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Esper 08-08-2012 05:39 PM

Eden Eternal Maintenance Notes (08/08/2012)
Sage Class and Level 70!
The level 70 cap is here along with the Sage class!

You can start your adventure to become a Sage once you hit level 69.
As journey across three new areas! Death Valley, Eyebloom Plains, and Tempest Cliff!

Take on exciting quests that cross time itself!
New Dungeons!
New Dungeons await you! Gristle Prison, Guillotine, Rage Cape, and Century Rear! Are you brave enough to attempt them?!
IMPORTANT: Character Lock Feature
It is very important that you set a password in-game for your character. Please take time to do so.
Make sure to remember your password. Please take measures to remember your password.
Make your password different than the password you use to log into Eden Eternal.
Bug Fixes
  • Territory Wars times have been changed back.
  • Mount Speeds text have been corrected.
  • Localization Issues are getting better and the major ones have been fixed.

Known Issues
  • Server stability is being looked into. We should have a solution very soon.
  • Connection and lag issues are being worked on.
  • Exiting Monster Battle Arena at the end of the battle occasionally but rarely causes client crash. This will not give you a Defector debuff, which prevents players from re-entering.
All issues have been addressed to our developers and are currently being investigated. Thank you for your patience.

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