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ryan303 10-03-2011 07:21 PM

<Emerald> Myrmidons [Lv.3] Guild is recruiting
Greetings Eden Players!
This is the Myrmidons guild and you are all welcome to be a part of this guild!


Language Used:

About Us:
We are currently lvl 3 guild and is previously a close guild, meaning we only invite real life friends. But now, we have decided to open the guild for all so that we would have more friends with people like you. As of now, we don't have a guild town but we will have one as we will have you guys in Myrmidons.

Benefits of joining Myrmidons:
  • You will have many friends in this guild.
  • We will help you if you need help.
  • You will have a guild party most of the time. (Guild quest / Heroic Dungeons / Elites)
  • You will not be bored since we always guild chat.
  • You are also entitled to join guild events like hide and seek and etc. with lots of prizes.
  • And many more...

Requirements to join this guild:
The only requirement to join this guild is to be active in playing Eden Eternal.

How to be a member of this guild:
Just mail Idunnotoo or rdy2011 in game that you want to join the guild. It's optional to add details like your real name, where you are from, and other details you would want to share.

Post here for your inquiries or suggestions.

Looking forward to play with you all!

See you all guys!

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