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Ultimaga 12-07-2007 06:43 PM

A guide to a true full support healer.
ok, all suck

now, the guide.

this guide is for full support healers only, not hybrids, not pvp. if you wanna make an arguement on hybrid or pvp builds, or how effective a FS healer is, then dont bother reading at all.

skill breakdown

playing a full support healer takes a lot of patience, seeing as you will have little to no skill attacks, you have to utilize what you can to play your role.

heal skills

self heal: 0, or 1.

1 point in this skill should be all that you get, at lvl 1, you can use it when your hp is at 0, with not enough mp to cast a heal spell, enabling you to use potions.

light of healing: max

this is your best heal (not nessecarily your main, as the mp cost is pretty up there.) its 3 seconds, with 30 range, fairly small, but not unbearable, its cancellable after the first second, so you arent forced to stay in the animation for all 3 seconds. you definitely get this as high as possible.

beads of healing: max

this skill is probably the most versatile heal, it allows you to heal at a place where you cant be, you can save with it by throwing at the downed party member and running over him/her, and you can heal yourself by standing in the same spot where the beads' target is. definitely a must have.

antidote: 1

heals poison, enough said. will be extremely useful in future episodes.

sunlight of healing: 8-max

another primary heal spell, 15 second cooldown, 60 range, less than 1 second casting time. very useful for saving downed allies as well. you can leave this skill at lvl 8 to supress its mp cost (201 at lvl 8).

prayer of healing: 1, 3, 5, max

another very versatile skill, the animation is over 11 seconds, but 9 of those seconds are pulses of heals. with a 70 range, it can be used to preference, based on the lvl of it. at lvl 1, it can be used as a low cost, backup/save heal, whilist waiting for cooldowns, at lvl 3 and 5, it becomes more of a primary heal. max heals so much that people refer to it as a mini light shield. the only downsides of this skill are the 1 min cooldown, and the long casting time before the first heal.

emergency heal: 1, 7

the longest ranged heal (100), used primarily for saving downed allies, either keep this at 1, or pump up to lvl 7 (gains 20 more range at lvl 7, with a higher hp and mp cost)

ressurection: 1, max

revives dead allies, it uses a jewel of life, which can only be found in stages, and cannot be removed. at lvl 1 it recovers 10%, at max, 90%. i personally recommend you max this.

moon skills:

moon pieces: 0

while it is a great attack, you need to use the points into other skills to make your healer as durable and defensive as possible.

full moon bullet: 0, 1

a defensive skill for knockdown, whenever you may be in trouble or need to make room for healing.

moon barrier: max

an excellent skill for blocking projectiles, and luring mobs, advanced players can be creative with this skill and keep players from getting comboed.

moonlight chain: 0

it sucks, period, healers that get this, i laugh at. but really, its not a good skill, slow casting time, no defensive capabilities compared to other avaliable skills, and low damage.

moon bind: 0

very very slow skill, the freezing capabilities are nice, but you cant afford to stand still for too long.

moon fog: 0, 1

another good attack, but it takes up too much mp for a full support, and is too slow. get 1 if you want, but i dont recommend it.

judgement of god: 1 heals and attacks at the same time, does a shitload of damage, you can save with it, just like any other heal, but a long cooldown, and bleh range.

sacred skills:

price of sacrifice: 5, 6, max

a must get skill for gaining mana. what lvl is completely up to you. anything lower than lvl 5 isnt efficient enough. and dont worry about the hp cost at lvl 5 and 6 (at lvl 5 its 592 mp for 348 hp, and at lvl 6, its 414 hp for 704 mp), you should be skilled enough at that point to know when and how to use it. most pro players get maxed sac.

holy shout: 0, 1

a pushback skill, not exactly the most useful, but if you really wanna play it safe, then i guess you can get it.

light of purification: 1, max

heals all status except for poison, useful skill for getting rid of those annoying slow spells, worth at least 1 point. higher lvls increase range.

tears of goddess: 0

not a good skill, hits 2-4 times, knocks down. its hard to aim, erratic number of hits. not worth it.

dodge: 1

extremely useful skill for movement, cancelling skills, and getting out of the way in a flash. you MUST get this skill, no questions.

holy spirit: 0, 1

another useful knockdown skill, not as wide as full moon bullet, dosent auto target, but the cooldown is extremely quick, 10 seconds, a very nice defensive skill.

sacred wave: 0, 1

300 dmg, decent mp cost, split second casting time, only keeps you still for 1 second. probably the best direct attack a healer has.

bless skills:

blessed defense: 0 uses a winter flower, and a mandrake at lvl 5 or above

its worthless, the defense added dosent affect anyone that much, dont spend the points.

blessed bravery: 0 uses a fire plant, huckleberry at lvl 5, and black pearl at max

the extra atk is nice and all, but it dosent help as much as light shield and life extension.

life extension: max uses a mountain ginseng and black pearl

at max, it increases everyones max health by 500, thats a hell of a lot, not only does it make everyone more durable, but it gives you an easier time with healing, you can also save with this skill, its a must get.

sleep: 0 uses a mandrake

mainly a pvp skill, useless for an FS.

light shield: max uses a mandrake, red spider rope, and black pearl

a godly skill to say the least, at max, its 10 seconds of invincibility, as long as you dont attack while under it (some skills are allowed), its a great way to get your group to safety.

ability skills:

mana recovery: max

you recover 9.5 mp per second when this is maxed, thats almost 100 mp per 10 seconds, max it, no questions.

concentrate: 0, 1

not a very reliable ability, 1 point gives you a minor mp boost here and there, but anymore than that is useless.

mana increase: max

this gives you an enormous mana pool, along with mana recovery, it allows you to (sort of) freely use your skills, without worrying too much about mana problems.

critical blow: 0

as you dont have many attacks to begin with, this wouldnt help much.

hp increase: max


skill builds: (note: all skill builds have the cap of lvl 60, and me being a dumass, i forgot to put judgement of god in some of them =3)

an ideal/standard full support build:

this build has 1 point left over to put in a defensive/offensive skill of your choice. (judgement of god comes to mind immediately)

replacing max ressurection with light shield:

again, 1 point left over for judgement (or w/e you want). this build gives you another defensive option, as well as maximize your versatility.

strictly heal based, this trades max mana increase for max prayer and lvl 1 self heal, ensuring maximum healing capabilities (0 points left over)

again, these are just "off the top of my head" builds, so you may wanna not copy these, but use them as a template for your own build.

i will still continue to update this, as well as provide a more detailed description of the skills and whatnot...

Gaia 12-07-2007 06:46 PM

nice support guide ant

Seraph 12-07-2007 06:47 PM

Nice guide :)
Hope you add more soon

imported_Citrine 12-07-2007 06:48 PM

i do not suck T^T

Alekto 12-07-2007 09:13 PM

Prayer: could you mention that the hp/mp cost raises (328 each at lv 5)

For the buffs, the rarity is also a factor to consider... I mainly stage and I've only gotten about 14 black pearls (lv 37).

Gota 12-07-2007 09:23 PM

you can farm pearls in elf garden.

Scrummy 12-07-2007 09:25 PM

Edit: Reading what I said sounded really stupid >.<

m1s3ri 12-07-2007 09:25 PM

Alekto: Black Pearls can be acquired from Legend Hidden Elf Garden by killing the tree spirits and collecting their skins. 15 skins = 15 pearls, from a quest at the start. You still do have to farm, but as long as you don't waste pearls randomly, it won't be too bad. Red Spider Rope is also found there from the red spiders, and the rest of the reagents in pretty large quantities depending on what version of the stage you get.

Fiona 12-07-2007 09:43 PM


Originally Posted by authentic (Post 83200)
ok, all suck

Well, that IS the point of a full support healer in the first place. Wouldn't be much point to having a build that's 100% focused on fixing everyone elses' mistakes if everyone else DIDN'T suck, after all.

CHEBIv.2 12-07-2007 09:45 PM

It's a good guide judging it by its looks XD

Gota 12-07-2007 09:46 PM

Nicely said Fiona. Wasn't thinking about it that way at first xD

Scrummy 12-07-2007 09:49 PM

o lol that i never thought it as that way either

WesleySnipes 12-07-2007 10:00 PM

I see someones bored. And you missing something dog...CRITICAL BLOW. It's how I roll fck that.

Maiyu 12-07-2007 10:17 PM

I have moonlight chain.
I suck TToTT

Xpecial 12-07-2007 10:20 PM


Originally Posted by Maiㅋㅋㅋ (Post 83656)
I have moonlight chain.
I suck TToTT


Originally Posted by Authentic
moonlight chain: 0

it sucks, period, healers that get this, i laugh at. but really, its not a good skill, slow casting time, no defensive capabilities compared to other avaliable skills, and low damage.

It's okay... we won't laugh at you (that hard).

Maiyu 12-07-2007 10:22 PM

Boo :P
You'd better not :P

DOn't laugh at me ulti >o<;;

WesleySnipes 12-07-2007 10:31 PM

Luckily around the time I actually knew a damn thing about what skills were good and what wasn't. I was around level 30, so I didn't get chain, thankfully. I still need a reset.

Gota 12-07-2007 10:34 PM

Ahahahah you got moonlight chain? Lollll *points and laughs*

jkin mai, still heart you.

Maiyu 12-07-2007 10:36 PM


ANyways, moonlight isn't Thaaaaat bad...
I use it in pvp often...

Gota 12-07-2007 10:41 PM

Aw really, I was really joking. If I had an eir, I woulda got it too if I didn't read about it first =x I bet anyone would just to test skills out and whatnot.

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