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Esper 07-14-2011 06:42 PM

Eden Eternal Patch Notes (7/14/11)
Bug Fixes
  • Delphi Forest and Blackfame Peak have been locked and are now inacessable.
    As a friendly reminder, please do not try to go to areas that are not officially released as this is a bannable offence.
  • Aven NPCs have had their stores audited to not include items that are beyond the lvl 50 cap.
  • Achievements for rare monsters in Fergal Valley are activated and now are obtainable.
  • Blank labels in the Aven map are fixed.
  • The default timeout threshold for patching the game client has been increased.
  • Various minor localization issues have been addressed.

Current Known Issues
  • The Achievements list for Rare Monsters includes additional slots.
    These spaces are reserved for future updates.
  • Upgraded gear sometimes do not show visual effects.
    We are very sorry for the inconvenience, though apparently other versions of the game also have this issue. We have been told by our developers that they are working to correct this in a future patch.

Manual Patch:

After the maintenance, please do not forget to run your Game Launcher to update your client to the latest patch version!

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