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Esper 07-30-2011 12:27 PM

[Sneak Peak] Rangers
For those who don't visit the Aeria forums and wanted to have some insight into the Ranger class, here it is:

  • This class was not released by Aeria when this was written
  • Aeria Games retains the rights to names, locations, items, ect and can edit content to be better suited for the player base
  • Translations are done by me. Upon release Aeria may choose to localize things into something else Ranger
Rangers use bows and guns to shot down enemies, targeting their weaknesses. Also, with their agile body, rangers are able to slip out of danger or quickly back step to create distance between themselves and their enemies, giving the ranger the chance to shoot the killing shot. With many strong and varied skills, rangers are able to deal with enemies in multiple situations

Rangers can be unlocked upon reaching Character lv65 with Hunter lv60 and Martial Artist lv60.
Passive Abilities
Bombardier: Increases P.Crit chance by 20%
Elemental Resistance: Increases all resistances by 10% (Human only)
Chaser: Increase double hit chance by 2%. Damage decreases upon each attack. (Zumi only)
Iron Arrow: 2% chance to stun target for 3 seconds. (Anuran only)
Strong Bow: Increase attack speed by 20%. (Ursun only)
Petrifying Shot: 2% chance to immobilize target for 6 seconds. (Children only)
Light Armor Equip: Able to equip light armor type equipment.

Class Stat Bonus

Certificates Rapid Targeting I: Atk.Spd +8% Zephyr I: M.Spd +5% Double Shot I: Double hit chance increases by 1%. Damage decreases with each hit. Rapid Targeting II: Atk.Spd +15% Zephyr II: M.Spd+10% Double Shot II: Double hit chance increases by 2%. Damage decreases with each hit.

Class Skills Quaking Shot: Attacks the target and causes the target to be knocked back 10 meters. Does not affect bosses. Requires ranged weapon Comet Rain: Attacks the targets in a designated 20 meter area with triple hit. Damage decreases with each hit. Requires bow Bombard: Attacks the target with triple hit. Damage decreases with each hit. Requires ranged weapon. Dodging Jump: Instantly jump back 20 meters to evade an attack Buildup: Increases attack for 12 seconds but decreases HP. Effect is removed upon attack. Sniper’s Will: Decreases malice and increases luck for 30 seconds. Fearful Arrow: Inflicts fear on targets level below the skill level for 6 seconds and increases damage targets receive. Does not affect bosses. Requires bow. Still Composure: Increases defense and evasion for 18 seconds. Chaser Shot: Attacks the target. If the target’s HP is less than 20% the attack does double hit. Requires ranged weapon. Hunting Falcon Summon: Summons a Hunting Falcon to battle. Hunting Falcon’s level is equal to skill level. Decreases m.speed of opponents by 30%.

Esper 07-30-2011 12:27 PM

Part two (too many images)

Expertise Wilderness Survival: EVA +1% per level. Max 20. Advanced Shooting: ATK.SPD +1% per level. Max 20. Lure: P.Crit DMG +2% per level. Max 20. Elimination: Malice -2% per level. Max 5. Practical Experience: MP consumption -1% per level. Max 10. Requires lv10 Wilderness Survival First Aid: All resistance +1% per level. Max 20. Lively: Recovers 500 HP when using Dodging Jump. Max 1. Geographical Knowledge: P.Crit chance +1% per level. Max 20. Weakness Exploitation: Quaking Shot damage +3% per level. Max 5. Requires 15 knowledge points used. Calm: Still Composure duration +1 second per level. Max 10. Requires First Aid lv10 and 20 knowledge points used. Scatter Shot: Comet Rain damage +2% per level. Max 5. Requires Weakness Exploitation lv5 and 20 knowledge points used. Collective Thoughts: Damage increase from Buildup +20%. Max 1. Requires Geographical Knowledge lv10 and 20 knowledge points used. Ballistics Knowledge: Bombard damage +3% per level. Max 5. Requires Scatter Shot lv5 and 25 knowledge points used. Steadfast: STR +2% per level. Max 10. Requires 25 knowledge points used. Sniper: ACC +2% per level. Max 20. Requires 30 knowledge points used. Focused Snipe: Malice decrease from Sniper’s Will +20%. Max 1. Requires 35 knowledge points used. Fearing: Increase target’s damage received effect from Fearful Arrow +20% and duration +2 seconds. Max 1. Requires Sniper lv10 and 35 knowledge points used. Stalk: When using Chaser shot, if target’s HP is less than 40%, the attack does double hit; Chaser Shot damage +5%. Max 1. Requires Steadfast lv5 and 35 knowledge points used.

LifeAt12am 07-30-2011 05:03 PM

Looking at it like this... Ranger feels more like a pvp type class to me. If I had to pick a choice for building I'd probably end up making it heavy evasion .-.

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