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R 08-04-2011 09:20 PM

[Aquamarine] Power Leveling Service
Hi there.

Since Theosis seems to be too busy (the thread is closed?) to continue with his service; I decided that I'd provide my own power leveling service for class jobs.

  • Your base level must be at least 45
  • If you choose to pay per 30 or 60 minutes, I expect pay first

Payment Options:
  • Per run = 5g
  • Per 30 minutes = 50g
  • Per 60 minutes = 100g

If you choose pay per run, then please send it via mail. I don't want to have to trade every three or less minutes.

So if you wish to buy from me, then mail or whisper me in-game.

IGN: Tewii

R 08-18-2011 04:44 PM

I didn't get many buyers out of this, as expected.

But as I am level 55 now; I no longer gain EXP from Veninfang. So I cannot power level here any longer.

Requesting that this thread be closed.

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