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Default Magician: Guide to Maximizing DPS.

Magician: Guide to Maximizing DPS.

Cast speed, MATK, or MCRIT?
At first, I thought, "Insta cast, that would definitely deal lots of damage". However, after some more experimenting, I found that mages that focused on MATK+MCRIT deal way, way more damage than my cast speed build.

Here's why: In the beginning levels, high cast speed seems extremely useful. However, at level 50, especially during trial raids, you'll have an illusionist to provide Stimulation * 3. That added onto your base agility stats, your speed cast points from equips and enchants, certificates, as well as your meteor, gives you enough cast speed to have close to insta cast. This way, you can focus on maximizing MATK and MCRIT.

Let us begin:

At level 50, you may equip up to 6 certificates.

Sorcery Knowledge I: INT + 10%
Holy Inspiration II: INT + 15%
Time Trick II: Cast Speed + 10%
Elemental Fusion II: MCRIT Rate +10%
Rock Soul II: MCRIT Rate + 10%
Spirit Totem II: MCRIT Damage +20%

Talents/Knowledge Points

Here, you have a choice. I personally recommend maining MCRIT Rate or MCRIT Damage. All up to preference.


A magician's weapon is the staff.

Orange weapons:
Outworld Claws + Primal Fury Wand:
It is not recommended to get an orange weapon, but between these two, I recommend Outworld Claws, which gives an INT and AGI bonus. Primal Fury Wand gives an extremely high cast speed bonus. However, you most likely have quite enough cast speed. The downside to the Outworld Claws, that the cost of crafting is a lot more extreme than Primal Fury Wand.

Yellow weapons:
Heresy Claw + Primal Wrath Wand:
Yellow weapons are a lot more easier to obtain if you're willing to repeatedly run trial dungeons for it. Durability on a staff, unlike shields, do not drop all that quickly. For you rich folks out there, you also have the option of shelling out thousands of gold for them. The buff bonuses are same as their respective orange weapons. Again, I recommend Heresy Claw over the Primal Wrath Wand.

Star Energy Set is the level 48 armor which focuses on MATK and MCRIT. From personal experiences, and calculations, it is a lot more quicker and cheaper to buy the set rather than craft it yourself.

Karen's Long Whip: This comes from Veninfang, off Karen. When activated, it gives a whopping 4k MATK. A must have.
Demon Sight: The blueprint comes from Vileshark's (trial) last boss. You will need the Left and Right eye pieces to fuse it together. In addition to giving MATK, it also gives Cast speed.
Dana's Magic Crystal: This comes from Mayor's Dream, off Dana. This trophy is mainly for it's cast speed. However, it also gives INT, which adds to MATK. A nice substitute if you cannot obtain Demon Sight.

Note that while you can wear two rings, if the ring is tagged as "Unique" you may only wear ONE of it. The other ring must be different.

Hurricane/Storm Tale Rings: These two are essentially the same. Both give 1327 MATK when activated. The yellow version, Storm Tale, gives slightly higher HP/MP/MCRIT DMG, etc. Hurricane is crafted and Storm Tale is from Vileshark's last boss.

Sadness Ring: This orange ring is crafted, and gives MCRIT DMG as well as a 5% chance of causing the target to recieve 2x damage.

While there are other choices for rings, I only covered the ones that will add to your MDMG.

There are not a lot of choices for necklaces, in fact, it doesn't matter quite that much.
Revenge Necklace: Level 50 Necklace and very very expensive. Crafting % is horrid and materials are worse. This gives 18 MCRIT Rate points and 8 MCRIT DMG points. This also has a nice bonus: It has a 20% chance to reflect 10% damage to the attacker. Not quite that useful for a mage in raids/dungeons, but still somewhat useful.

Star Sand Necklace: Level 45 Necklace with a decent price. This is essentially the same as the Revenge Necklace, with 2 less points of MCRIT Rate. However, its bonus is MATK 170 Points instead. I would recommend this one over the Revenge Necklace.

Sacrifice Cloak: Crafted, gives MCRIT Rate and has a 5% chance to increase MCRIT 204 points for 10 seconds.

There are other options, but they mostly focus on HP Healing, melee DPS, or cast speed.

If you believe your cast speed is slightly lacking, you may choose to use cast speed enchants such as Fast Singing, or Swift Song.
If not, Basic Enchant: Rehab or Enchant-Comprehension both give MCRIT Rate points.

Magicians have a variety of skills for every situation.

AoE: Hell fire is a DoT (Damage over time) while Snow Storm freezes (once) and deals damage. If mobs are close, you may also use lightning web.

Single target: Firstly, Winter Chill *3 does massive amounts of DoT. Meanwhile, you can alternate Lightning and Fireball until it's time to cast Winter Chill again.

Resistance Collapse is a handy skill for those mobs with mass HP or for bosses. It lowers their resistance to Fire, Ice, and Lightning so that you may deal more damage.

This pretty much wraps up the main points.
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