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WhatThePhuc 07-26-2011 06:38 PM

<STEP's Guide to Veninfang Bosses>
Due to some limits, I will not include every detail. I have included what I think is important when fighting these bosses.

Weakness: Pierce, Ice, Nature
This is removable, so healers should use prevention on the tank if he gets stunned (unless he needs the constant cures)

If you have this debuff, you heal the boss when you attack him. Damage over Time skills that do not do an initial damage will not heal him.

Ram Blood
Weakness: Slash, Fire, Lightning

If ram attacks you while you have this debuff, 6 tigers will be summoned. One judgement storm usually keeps their aggro. It can also be helpful if the team aoe's them (if you can't aggro the tusk tigers)

This is a buff; that means ANYONE damaging ram will have their damage reflected, including the ranged damage dealers. Pay attention to the animation (roar with flames outward), ram's buffs, and your debuffs. If you are a knight and already have judgement storm DoT on ram, it will reflect each tick.

Weakness: Strike, Fire, Nature
This isn't a problem for knights since they are immune, but otherwise, healers should use prevention to remove this debuff (unless the tank needs the constant cures)

This aoe has a large range, so it will probably reach your party. It isn't that deadly, though. Aoe heals should take care of it.

If you have this debuff, your attacks will heal karen. DoTs that do not do an initial damage will not heal her.

Weakness: Pierce, Nature, Holy

This is the hardest part about Cino. There are several ways to approach this. One is the party dodges it when they see the purple animation.
What I usually do is set up the party like this:
One healer focusing on the tank; another healer out of range of the aoe, behind the party, focusing on the party. If the main healer dies, the backup healer steps in. It is possible to solo heal at Chino, but the healer would have to have good aoe heals.

This is why the tank should be up against a wall when fighting Chino (I usually pull to the tree on the left). Chino can't knock back the tank if he is already against a wall.

Lime 07-26-2011 08:33 PM

Thanks for posting this. Cause as i know from other games, there's not enough people willing to post a how-to, yet more than enough willing to complain about those who don't know the how-to.

+ reppy. (If anyone does that anymore lol)

Strikegundam 07-26-2011 09:54 PM

nice guide...
i just had problems with rams. the whole party died for more than 3 times
For the other boss, it was ok and we passed in one go...

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