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Esper 11-22-2012 09:04 PM

Eden Eternal Maintenance Notes (11/20/2012)

Dragon Knight has joined the Class Roster!
The long wait is over! The Dragon Knight Class now available to the bravest Eternal Guardians!
If you are level 70, the Quest L70. Legend of the Dragon Knight I will be given to you.

This series of quests will take you back to some of the earliest maps in Eden Eternal. The old tales say that the only way to become a Dragon Knight is to defeat a dragon!

As you complete these quest, the story of Dragon Knight will be unveiled! Who will be the first to unravel this mystery?

Awaken Armor!
Did you know there are sleeping spirits in powerful armor?
But even so, powerful armor shall serve to help Eternal Guardians!

Librarian Conan of Aven (x:395, Y:466) found the methods to awaken sleeping spirits in Awakened Armor. As long as players are able to find these items as instructed by the books, the spirits will be awaken to serve with their power!
  • Territory Wars times are fixed, and have been reverted to the original time slots.
  • Localization in the archive has been fixed. Names and descriptions should no longer be in Chinese.
  • The Halloween troupe has packed up all of their pumpkins, candies, and curses and have left Aven.
  • There are some minor localization issues with the Dragon Knight Quest. These are being worked on and will be fixed very soon.
  • Pet stat boost do not appear when you hover over the pet icon. But the important part is you do get the stat bonus from equipping the pet.
  • Server stability is being looked into. We are still working with our developer. You can read more here: Network Issues | Aeria Games
  • There is still an issue with the Anuran buff animation. Please execute another animation to cancel the "cast buff" animaiton (such as "sit"). We ask that you remain patient while our developers look further into this issue.

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