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WhatThePhuc 07-27-2011 01:47 AM

<STEP's Guide to Rotten Bosses>
I did not include every detail. This is information I find important when fighting these bosses.

Weakness: Strike, Fire

When you have this debuff, you will heal Jinny when you attack him. DoTs that do not do an initial damage will not heal him.

The range is only 20 feet. The tank can try to dodge it, or healer use prevention to remove it (unless the tank needs constant cures). Notice the difference in cast animation. This skill has the orange lines around Jinny while Jinny's roar has only pink lines during cast.

Weakness: Strike, Fire

If you are attacked while having this debuff, 6 worms are summoned. Tank should try aggroing with cyclone, or judgement storm if using knight. Otherwise, party should kill them if tank can't aggro.
This is Abby's stacking heal. She reuses it at around 3 seconds left on duration. This is what happens when you don't stun her:

She will keep stacking her heal every time it's about to end, so that she heals more and more per second. To stop her from restacking, stun her at 5 seconds left (ideally). In the following video, I stun earlier (probably around 6.5 seconds left).

Warrior's onrush only stuns for 2 seconds, so you have to be more careful. 3 second stuns, such as engineer's, can be used slightly earlier and still work (maybe at 6 seconds left).
NOTE: I use this same timing for other bosses with stacking heals, such as Kekabu.

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