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03-30-2009   #21 (permalink)
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IGN: Firekiller87
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Guild: DashAttack
Xfire: Firekiller87

I believe moon chain will wake the opponent, im 90% sure it takes 3+ seconds to fully cast. Which makes moonbind a remote hit.
Tears and pieces do not go well. Its...sleepbind fog pieces tears spirit FMB
If u can, dashspace will do bonus damage. If you arent good with it, use sacred wave or dodge sacred wave.
Remember that your FMB may have max decay, so watch out. Tears at perfect align hits 5x, spirit does 4-5x, so FMB will do, say, 3-5 dmg at level 1 x3 hits. At lvl 2, maybe 5-6 dmg x4 hits cuz of range increase to 72.

Also, if your in need of hp, Use the combo but cut at spirit and use light of healing. If your at 0 hp, use selfheal.
If your in need of mp, use OLD PoS or new PoS, dashcanceling selfheal.

You can also healcancel spirit and rush in, land a down attack and watch as spirit carries your foe away, for more dmg at 0 decay. This is hard to pull off, ive tried and i pull it off maybe 3x out of 10. Experienced Eirs only!
Firekiller87-lvl 76 2xRB Eir

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03-30-2009   #22 (permalink)
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IGN: SupportPrincess
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if you guys haven't noticed... this thread was made a year and a half ago, it would be better if you just made a thread of your own on the hunting grounds with w/e question you have. I don't think this guide will be updated since the person who made this has left it for so long and has been inactive for two weeks.
03-30-2009   #23 (permalink)
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IGN: john
Class: Eir to_boxer
Level: 58
Guild: DashAttack

Actually its: (assuming you start from left side of city)

sleep bind tears(do it while they're frozen, so it won't knock up) fog pieces 66 66 SW 66 space 66 dodge reposition AAAA 446 AAAA 446 AA 44 AS shout 44(hold 6) AAAA 66 AS spirit 66 66 66 66 (hold 4) AAAA 446 AAAA 446 AAAA 446 AAAA 44 AS chain fmb(cancel) 44 space 44 dodge repeat

OHKO wee~

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