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Esper 07-18-2012 08:46 PM

Eden Eternal Maintenance Notes (07/18/2012)

10 vs 10 PVP Arena
Head to Aven and sign up for the new 10 vs 10 Arena!

When in the arena watch out for the Balrog ([GM]Pizza's maids) guardians! These terrible and ferocious monsters are very hungry for players! Since the dungeon used to belong to the evil Heriot, some of his magic pots may appear in the arena! What will happen when you open one?

For more information, please visit
IMPORTANT: Character Lock Feature
It is very important that you set a password in-game for your character. Please take time to do so.
Make sure to remember your password. Please take measures to remember your password.
Make your password different than the password you use to log into Eden Eternal.
Bug Fixes
  • Extra precautions have been made to ensure the security of Eden Eternal.
  • Text has been cleaned up in game.

Known Issues
  • Server stability is being looked into. We should have a solution very soon.
  • Connection and lag issues are being worked on.
  • There is currently a nonworking portal in Shiver Peak labeled "Death Valley". This is a portal leading to areas coming in the future, and is not intended to be accessible at this time.
  • Exiting Monster Battle Arena at the end of the battle occasionally but rarely causes client crash. This will not give you a Defector debuff, which prevents players from re-entering.
All issues have been addressed to our developers and are currently being investigated. Thank you for your patience.

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