you out.

Free: Eeek. This is actually a pretty short match and is basically a death match. Whose Pieces or Tears will hit first? Who will have first blood? Every hit counts here. Don't put them to waste.

Eir vs. Tia

This could either be your worst nightmare or your opponent's worst nightmare, depending on how you play. Tia's strings of combos are insane to go along with her speed, so be on your best behavior, or you'll get a spanking from her.

Balance: If you get caught in her combo, you're toast, especially against a pro. Her deadly and swift abilities allow her to do well over 2,000 points of damage to you in little time with minimal effort. Stay at a distance, and don't even try close combat unless she's been knocked down.

Free: In Free, Tia can knock you out SO quick if you get in her path. One combo is all you get to stay alive. Pieces, Dodge, Tears, Shout, FMB--you're going to need all of them just to survive and somewhat scathe her.

Eir vs. Lime

Eir's pet isn't that dangerous unless it's level 40+. Otherwise, it's usually a piece of cake. Usually.

Balance: Just attack, attack, attack. Lime is far too slow to make a move. Don't give it a chance to make a ton of blue zits on the ground or summon its sentinels; otherwise, you may be in for a beating. It can spit out HP and MP potions, too, so remember that. At level 40+, it's transformation is, seriously, killer. Just run while it's in that form. Don't give it chances to transform into anything, though, to the best of your abilities.

Free: VERY QUICK AND EASY. Don't give it a chance to transform. Just kill it. Fast. This should be one of your easier tasks. If the Lime manipulates a chance to attack and combo you with its deadly "zits", you'd best call it a day. Attack quickly, but be cautious.

Other Special Tactics to Consider

Utilize these tactics ranging from traditional to unorthodox at your own risk. Some are frowned upon, some are extremely useful, and some are just here for the heck of it. Choose wisely, [grasshopper]. I'd also especially like suggestions for this section, because no matter how much I try to add, I'll always be missing something special in here (hence the name). So please feel obligated to contribute to this section. Yeah, obligated.

A. Hit-and-Run-and-Heal: Hitting and running and healing is pretty much what the name implies. You barrage an opponent with skills and melee combos and run away until you find an opening to attack, have time to heal, discover a safe spot to rest until your skills cool down, etc. This is one of those risky, "highly frowned upon" methods, so I strongly suggest you don't use it, but hey, it's your character and your reputation.

B. Standing Up After Knockdowns: What is this, you ask? Well, upon being knocked down, there is a given grace period of a couple of seconds when you stand up by pressing S or an arrow key during which you are invulnerable to any attacks. If it looks like that Holy Spirit is going to get you if you automatically stand up, then manually do so to avoid (at the bare minimum) most of the damage. This requires just a touch of practice, and it's considered completely fair game...then again, so is pressing A. (That's how fair it is. x]) You can also dance or do some motion of the sort. You are technically still down, so they can down attack you, but this is always nice as a fake when you're up against jittery opponents.

C. Backing Up: Backing up is Eir's specialty. Using S + Space Bar, you quickly back up a short distance. This is useful for avoiding certain attacks to be just on the edge of getting hit, such as Destruction Fist. Then, you'll be able to make a devastating comeback by utilizing the delay from the skill that attempted to massacre you by fighting back with something like Tears of Goddess. Very useful.

Helpful Resources

Here are some helpful resources for you to go to for other purposes, should this guide not fulfill what you were looking for.

Eir Tips and Guides

Description: This is MyLunia's comprehensive library of Eir Tips and Guides, with detailed skill analysis for practically every one in the book and guides for every occasion (for Eir). You need it? This page supplies it.

Miseri's Healer Skills Analysis/Build Guide (Stage)

Description: Well-written and accurate, Miseri provides you with an up-to-date outlook on every skill in the book as well as some tips on making a healer build of all sorts and some sample builds. Although it's Stage rather than PvP, it's a helpful resource nonetheless. Why is this separate from the tips and guides? Well, this is one I find far more helpful from the rest on the library of MyLunia Eir Tips and Guides.

PvP Guides and Tips

Description: You can find many PvP Guides and Tips in MyLunia's collective library, including my own (although you're already reading mine =D). But more in-depth guides are here on more specific topics, so check them out!

Eir Items and Equipment

Description: Do you need certain pieces of equipment? Are you just looking for a bargain? Look no further, for MyLunia has its own section for auctioning, selling, and buying Eir-based equipment. From skirts to dresses to magic wands, if you need it, this section's [probably] got it!

MyLunia Wiki's Healer Skills (Older Revision, Unabridged)

Description: Provides skill tables for you to utilize to your benefit so that you can decide whether a certain number of points into certain skills are beneficial or worthless. Provides every aspect of the skill you will need, though with minor mistakes in labeling.

The Lunia Item Database

Description: Comprehensive and immersive, the Lunia Item Database has nearly everything you need to know about Lunia's item boxes and equipment and random drops and such. From statistics when you open boxes to the stats and NPC prices of equipment for every class, the Lunia Item Database has got it all!

Helpful Quotes

It's somewhat difficult to incorporate every suggested idea without changing their meanings, so here are some extremely contributive quotes to help you out.

Originally Posted by m1s3ri

You can guaranteed a successful down attack if properly timed (think something like Spirit cancel dash space).

SSSA gives more height than SSA. Think of it as the difference between the AS and AAS melee launchers.

AA dash AS is an inescapable alternative to AAAS.

The final hit of AAAAS knocks the opponent far away in air combos and can be used to do a Tears combo without Spirit or Shout.

S can be used to cancel dashes and can be dash canceled in any direction; some people may find it more comfortable to S cancel instead of a normal dash cancel for more precise movements.

Also, I can't say I totally agree with the etiquette section. It's true that healing and hit-and-run tactics are very difficult for beginning PvPers to counter, but if your Dodge is on cooldown, it's murder for an Eir to play a close game against another class of equal skill. There's no need to abuse them if you can win without them, but serious PvPers should be aware of ways to use them effectively or you're likely to struggle at the top levels of PvP.
Originally Posted by LeafKunoichi
err about the build, as a pure pvp, a maxed sunlight will serve better as a heal
for light lvl 4~6 should be good
POS should be lowered to since an opponent can hit you AFTER losing hp but BEFORE you can get your mana (casting POS is extreamly dangerous in pvp and for emergencies only)
and you forgot the Sleep+Moon bind combo

maybe add basic stratigies against other classes?

its a nice guide btw
Originally Posted by Lunar
test all possible methods before saying it's extremely dangerous
LOH or POS after holy spirit is guaranteed class and safe in all ways..
if u are a healer that prefers maxed spirit u can use dodge lvl 8+ then cause holy spirit heal/sac and th eopponent can do nothing about it
Originally Posted by darkdestiny
What v (it's an arrow incase people aren't creative enough) said

Sadly enough, not all healers at high level heal. There are problems with it. Of course people with stage build will heal, but a PvP build usually don't allow you to heal due to the constrain in HP unless you have pretty good gear. Sadly, some names come to mind to Eirs that won't heal regardless. They would do much better too if they took off that self imposed limit, but on the good hand, there are a few healers that do heal in PvP. They have more tactical variety in their battle, so it's much funner than one would think a hassle. Still, there's only one healer I can think of that heals and doesn't use the play style of hit and run ( what I consider hit and run anyhow). So the pool of people healing in PvP in a more respectable manner is quite small regardless.
Originally Posted by john
I'd just like to point out that in some circles its okay to heal AND run as both of them are perfectly legit strategies in which to fight with... every single class has an easy counter to hit and runners, you just have to figure it out.

Also, wouldn't starting a combo with SSA require someone to be right in front of you for it to work? Starting it with SSA isn't really a good thing imo since you're stuck in the "SS" position for awhile and it leaves you very vulnerable.
Originally Posted by Azuna
Few words: KungKung+Wiggling jelly= a third of your HP gone. And that's with a level 30 lime. In a 1v1 with 2 equally leveled characters, I can bet that the lime will win 8/10 times.
Originally Posted by darkdestiny
When fighting a lime, an Eir can make good use of magic barrier... or moon barrier... something barrier.
Originally Posted by dragon92
yet i know a combo that worse then that lol lime dash attack (rolling) AA kung kung headbutt thing(cnt remember name) wiggling jelly then turn back to them and use rolling thud thud under them, rolling and wiggling take huge damage
Originally Posted by riceburner4540
Let's see if I can't help you make this guide live up to its name. I used to know a thing or two about Eir PvP, retired now. This is your guide, not mine so I'll try and point out some major flaws and make some suggestions but you should research my claims for yourself and experience it first-hand.

Most of the sample combos you listed simply aren't very effective for the mana costs. The idea is to put your stronger skills up front then follow with either melee attacks only or melee and weak/low mana cost skills to buy time for cooldowns or regain some spent mana. Actually, I would not recommend using any of the combos you listed. They might be passable at very low levels but really, it's better to just use Tears outside of a combo than sticking it at the end of Holy Spirit. You should also probably never use AAAAA, combo or not. You have more air with AAAA, especially if you plan on doing something like AASAAAA dash AS Holy Spirit. You lose a bit of air, thus potential Holy Spirit hits by adding a fifth A. Speaking of which, that's the "get outta my face" combo, very useful for just about any situation and gives you plenty of time to regain some hp or mana with LoH or Price.

Having a note after SSA saying it can be replaced with AS, AAS or SSSA isn't a good idea either. Those combos are more than likely to fail if used with AAS (AS might work) and SSSA is just a terrible idea in general in PvP. Extra height is fine and all but it has even slower "cast" than SSA and less range.

Some of your "staples" really aren't. AAAS, for example, is one of the worst things you can do since you end up at a disadvantage when you use it even if you don't get interrupted between the third and fourth swings. You also left out AAAAS which does have some useful applications. "AA" should be a staple. You can use it for everything. AA will lead you into another (almost) guaranteed attack or skill. Wizards can BCB and Siegs can Play Dead but typically it's pretty safe to do AA > Skill. For example, AA Sleep, AA Dodge, AA Holy Spirit.

Dash AS is only an infinite juggle until you reach a wall (if your opponent is in the air when you do dash AS). Your opponent's reflexes have nothing to do with it since they no longer have control of their character once you've launched them. If they're not in the air, you should probably do something clever after dash AS like Holy Spirit, S-dash, or Pieces.

Dodge is pretty much the best skill in the entire game. Manageable cooldown times, NO CAST TIME, decent damage, low mana cost. Its utility only increases as its level increases. At around 6+, you can combo after it. At 7 or 8, it becomes usable with Tears or Holy Spirit for even more devastation. After a successful Dodge, just dash, turn Tears or simply turn AA dash AS Holy Spirit or simply *slight delay*, Holy Spirit. Decent damage and it's a "counter" to many attacks or combo attempts, especially against Tia players.

Include something in there about S+space, it can save your life sometimes or help to throw someone off or even to give you the opportunity to deal a lot of damage with Pieces.

Lastly, and don't take this as an insult, but a lot of your guide appears to be written from the perspective of someone who has little experience with PvP. I don't know just how much actual experience you have but I can definitely tell that your experience with Eir in PvP has been (at the most) in low level matches. You're going to either need 1) a major revision once you get high level or 2) split this guide into a high level guide and a low level guide based on your own experiences.
Special Note and Thanks to riceburner4540: I was wondering when someone was going to point out my blatant naiveness. It was only a matter of time. x] I am fairly new to PvP, and this was actually meant as basic guidelines for others, but mostly, it was to record my findings as I moved along in PvP day by day. Thanks for being very honest and outright with your comment; it is not at all insulting, only truthful. And I plan to make a major revision in the future when I attain a broader perspective. Furthermore, the perspective of this guide was vaguely meant to be written for someone with no knowledge of PvP. The narrator is almost like a...sympathizer, for lack of a better word.


There's still a lot more to cover, as I've only covered the basic parts of an Eir in PvP. My combos are shabby, my skill builds lackluster; I realize that. But I will continue to update the guide, so stay tuned, as I'm still experimenting, too...ha...

Hope this helps!

Author's Legality and Future Updates Notes

Copyright (c) 2008 - This guide is not to be reproduced or distributed without written consent of the author; failure to abide to such rules is punishable by law; blah, blah, blah...and some other legal, official-sounding stuff.

Website(s) Currently Given Consent for Use of This Guide:


And now, time for some of my notes for future updates. This is not only for the knowledge of the general public but also as a reminder for me as to what to do later on. You can expect a sudden splitting of this guide into two sections: Experienced and Inexperienced PvPers. Updates will be less frequent but shall make a greater impact. You can probably expect one every time I gain 2-3 levels, stage or PvP.

Also expect better, vivider, preciser descriptions of skills and combos. There will be, not only a Random Skill Analysis weekly, daily, monthly, or whatever, but also an in-depth complete skill analysis. The randomness of the Random Skill Analysis will only make a slight contribution to material previously laid out. I will be fulfilling this and other items I can contemplate as I go about doing as such gradually. By midsummer of '08, this guide will be far more developed.



I. May 27, 2008: Version 0.1 - Dawn of Eir's PvP

Creation of the guide. First installment in the Prototypes Series. Rough draft. Basic details on Eir's style. Some minimal editing and revision. Decent amount of ground covered.

II. May 29, 2008: Version 0.2 - Eir's Training

Revision of the guide. Spelling and grammar mistakes edited for clarity. New updates to skills, combos, and builds. Added Updates, Random Skill Analysis, and Helpful Resources sections.

III. May 31, 2008: Version 0.3 - Eir's Makeover

Some makeovers in the guide. Extra information was added based on comments and ideas. Some editing and revision. Guide was elongated some amount. The Lunia Item Database added as a useful resource to view. Also added the section Helpful Quotes, which adds the comments and concerns of other users. Added the section Basic Strategies for help when battling other classes.

IV. June 1, 2008: Version 0.4 - Eir the Underdog

Added a tertiary build, extremely focused on battle skills, as well as an analysis of the type of player you should be to try it out. Also has an in-depth analysis of what stats to follow for the build. Minor editing and revision.

V. June 5, 2008: Version 0.5 - Eir's Dramatic Return

I apologize for the long gap between this and the last update. New skill added for random analysis. Added new quote. A fair amount of revision and editing. Final installment in the Prototypes Series. Last update before giving this guide some actual test drives.

Test Drives

I. June 6, 2008: Version 0.6 - Eir's Respect

First installment in the Test Drives Series. Added two sections, Dignity and Statistics. Revision of the guide and slight makeover. Edited some grammar and spelling mistakes. Updates to every section for reasons pertaining to accuracy and modernization within the last few days.

II. June 7, 2008: Version 0.7 - Eir's Sanctuary

Added on to the Recommended Equipment section for maximal helpfulness. Contemplated more helpful resources. Added Fundamental Tips section. Major editing and revision to every section. Important update to tertiary build.

III. June 9, 2008: Version 0.8 - Eir and Me

Modified every section for modernization purposes. *From now on, every section will be edited with every update to maintain the modernness of the situation.* Added to the Random Skill Analysis section and added the Other Special Tactics to Consider section.

IV. June 10, 2008: Version 0.9 - Eir's Wisdom

Final installment in the Test Drives series and last update before this guide technically goes official. Updated every section. Revised some updates for clarification. Added more strategies, more techniques, more suggestions, more tricks, etc. Considerable editing and revision to support the Official Library. Added the Two PvP Servers: Which to Choose? section. Created the Introduction and Purpose section.

Official Library

I. June 11, 2008: Version 1.0 - Eir Begins

First installment in the Official Library. Clarification and finishing touches made for optimization and better understanding of material. Various revisions and edits applied. From here on, this guide is "official". Note: Consider the word "official" however you please.

II. June 15, 2008: Version 1.1 - Eir's Life

Added the Author's Legality and Future Updates Notes section along with regular updates. Note: There will be greater gaps betwixt updates from here on in. Hopefully, you will see why. (If you don't...each update will be much more in-depth from here on out.)

III. June 17, 2008: Version 1.2 - Eerie Eir

Decent makeover for the guide, melding in some advice for both novice and advanced players. Added Damage Decay section. Added new special tactics.

By the way, my titles for the versions reflect what the guide and I went through, somewhat.

Last edited by Solemn; 07-10-2008 at 04:42 PM. Reason: Important updates.
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;O informative guide. I could've used this when I was playing


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