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Sidero 07-25-2011 05:28 AM

EE Wiki Templates
Hi! This is our forum to discuss about Eden Eternal Wiki stuff. Any questions, please ask here, on this forum.

To help you fill the pages, we presents our templates:

- Skill - Example: Vocal Bomb
- Quest - Example: Eternal Life III
- Item - Example: Power Scroll Lv20
- Monster - Example: Ancient Defender
- NPC - Example: Radu
- Equipment - Example: Ancient Totem Sword

Note: The equipments that are dropped from monsters have variations of quality (color) and type (prefixes like striker, deft, agile, etc.). Each equipment has its own page on wiki. For example: Teakwood Short Bow has 11 different types, each one with 1 of 4 qualities (white, green, blue, or purple), besides the base equipment, that gives 45 equipment pages.

More details on Monster template.


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