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Geekfaced 08-26-2011 03:57 PM

Hard-to-Find pieces of information...
How do I find the super-common drop possibilities for a monster? Potions, scrolls, etc?
Also, is there an easy way to tell what section of a map you're in? Knowing that Magi Mushrooms are in the Wetlands isn't necessarily the most useful that info could be.


Yuki 08-26-2011 04:07 PM

If you click on the monster, there should be a little window with the monster's information that pops up, there's a little ? button, you can click on that and see what it drops, and what skills they use if any. There's not a page that you can search through drops, at least not yet, our Wiki is still being developed.

As for the map, just press M, and it should display where you are currently, but to see the region just right click on the map once, and it should show you the world map. And if you're in Wetlands and you want to find Magi Mushrooms, there's a drop box on the right side of the map that says Monster: click on that and find Magi Mushroom, and you can click the Auto-Route button right above that can auto walk you to the monster.

Geekfaced 08-26-2011 04:14 PM

Thanks for the info. ^_^

I'm mostly shooting for this to make the wiki pages I throw out more useful. I'm able to use the ? box to pull the Common Item drops, but it doesn't tell me what scrolls and potions they drop.

On the map, there are a lot of different names thrown about for segments -- but is it really just a guess which one they fall under?

Sorry for the nub questions -- new to both the game and wiki editing, here. <3

Yuki 08-26-2011 05:05 PM

Oh yes, there isn't really a correlation to the areas the monsters are in, to the order of the monsters on the list, haha, I think.. At least, that's how I feel when I went rare monster hunting. As for the scrolls and potions, they are regions related, so like level 30 pots would drop in level 30-40 regions, same for the scrolls, and if you use the drop down box for the maps, they tell you the level ranges of each of the maps.

Gaiety 08-27-2011 12:30 AM

Everything is based on monster level; it's not divided strictly by region. For example, the early mobs of Skyreach Jungle will drop level 52 Treasure map pieces, but the later ones will drop level 55 ones.

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