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Esper 05-16-2012 06:11 PM

Eden Eternal Maintenance Notes (05/16/2012)
Super Newbie Feature
A new tutorial system has been implemented for characters 1 to 50.
This explain all aspects of game play, plus some new added perks will be available!
[Crystal Cross Badges]
These new badges can be collected from Hman's Butler (437,350) at the City of Aven to purchase different forms of vanity for your character!

Players can obtain performance points for their characters through the participation of Territory battles, Arena fights and Monster conquests.

Achievement points gained will become lower as your character fatigue level goes up.Each class has different fatigue level.

The fatigue level will reset back to zero after each week.
Daily Recommended Events
In the Event Interface, a new category for recommended events is available. There are different daily events for players to achieve and they give rewards of EXP, CP, gold, Crystal Badge, and buffs and items.
IMPORTANT: Character Lock Feature
It is very important that you set a password in-game for your character. Please take time to do so.
Make sure to remember your password. Please take measures to remember your password.
Make your password different than the password you use to log into Eden Eternal.

Bug Fixes
  • Pets have been re-examined and now do more damage.
  • Extra precautions have been made to ensure the security of Eden Eternal.

Known Issues
  • The "Slide Casting" issue is being reviewed by all teams at this time.
  • Mount animation bug is being looked into.
  • Soul Return currently does not show the linked destination.
  • There is currently a nonworking portal in Shiver Peak labeled "Death Valley". This is a portal leading to areas coming in the future, and is not intended to be accessible at this time.
  • Exiting Monster Battle Arena at the end of the battle occasionally but rarely causes client crash. This will not give you a Defector debuff, which prevents players from re-entering.
All issues have been addressed to our developers and are currently being investigated. Thank you for your patience.

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