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10-17-2012   #1 (permalink)
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Default Eden Eternal Patch Notes (10/17/2012)

Added this week is the amazing new Weapon Point System! This system will allow you to take one gear or weapon and choose three attributes to level up!

And to help you level up, we are introducing the Trial S Series Dungeons! These 12 trial dungeons will challenge the most powerful of parties! New trophies upgrades and Lv 70 Golden Weapons!

Or perhaps you would prefer the new PVP Island, Sakura Island! Sakura Island is PVP 24/7! You can even battle party members! Sakura Island could be the most dangerous place in all of Eden Eternal, do you dare to enter?
The following Lv 65-70 Guild Quests have been added to the Town Bulletin Board and the appropriate Soul Guardian and Junior Soul Guardian NPC's:
Death Valley's Dust Camp
  • Valley Alert: Death Shadow
  • Crusade Order: Ire's Eye
  • Crusade Order: Greyview Hollow

Warning: Gristle Prison
  • Riot Bulletin: Greyview Hollow

Eyebloom Plain's Fira
  • Fira Bulletin: Population Control
  • Fira Alert: S.O.S
  • Plateau Alert: Evict Beasts

Tempest Cliff's Kalouma
  • Tempest Cliff Alert: Violent Beasts
  • Crusade Order: Black Mast Pirates
  • Crusade Order: Destruction Army
  • SOS: Tempest Cliff
  • Warning: Century
Wouldn't it be wonderful if players can personalized their weapons and gears? Well, now you can! The Weapon Point System allows you to equip your desired weapons and gears and level up your set. This Weapon Point System can be personalized to enhance your unique playing style!

To help you jump start this system and start power up your weapons and gears, follow the instruction below.

Step 1: On your character UI menu (Defaulted Hot Key: C), select “Gear Upgrade” to open up your Gear Upgrade window.


Step 2: Place your new selected weapon or gear you want to level up into this field to setup attributes you like the piece to develop. The only attributes you can select are – Attack, Accuracy, Attack Speed, Critical Rate, Evasion and Parry. You cannot choose the same attribute twice. Once you’ve picked your attributes and confirm, these attributes will be permanently set to this equipment. There is a way to change your attributes but more on this later. Keep in mind that the only types of gear that can be upgrade are – head, body, waist, foot, and hand armor. 1H weapons, 2H weapons, and shields can also be upgraded.


You’ll see after confirming your selections, only those attributes will be increasing your character stats.


Step 3: Now go and hunt! Your equipment will only level if you have it equip on you, and you must be earning EXP for the monsters after killing it. Keep in mind that the order of selection matter, because the very top selection will get the strongest boost. Number two will provide the next highest boost, and then number three will provide the lease increase in your boost potential.


As you can see, the point level shown above display number one (Attack) hold the highest boost increase compare to number two and three. The stats increase does not increase your base stats on the weapon, but it provides an increase to your existing character stats. Keep in mind that the gears and weapons cannot advance higher than its own level. A level 65 weapons cannot level to 70. Equipment can be unequipped and placed in player’s inventory, bank, or archive and will not lose their progress. Therefore, players can hope between equipment and level them all up at the same time by rotating equipment out, or finish the development of their selected weapon and/or gears then move on to a new one!

For any reason you do not like the attributes you selected for your gears or weapons, you can reset the equipment by using a [item]. IMPORTANT!!! Using this item will remove all progress already done to the gears and weapons, but it'll reset your gears and weapons back to the state it was before you select a set of attributes for it.

For the weapon to earn EXP and level up, these conditions must apply:
  • Players need to have gears and weapons equipped.
  • The durability of the gears and weapons must not be zero.
  • EXP has to be from killed mob. EXP earned from quests will not count.
Click HERE to learn more about the New Island and the Trial Monster Attack!
Trial: S Series Trial DUNGEONS
Evil power awakens again! Eternal Guardians are once again challenged, with new S-Series Trial Dungeons!

Eden Eternal launches “Series Trials” for LV50, 55, and 60. These newly launched “Trial S “ Series dungeons provides fun and challenges in existing dungeons. Monsters have had their strength adjusted to LV 70. Players will able to once again enjoy existing dungeons challenges and re-discover fun of team play in the new edition of Eden Eternal S- Series dungeons!

Players at (492, 397) in Aven can find NPCS for Advanced Trials, Viscount Tedison is in charge of Trial DGN of LV 50 Series; Viscount Millela is in charge of in charge of Trial DGN of LV 55 Series; and Viscount Audley is in charge of Trial DGN of LV 60 Series.

In Trial Series Dungeons, the defeat of each monster king allows players to obtain LV 70 Golden Weapons and blueprints as well as the blueprints for the upgraded trophies. Player are able to upgrade their favorite trophies to LV70!

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